Celebrating Virtual Pride in Bogotá, Colombia #prideforeveryone

Sergio sat me down one day
very nervous, and said,
“Mom, I have something to tell you.” With tears in his eyes, he said:
“I’ve been having problems at school.” He said,
“Mom, I’m in a relationship with a boy. We kissed each other at school,
and that’s why I’m having problems.” The school scheduled a meeting
with me and Sergio to inform us that he couldn’t return to school
without meeting specific conditions. One of them being
a monthly psychological evaluation. That’s when he told us that
he had accepted not returning to school. In the next few days, Sergio became
overwhelmed with pressure. He said goodbye online. His friends came to look for him, but they were too late. It’s been difficult. Through this process
and the investigation, I’ve found out that they used to take him out of class
every day to go to psychotherapy
and discuss his sexual orientation. And he never told me. That’s when I understood that it’s my responsibility as a mother to make sure that what happened to Sergio
never happens again. I believe that there are a lot of kids whose parents, teachers, supervisors
don’t accept them. I go to schools
and speak with the kids. It’s important that every boy and girl
in Colombia see a Pride parade. It’s a message that we all deserve
the same respect, the same equality and the same rights. The device reacts with you
and you can look up and down. What did you think about it? For a moment in time, I could feel,
I could see with such intensity, all that love, all that care,
all those people. This heals the soul. It gives you strength
to keep working tirelessly, to tell everyone who’s not here
that they are not alone, that we are here. With everything
that we are going through here and with everything that’s happened, it’s important to show affection to everyone who’s felt neglected. I think these types of campaigns are the ones that help create peace. Peace within and peace all around.

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  1. Tengo un primo que desde muy niño demostró su orientación sexual y fue muy valiente en decirlo pero su padre
    mi tío era militar y le daba unas tremendas palizas, mi abuela lo recogió porque el iba a terminar matándolo, sin embargo nadie a tendió a la abuela mejor que el su
    dedicación su amor, su medicinas a tiempo mi abuela vivió 100 años gracias a él, la enterró y se fue para Europa no soporto la descriminacion
    en mi País.

  2. Crazy to think some people still have a problem with homosexuality. Serious question; who does it hurt? Nobody. Same sex relationships are consensual and have nothing to do with anyone not in them.

  3. me encanta esta iniciativa, ojalá se hiciera también en España … pero aquí se quedarían para ellos los medios y dirían que se está haciendo

  4. Sergio's story is so sad 🙁
    I can't belive this kind of things can still happen nowdays.

    Thanks to people like Alba and companies like Google who share some love and try to prevent stories from ending the same way as Sergio's.

  5. It's too sweet and cute. Thank you google, I really needed that sort of thing in my shitty life, even if my problems aren't about my gender, or sexuality, I feel like I'm not alone and that I can to cope with all bad things in my life. I teared up while watching this video. 🙂

  6. First they came for the immigrants, and I did not speak out—
    Because my ancestors were immigrants, not me.

    Then they came for the women, and I did not speak out—
    Because my mother was a woman, not me.

    Then they came for the gays, and I did not speak out—
    Because my neighbor was gay, not me.

    Then they came for the white people—and there was no one left to speak.

  7. Muy mal la agresion, pero este video solo comprueba como estamos viviendo en dias donde lo malo es pintado como bueno. Que mal.

  8. Qué triste que el fascismo que se tragó a Alemania en los 20s haya renacido y se esté tragando al mundo …por algo están destruyendo el planeta…

  9. Wow me encanta k aiga personas k luchan por los derechos de nosotros los k tenemos preferencias sexual diferente k las demás personas me encanta la verdad

  10. Y pensar que en Colombia fue aprobado un referendo para impedir que puedan adoptar. Qué paz queremos construir cuando somos incapaces de aceptar la otredad, de aceptar que los demás tienen los mismos derechos que nosotros, y que debemos dejar atrás esos pensamientos que sólo nos alejan unos a otros. Ojalá los colombianos no sean como esas 55 personas que en el Senado votaron a favor del referendo, ojalá.

  11. cuando conoces la realidad de tu país, donde es difícil apropiarse de conceptos como paz, igualdad, equidad, respeto entre otras que son fundamentales para la buena realcion entre la sociedad en general estas acciones en concreto hacen que exista una luz. porque la mama de sergio tuvo que perder algo que jamas se recuperara pero que ayuda a otros a no sentir que es una lucha sin sentido y que muchos heterosexuales somos y tenemos la capacidad de valorarlos respetarlos y caminar con ellos por una sociedad que dignifique a todos. porque todos los niños y niñas en Colombia merecen tener la oportunidad de vivir su sexualidad sin miedo y sin prejuicios, porque amar es el acto mas hermoso del ser humano y no tiene genero. porque se que mi hijo sabe que lo amo no por su genero sino por que es el ser humano que me da las fuerzas para seguir y correr mas rápido para hacerlo y hacerme feliz.

  12. llore al ver esto ojala todo llegara esto a todo mundo 😔 soy de Colombia y la discriminacion aca en este paiz es muy duro ojala cambiara me encantaria 😔

  13. im a 10th grader at here in las vegas and this video stood at to me so much i have alot of friends that get put down for what and who they are and we have a program at our school called GSA (gay straight allience)and that program has alot of LGBT students i would love for the lady that was in this video to contact me is she could i would love to convesate with her and talk to her about stuff that is simular to her son😔

  14. No mas adoctrinamiento mostrandole a los chicos lo que no son, puede ser para muy pocos esto pero realmente no todos son GAYS no tampoco puede ser GAYS

  15. I'm so glad I can finally display my pedophilia in public without being judged!!! I'm proud to be a pedophile!



  17. Never underestimate using the power of media for good! Bravo to Google and to Sergio's Momma. What a tremendous way to honour the memory of her son Sergio. xoxo

  18. To all humans who reads this post the answer to my question rationally please. My question is not because these "women from human world," invites us to encourage the practice of acts can not be applied by, "a creature of the animal world," but my question:
    How Google that promotes such actions accept?
    <humanity Information>
    Humans = boasting that the most important because we are human beings that God Almighty has honored us (by the grace of the mind) set us apart from other creatures on earth.
    Animals = whatever the level of her intelligence, it is 1 / million compared to the intelligence of humans.

  19. no puedo ir a las fiestas del orgullo .. pero me contentaria mucho viendo con esas cosas de realidd virtual

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