Celebrating the Tett Centre for Creativity and Learning’s Fifth Anniversary – The Vision

We really did come together, the City with the community and the arts groups, to figure this piece out. And it’s really turned out to be a huge success and it’s one that other communities are now looking at as a model. Well, it’s a hub. It’s a place that a lot of people go. There is always stuff going on at the Tett. And there’s so many interesting things happening in the building. Go upstairs and watch them spinning and weaving, see some artists, visit a gallery, take in some art. It’s just a really cool place to be if you’re at all interested in the arts. I think the Tett works really hard to bring in diverse groups so that we’re actually contributing to the community as a whole. I think if you just come on a Saturday morning you see it all. This place is a hive of activity. There’s dance going on, there’s Kids Creativity Club, the cafe is booming. and you get people from, sort of, all parts of Kingston who are here in the building united under the banner of arts programming. That’s really an opportunity to see connection first-hand.

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