Celebrating World Arabic Language Day: Arabic Slang in Israel!

Hi! So, these are the Arabic words I know that entered the Hebrew slang: Ahbal (stupid), Fashla (mess up), Nakhs (jinx). Shwaye Shwaye (take it easy), Ahla (great), Sababa (all right), Ya Shabab (you guys). Walla (actually), Fadiha (embarrassment), Fashla (mess up), Ahla (great), Sababa (all right). Ahla (great), Sababa (all right). Ahla (great), Yalla (come on)… Akhouk (buddy). What else? Is Sababa of Arabic origin? Sababa (all right). Fadiha (embarrassment). Sababa (all right) and Dugri (straight forward). Walla (actually), Ya Alla (oh my god), Sababa (all right), Ahla (great), Satla (Buzz). Sababa (all right), Ahla (great). Ya’ani (I mean), Ahla (great) and Dugri (straight forward). Rasmi (officially), Sahbak (pal), Rabbak (God dammit). I know many Arabic words. Can we do it together? -OK. -Yeah! Come over. – What’s your name? -Shmuel. -Hi, I’m Eden. -Nice to meet you. Sahten (way to go), Ahla (great), Majnoon (crazy), Yom Asal, Yom Basal (win some, lose some). Ahlan (Hello), Shukran (Thanks), Ahlan Wa Sahalan (welcome). Basa (bummer), Mabrook (congrats), Sahten (way to go), Ahla (great). Janana (craziness). Harfan (mad), Dawin (posturing). Habibi, Ya Habibi (my dear)… Ya Einey (my eyes, sweetheart). Ahlan Wa Sahalan (welcome), Majnoon (crazy), Sahten (way to go). -Are we done? -Cut! Salamat (Good bye)!

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