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Hi guys Happy New Year. I hope your enjoying 2020 so far. As January comes to an end the thing on some people’s mind is Valentine’s Day so as February 14th fast approaches I’m going to be talking about ways to spend Valentine’s Day whether you’re single or not. Valentine’s Day isn’t just about showing affection to your partner, it’s about loving your friends, family and most importantly yourself! If you’re in a relationship or not treat yourself on Valentine’s Day! I mean what’s the harm in that after all, just spend the day to yourself or go out with friends go for a meal or if you really want to, pop down to your local shop get some sweets, chocolates or buy a snack you fancy. Then go back jump into a comfy outfit and chuck a movie on and just relax the evening. Buying gifts and cards can be a bit of a nightmare thing to do, especially if you’re not really organized or don’t have that much time. One shop that is always such a good idea to pop into is Card Factory as you’ll literally find them anywhere and they always have good prices. I popped into card factory on the High Street, and this is the display that they had as soon as you walk in. You can see straight away the amount of gift ideas and cards they have. They sell a lot of artificial roses, which could be bought in many different sizes individually or in a bouquet. There are also an assortment of pillows in a range of shapes. They also sell a variety of soft animals with some incorporating sweet messages, which range in size and price. And of course there’s the go to gift which is chocolate. The amount of cards they sell is amazing. They have separated categories making it easier to locate for who you’re buying for. As you can see they even have cards for you to give your pets! So no matter what you’re doing or who you’re doing it with just enjoy yourself. I hope you all have an amazing Valentine’s Day see you soon!

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