Celebrating Working Moms | #InItTogether

♪♪ Iman is the love of my life. He’s just a happy,
very active kid. At around age two,
he stopped talking, and he needed
physical therapy, speech therapy and
occupational therapy. So I quit my job.
I’m really appreciative that I was able to stay
with my kids full time. For a parent like me,
with the gap in my career, I feel like I’m starting from
scratch in this transition back to the workforce. There is a conflict
and a lot of guilt parting with your kids. To just put them to school
and drive away to work… Sorry, I’m gonna cry again. ♪♪ I started networking on
LinkedIn and I found Tracy. She is a mom of two kids, and she worked on some
really great documentaries. Just to connect to someone and then to be able to talk
and take it further… Amazing. I understand where
you’re coming from. When I was about
to have my first
daughter, I left my job. What was the turning
point for you? I was in a similar place
you are. I want to be valued, want to be
financially independent. Do you have a notion
of what role you want? Yes. I have this passion
for filmmaking, and I know how much work
goes into it. Nicky totally
has what it takes, not just from her experience
before being a mom, but also from her
experience being a mom. I would love to connect you with someone working
in production. Yvette? Nice to
meet you. Hi, yeah, hi, nice
to meet you too. It was really great meeting
with Tracy and Yvette. It feels much more attainable
to get back to work, actually meeting people…
networking. It’s just so empowering. ♪♪

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