Paris Games Week. November 2019. Just Dance is celebrating its 10 years, and
for the 1st time ever, I’m the main Just Dance host for Ubisoft, on a stage larger than life,
with an audience on fire… you, the Just Dance community! I had the time of my life there… and I owe
it all to you! TheFairyDina was this persona that I’ve known
online and only just seen her media. The first time I saw her, it was in 2015. It was during the qualifications for the French
Cup or the World Cup, I don’t remember…. It was during the World Cup at Paris Games
Week. She saw me and she literraly told me… Shut up and dance Hugo! And that’s what I did. The first time I saw here it was during a
flashmob. She’s really open with the community, so that
made me want to know here better. Because it was somebody emblematic in the
community. You could see that she was there, that she
enjoyed the show. That is was really her passion, and that everything
she wants to do is share Just Dance. The first time I met her, I found her very
open. I had the sensation that I have known her
for years. She’s really amazing. It’s a person full of energy, who’s the life
of the party. She knows how to make people dance, to come
together, and there’s really a few people in this world that manage to give smiles and
energy like that. I could really see that she is an admirable
person. Are you more motivated on this side? I think… Personnally I was shocked to see Dina dance
over there, because I’m like “Oh my god, it’s Dina it’s the girl I’m following! That I’m watching the videos of Just Dance! I was shocked, I said: “This is my star, it’s
Dina”. Just Dance to me is all about the community,
to be together, sharing, happiness, love and people. Just Dance is a united community, and it’s
really all about love. Just Dance really changed my life. I began “gaming” on Halo. When I discovered Just Dance, I quit every
game I was playing. I don’t know why this game attracted me more
and more. If Just Dance didn’t exist, I don’t know if
I would be able to do Youtube and meet so many people I think I wouldn’t be here now, if it wasn’t
for Just Dance. I love meeting people and dancing. I would say that before, I was doing sports,
but I didn’t like it. And this… I love it! Just Dance at the beginning was only in parties,
birthday parties, me in my bedroom dancing to my favorites songs… After, it became competition, overcoming myself,
to do the best scores possible, always push further I discovered my passion for dance, and today
Now I want to make it my job. So… I discovered myself. One day I discovered Dina at PGW and I was
like “wow, this is so amazing!”. Just Dance I think is an awesome game for
everything that is community games, playing with your friends, at parties… For me Just Dance is mostly a very communitary
game. It’s a big family around this game. I feel like throught Just Dance I’ve been
able to find a community to be a part of, which I think is huge. Even if we’re far away, it’s a real community,
even apart from Just Dance itself. We get along. Even the person that does 1 star can be included,
and it shows that it’s open to everybody, everybody can have fun together. I rarely play Just Dance. but I live a lot throught that community that
I really enjoy. I found it’s like a little family, and every
time I’m with them, I feel really good. I’ve started to become more open and more
comfortable with socializing with people, and it made me, I think, a better person. Here is… JUST DANCE ! Here is…. JUST DANCE Personally, I discovered Just Dance when I
arrived in France. Just Dance really changed my life. First, on the friendships. When I arrived in France, I barely knew anybody,
and then I met the Just Dance Club. It was really awesome, honestly unforgettable. What marked me the most was I think, the cosplay
I did. It was a project I had since a really long
time, and to be in the skin of a coach to have its costume and everything… it’s really
influential. If I would need to define in a few words… Just Dance really signifies community, sharing,
sympathy and fun. For me it’s just like my family. It even matters a bit more than my family. What is Just Dance now for me? I’d say my life. I’m really happy I made the choice to dance
10 years ago and I still never regret this first dance I took. And this was Just Dance 2020 at the Paris
Games Week 2019. I hope you enjoyed this video as much as I
enjoyed myself there. It was really an amazing party at the Ubisoft
Stage every day. I am so proud of us, and I am so proud of
you, my community, for being such beautiful, different people. I wanted to take that opportunity to say Thank
you as well for the 100K subscribers on Youtube. It represents a lot for me, so really, thank
you. See you very soon for more fun content on
our favorite game Just Dance, bye. 10 Years…10 years. Because Just Dance is more than just dance.

