Celebrating World Refugee Day Community Festival

(music) This is World Refugee Day. It’s a day, I think, has so many implications for people who are from refugee backgrounds. One is we are celebrating our achievements as refugee community. We come here to Australia, we contribute to the society. We are celebrating that achievement on one hand, and then on the other hand, also we are remembering all other refugees around the world who are suffering , who are really going through difficult times and remembering them, showing our solidarity to them. People here are coming from different backgrounds and from completely different societies I can say, as a minority group here, and to represent themselves, their culture and it’s a very good opportunity for locals actually to learn about the different cultures and different backgrounds, which probably in their routine life they don’t have the opportunity to do that actually. Sport is something which is very common and it’s a kind of common language. Sport obviously for lots of nations, including our own is a big thing that brings people together. One of the big highlights of the festival here is that we have the finals here today in the World Refugee Day Cup. It’s a day that’s very much for refugees, so the majority of people that are here will be refugees, but there’s also lots of people from the local community who come just to find out more about refugees and their culture and to experience the fantastic food and entertainment that’s here today. This is the real meaning of multiculturalism you can see different food, different culture, different dress and different colour. Very colourful day things of the humanity here. Now as refugee we are happy to enhance the – support the multiculturalism here in Australia. It’s all about like, creating a multicultural society. People who are from different backgrounds they come together, so it’s telling our potential as refugees that we are assets for Australia. (music)

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