Celebrating Your Cancer Milestones | Joanne, Cedars-Sinai

I’m not just an oncology nurse, I’m a
mom with a daughter who has had cancer. and now my daughter has been cancer free for
5 years. When she was first diagnosed I knew I had
to take all of my knowledge to get her and my family through this. And then, when she was diagnosed a second
time with a different cancer, we got through that as well. I really identify with how my patients and
their family members feel. I know the weight that is on them, and what
a big difference family members and care givers make. All of my patients, on their last day of chemotherapy,
receive balloons, mardi gras beads, and for my female patients a crown. Its a great celebration, like another birthday. There is just something about seeing their
faces when they see those balloons, and they’re like somebody actually remembered. I remember. I remember every medication, every
appointment, every white cell count, and that this disease affects every aspect of a person’s
life. Of their family’s life. When they go home, I tell them to release
the balloons and their disease into the sky.

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