Celebrating Xerox’s Women in the Workplace: No Ceiling

We still have to call out that we have female leaders. So I’d love to get to the point where, we don’t even have to count that anymore. I don’t think we’re moving as fast as I would like personally, but we’re getting there. Progress has been made no question, but I don’t think we’re quite at the promised land just yet. Right now, it is phenomenal to see how the tech industry supports women. At Xerox, I’ve definitely seen more women in the technology decisions that we’re making. My advice to women coming into technical fields today would be Xerox, it does an amazing job with bringing all people into the workforce with different perspectives, but particularly, as a woman, I can testify to that. I think we’ve always had a great women leaders at all levels at Xerox. I feel like a lot of opportunities are definitely opening up for women, and which is really exciting to see at Xerox.

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