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(laughs) (calm music) – [Dad] All right, kids,
okay, okay, okay, okay. Fingers off that. Come on, all right, we’re
here at Genie’s house. This house, this house, this one. Follow your kuya, let’s go. Come on. – [Aunt] Hi. – [Dad] Auntie Genie. Come on, Adrian, let’s go. Say Merry Christmas. – [Aunt] HiHo, HiHo. Are you a HiHo kid? – Go.
Yeah. – [Dad] (laughs) Yeah. What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? What’s up, what’s up, what’s up? Hello, hello, hello. Oh, oh, Daryl, say hi. – Hey. – [Dad] Here we are, doing
the White Elephant Gif Exchange and here’s my
dad opening up a gift. – Wow! (laughs) – [Dad] Do you want to open a present? – Whoa! – [Mom] What is that, Adrian? It’s a car! It’s a DVD player. – A DVD player? – You’ve been wanting a DVD player. We are on our way to the second Christmas party of the weekend. Two out of three. You ready for some more presents, Austin? – Yes. – [Mom] Go ahead, open it. Oh my God. What is it? Hurry, hurry, open it. – [All] Oh! – [Mom] Oh my gosh! (laughs) Go ahead, Austin. – Ooh, what’s this? – [Mom] Austin City Limits. (laughs) – Maya. Angelo. Adrian. Austin. – What is this? – It’s from Macy’s! (laughs) – Oh wow! Robot! – [Dad] Cool, what’s that? – That’s a walkie-talkie! It’s a tent, it’s a tent, it’s a tent! Oh, oh, oh. – Adrian, look. – What is this? – [Dad] Is that a helicopter? – Oh! Oh my God! – All right, so we’re finally leaving the party and it looks like
we’re going to have a White Christmas. It’s so beautiful! All right, hope we get home safely. All right, so I’m just getting these presents all situated for the babies. That’s Aila’s, Adrian’s, but Adrian and Austin are sharing that one, that’s for Austin, this is for us. All right, I’m so excited for them to open their presents! Hey, so it’s almost midnight. Austin finally went to bed although he did try to come back downstairs. He’s trying to be stealthy. Tomorrow morning we’re going to go to my parents’ house. That’ll be fun. Anyways, now it’s time to rest and tomorrow will be Christmas! Merry Christmas! – Merry Christmas. – [Mom] Merry Christmas, Aila. (chuckles) Do you need to stretch? Yay. It’s a White Christmas. Are you ready to open presents? – Yes! – [Mom] Whoa, Hot Hoops. You ready to get your stockings down? Go ahead, get it. – Toothbrush, toothpaste. – [Mom] Adrian, there’s
still some more in there. Open your sock. It’s Nutella. – Nutella. – [Mom] Yay. – [Dad] These are for Aila? – [Mom] Yeah. – [Dad] Aila. I wonder what Santa brought you. All right. – [Mom] Oh Santa knows what you need. Thanks, Santa. – [Dad] All right, guys, success. – [Mom] Adrian, what do you say to Santa? Say, thank you, Santa. – Thank you, Santa Claus. – [Mom] Yay! – Thank you, Santa! – [Adrian] This is so awesome! – I know! All right, so where are we going now? – Honey’s house! – Honey’s house! We’re going to have lunch there. Give them their presents. You guys are going to play in the snow. Decorate a gingerbread house and then that will be the conclusion
of our Christmas day. Austin is helping his honey make, what are you making, Austin? – Hopia! – [Mom] Hopia! Mm-mm! – [Honey] Add a little bit more, okay? – [Mom] Wow! – [Honey] Remember you fold like that. Make sure all the corners are sealed. – [Mom] Good job! – [Austin] What’s that? – How about we go half? (chuckles) – [Austin] Do you need music? – [Honey] Yes, baby. (speaks in a foreign language) (laughs) – [Mom] Ooh. Whatcha guys doing? Huh, Austin? Oh wow, very creative,
using Pocky sticks too. And Adrian is just eating them. (chuckles) These are the beautiful
hopia that Austin made. I know they’re just going to be delicious. Just like all of these. I’ve already had two and I’m going to keep eating more because I can’t stop myself. Success. I’m literally going to have
another piece after this. You don’t think so? (laughs) It’s okay, I have three more. (laughs) Throw a snowball at Adrian. Adrian, he’s going to
throw a snowball at you. (laughs) (laughs) Oh, Dad! Poppa is going to get you with a snowball. (laughs) (laughs) (laughs) Hurry, throw a snowball
at poppa, hurry, get him! (laughs) You got his butt! Oh! Oh no! What happened? (mumbles) What? (laughs) – Oh yeah! – [Mom] All right, can you guys say, Merry Christmas, everybody? – Merry Christmas, everybody! – Yay! Oh, are you eating the snow? All right, well playing in the snow is the last of our Christmas festivities. There’s lots of fun filled family time. Lots of presents, lots of
toys we have to sort through. And just lots of love so thank you so much for watching. If you guys like these videos don’t forget to hit like and subscribe and we’ll see you guys again soon. Can you say bye, everybody? – Bye. – Bye, everybody!

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  1. Omg she spoke tagalog:
    Daddy Ben masarap ba?

    Oh yeahhhh I understand filipino and i can speak in it a little but im better at english.. Cuz i grew up speaking english..

  2. Austin:A DVD PLAYER!!
    Mom: You've been wanting a dvd player!?!?!!

    That killed me!!!😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Why do you put presents under the tree on the night in USA and Europe etc. in Australia we put all present under in December throughout the month and on the night our stockings get presents out in it.???

  4. its funny how Austin was still talking at the beginning and transitioned to falling asleep like Adrian😂😂😂

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