Celebrating Women in Construction with BDO Camille Owens

Being a woman in construction,
just like anything else, has its pros and cons.
You know, most women don’t grow up learning about construction.
I’m Camille Owens, business development officer.
I’ve been with Nabholz for almost five years now
and I work for our Oklahoma operations.
I believe women are naturally strong multitaskers and in a
position like this you have to wear a lot of
different hats in a lot of different environments.
You need to know a lot about construction but also about the
people and the community. So having to learn
about the industry from scratch definitely did present a
challenge at times. On the flip side it also
creates a really unique opportunity where you’re able
to set yourself apart. It’s not a secret — construction is a
male dominant field. I get asked a lot what it’s like
working in an office where it’s predominantly men; and I
really enjoy it. These people have become my friends.
They’ve become friends of my husband’s. They’ve helped
with home improvement projects at my house. I don’t think it’s
as much of a testament as to being a female at Nabholz but
more so a testament as to the people that we hire at Nabholz.

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