Celebrating w/ Laurens 🍕 Jersey Shore: Family Vacation

Seven hundred on my chain All I need is my wings Fly (intro music) – [Mike Sorrentino] Can I place an order for delivery please? Let me get two large vodka pizzas, pies. – [Worker] Two large vodka pies – Yeah, let me also get
one plain pie as well. – [Worker] All right,
one plain, is that it? – No, we’re also gonna get one sausage and broccoli
rabe pie, as well. [Worker] One broccoli rabe
with sausage, is that it? – No, no, we got more. Also, I would like to get a peppers, onions and mushrooms pie, an order of fried shrimp please, large. An order of chicken
fingers, large, please. Can’t forget the chicken fingers. Add in some french fries, please. And also, I would like
3 diet sodars as well. And, that’s it right? [Worker] All right so
lets get this straight 2 large vodka pies, 1 plain 1 broccoli rabe with sausage, one pepper, onions and mushrooms pie, one order of fried shrimp one chicken fingers, order of french fries and 3 diet sodars. – Yes sir – [Worker] Wait, is this Mike Situation? – Yeah, this is the Situation. – [Worker] Yo everyone, its Mike Situation – Yes! BDS is free, turn up we free, – [Worker] Welcome back BDS – All right, thank you, bye. [Laughs] I guess they know who we was, honey. – I know (laughs) – You know what I’m saying [The Situation] Oh wow,
well we made it honey. We made it, we did it mama, we did it. (kissing) I’m so proud of us – Me too. – Just getting some
alone time with my wife, is well deserved, okay. Mrs. Situation was by herself, I mean my friends looked after her, they checked in with her, but she has held it down. – What do you think Mossey is going to do? Should I get it on my phone too? So I have the video, of you guys – If you want to. – I think I do. I wanna get it – So its time honey, to
end the watch, BDS is home. (both laugh) (music)
– You okay? – Yeah I’m fine honey. (kissing) So good to be home. I’m home and that’s where the heart is. Come on Mossey, come on – Mossey who is that? – Oh my goodness – Oh my God Mosey who is that? – Its his daddy – Who is that Moesy?–
– C’mon – Its your daddys – Its your daddy. – Hey buddy, its daddy – Who is that? – Daddy came home – (mumbles) – I know, I know, we’re gonna
have a nice pizza party today – Is he moaning? – He’s all messed up. – Mossey – Daddy is gonna have a nice
pizza party with you today. We have nice treats ready
for you, all right buddy? – I think he peed, he was
so excited, he never pees. – Its all right buddy, Daddys here. – (mumbles) – All right All right – Daddy’s crying. – (Sniffs And Groans) All right honey, – You good? – Its over, (kissing) we did it, we made it. – Love you – Love you – I love you – I love you too. (music) We’re gonna watch movies all day. Honey its all right! Its okay. Its okay. Its okay, its over. Its okay. You happy? – (nodding) – Okay? My wife, is been my A1 from day one, we’ve known each other
for almost 15 years, she’s been through my ups, my downs. She’s seen me at my worst, and now she deserves me at my best. I’m home honey [Laughs] I’m here, I love you – I love you too – We did it, Mama. (kissing)

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  1. When Lauren started to cry she feels happy and joy to be with her husband Mike! ♥️💯😍🥰

  2. This literally made me start crying! Mike and Lauren are both so strong for what they've been through, I know it had to be a long hard wait till Mike got out but they both held on so strong and they both got through this together. Welcome home Mike! 🥳

  3. The beginning with Mike ordering a bunch of food 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 he is a mood 😩❤️

  4. Mike always had a VERY good heart deep inside, the way he use to gather the ppl in the house and cook for them, just the drugs changed him but now he is back twice as strong, well done

  5. What a beautiful couple 👩‍❤️‍👨they deserve the best now I speak for all of us and give us a mini situation 🤱🏼

  6. I am a woman attracted to men but I need a Lauren’s in my life.
    That’s strong love ❤️

  7. Honestly, I usually don't like men like Mike because of the way he idolizes vanity. BUT and that's a BIG BUT…….I have such respect for how he has changed and handled what he has done like a real man! He is a success story and he deserves happiness. I love Lauren and him together!! ❤

  8. Lauren couldn't hold the tears no more, she truly loves him so much, Mike is trying his best to hide his tears, he misses her & loves her so much, now that is true love ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

  9. My heart warmed up when both of them are hugging and Lauren started crying and he said “it’s okay it’s over.” I cried! 😭💙

  10. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Lauren & Mikes dog crying is just so emotional I can’t 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  11. I’m cdfu he made that list the night before he came home he knew what he wanted.

    I died when the pizza man said hold up is this mike the situation

  12. The situation grew up & humbled himself! Love him & LAuren 👩‍❤️‍👨❤️ God bless🙏🏼

  13. I think that was the 1st time she cried on camera she held it in so long!!! Mike is so blessed with a wonderful and amazing wife💗💗💗💗💗

  14. His wife was a real one bro. Straight cried tears for him being home !!!!! You don’t find women like that now a days. Congratulations Mike on everything !!! 🙏💯

  15. He looks the best in ages.Mike looks just like he did in the early years of JS.. Really wish the sincerest best for these two gorgeous people.

  16. Mike looking good so he's feeling good he got his confidence back he loves that woman you can tell he will never hurt her that is his queen a true king will never betray his queen only peasants betray a queen and stupid idiots

  17. Tears in my eyes cause he’s such a good man. It’s crazy how he just turned it around. I’m so happy for him! All glory to God.
    It’s so good to see this!

  18. I use to hate mike so much when the show started but now he has changed his whole life around and become such a wonderful man! He is now my fav!❤ And he is doing so Amazing! You Go MIKE!!!!!!

  19. So no one is gonna talk about the fact that the fastfood guy knew it was Mike by taking his order? 🤣 it had me in s(t)itches 🤣

  20. She’s seen me at my worst and now she deserves me at my best well said so happy for the both of them always been a fan of mike so proud of him

  21. He’s the perfect example that no matter how much addiction you have no matter how mean of a person you were you can change if you just really try to and you surround yourself with support and love ❤️

  22. Time to make some baby situations! Happy you're out Mike, hope you enjoy every single second. I cried when he cried seeing his little family all together. Hes got his wife and mans best friend now

  23. Good on you Mike you wanna talk about 180 in life here he is dude was a Savage during heyday of that show he needed help he got it good on you man

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