Celebrating Transgender Lives

If you want to know how to be a trans ally, join our patreon and get a t-shirt We’re really excited because we are going to be feeding a lot more content to Patreon this year And we’ve updated our tiers now so they’re more accessible for people And there’s a whole bunch of new rewards for people to take a look at So, some of the rewards that you can get for joining our patreon is including: Some t-shirts and some sticker packs, so we wanted to show you a little bit about what they look like So, here is one of the t-shirts. Which is a “hey, respect my pronouns” t-shirt And then we also have another one right here that is a “trans ally” t-shirt We really want people to feel like they’re getting something out of being a Patreon Other than just giving us money, we want people to get something actually out of it So we’ve really reshuffled everything with our Patreon and we’re excited to launch a new whole tier system We’ll also leave a link in the box below for teemill, which is an ethical t-shirt company Where we have a bunch of our designs there and if you buy anything from that site Then you will also be supporting My Genderation, very exciting! We wanted to tell you a little bit about our projects which we are working on at the moment Thanks to your support, so we are working on: A non-binary music video by Shonalika and it’s been really fun to create that So we’re just working through the 4K footage and that should be out very soon We’re also working on an experimental piece with our last work experience person called Rowyn And it’s a piece that we filmed before their top surgery and after their top surgery *musical track by Rowyn* We wanted to give you an update about Kai, who’s one of our long term contributors to My Genderation So we started filming Kai when he was 9 years old and we’ve followed him throughout his journey And Kai has now turned 15, so we wanted to share with you Kai’s special visit to the Museum of Transology in Brighton Where he meets E.J Scott and goes there with Taylor who’s another person who we’ve been filming for a while Last year we were lucky enough to have a film in a film fesitval in San Francisco And while we were there we couldn’t just take time off and relax We made a film called “Wham Bam” so we’re just working on that at the moment Wham Bam is a short film about a trans person who goes to get pregnant So as you can hear we have loads of projects coming up and these are gonna be the projects we are feeding Patreon with And you can get access to it before we release it online And we have loads of other things going on, we currently have a work experience person with us called Matt Who’s helping us figure out how to basically grow My Genderation And Patreon is one of those avenues we really want to feed and really wanna grow We just want to say thank you so much for all your support so far And even just liking, commenting, sharing – it just means everything to us Because it means that we can have a wider reach for these films and the whole point of making the films in the first place: Is to celebrate trans lives and to educate the masses So thank you so much, (thank you) we are really excited about the future And we hope that you all come with us on this very exciting journey Yay!

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  1. I love that you're doing updates on people you used to film. Please could you revisit more of them? I always wonder what they have been getting up to.

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