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  1. C'est beau purée !!! Même si j'ai pas Just Dance (et de toute façon, même si je l'avais, je ne pourrais pas y jouer pour l'instant), je prends plaisir à regarder tes lives et à danser avec toi chaque fois que cela est possible. Je suis fier d'être un DINASAUR !!!

  2. Great job! It's such a big milestone accomplished!
    Truly, the amazingly awesome dancer that is slay queen of JD
    you are Dina! Keep up the amazing work!

  3. Magnifique vidéo et choquée d'être dedans mdrr. Bref continue tu es vraiment mon idole voila voilà jtm et bravo pour les 100K

  4. Encore bravo Dina tu es formidable et je t'adore la meilleure. Je te souhaite le meilleur pour la suite avec drey vous le méritez et moi je dis GO TO 1 000 000 😂❤️

  5. Je t'ai vu évolué de jour en jour 🤗 Tu reste là best 😉 Tu redonnes le sourire et c'est grâce à toi que j'ai commencé à jouer à Just Dance et Quesque je l'adore 😍 Votre couple est magnifique, tes amis sont tellement joyeux ☺️ Moi c'est àu TGS que je t'ai vu mais malheureusement j'ai pas pu te rencontrer et parler 💖 Je te souhaite pleins de bonheurs pour la suite, Love you 💝❤️💗

  6. Un grand merci à toi Dina de mettre le feu sur scène depuis toute ces années et félicitations encore une fois pour tes 100k 😍

    Déjà 10 ans que Just Dance a été créé un grand merci également à Ubisoft et a la Paris Games Week de pouvoir rencontrer des personnes formidable et d'avoir créé cette magnifique communauté ❤

    "C'est plus qu'une communauté, c'est une famille 💘"

    (Retrouvez moi dans la vidéos 😏)

    Anthony ❤ (The New World Guy)

  7. Dina tu et juste sublime une belle personne qui nous comunique sa joie de vivre et qui nous remonte le moral bref jtadore #DINAthebest

  8. Merci merci à toi dina pour ton énergie ! Pour tes moment inoubliable que tu nous fait vivre ❤️ et j'espère que ça le restera encore pour plusieurs année ! VIVE JUST DANCE !

  9. La vidéo est super émouvante, tu mérites toutes les bonnes choses qui t'arrivent Dina, encore félicitation et merci pour tout ce que tu nous partages !
    Signé : un Dinasaur :3

  10. J'adore cette vidéo où on te voit évoluer dans le jeu, les commentaires des gens mélangés avec tes danses INCROYABLE et cette vidéo m'a beaucoup plu parce que je joue aussi depuis le 1er Just dance sur la wii et je m'y revois encore y jouer et maintenant ça fait 10 ANS !!! Très belle vidéo, touchante, les commentaires sur toi mais aussi sur nous ta communauté et la communauté Just dance !!!! Bravo encore Dîna pour les 100k et aussi à Andrei qui doit ''supporter'' just dance tous les jours et qui nous a donné une vidéo d'une qualité incroyable MERCI MERCI MERCI ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  11. This is the hardest video i e er worked on because I wanted to do justice to the community. I hope you all like it 🤩🙏

  12. Déjà 10 ans que je suis passionné par ce jeu. Pour les 20 ans je préparerai un gros gâteau. And don't forget:just dance is more of just dance !!!😁

  13. Ta communauté est très soudé je t'ai vu la première fois à la PGW 2015 et on est bientôt en 2019,à la PGW 2019,c'était trop bien de danser avec du monde et avec toi❤Je garderais toujours ce moment précieux❤

  14. Wow what a heart warming vid 💓 I'm playing the game since this may. And had 2 meetings from just dance. It's really one big family. 🙌🏻 The bound with each other. Really beautifull! 🥰 Happy 10 years!!!🎉 Let's go for another 10 years and more! ❤🥳

  15. You are going to make me cry.
    This is beautiful…
    People, game, community, dances,
    I just love and respect everyone here. So glad I am part of this.

  16. Love your video so much!!!!!! And I enjoyed it ALOT!

    And congrats on 100K subscriber!

    You are also one of my favourite just dance youtuber! I don't know why but I love your channel alot!

    I came from your All Star mode and I love it alot!

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