Celebration As A Goal Setting Ritual

So, if you watched last week’s video, you’ll
know that we were talking all about celebration and the importance of it in the goal setting
process. I alluded to that my goal setting process
has celebration baked right into it. So, this week I’m going to share with you
the exact template that I use with my clients when it comes to goal setting. Now, there’s lots of work that goes into getting
to the place where you can do use this blueprint, but I’m going to share it with you today at
a high level. So, if you’re ready to dive in, you will have
everything you need to create really meaningful, values-driven goals. If that sounds like something you’re into
it, make sure to stay watching. If you’re new here, welcome. My name is Kristin Constable, and I’m a leadership
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new here and you haven’t subscribed yet, just hit the little bell, so you get notified every
Wednesday when a new video comes out online. So, let’s dive into this goal setting process
that I use. It’s pretty simple, and that’s why it works
so well, but there’s a few components to this blueprint that I use that really helps you
extrapolate a meaningful goal, which I call values-driven goals, as opposed to end goals,
which are goals that we kind of think we should achieve, but it’s outside of ourselves. It’s not rooted in what matters to us most. So, the first step in the goal setting blueprint
is to look to what value would you like to strengthen? If you haven’t done work around your values
yet, I’ve got a great values discovery exercise, which I’ll link below as well, because you
want to do a lot of work around, well, what actually really does matter to you? Our values evolve as we’ve evolve. So, just because you’ve done values work before,
doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it again, because all of the time they’re evolving, they’re
deepening, and the more connected you are to your values, the crisper your values-driven
goals will be. So, step one, decide on what value you’re
really committed to strengthening. Step two is to do some inquiry around what
is your deepest desire here. So, let’s just use an example. Say the value you’re trying to strengthen
is around meaningful connection. Do some inquiry work around, well, what does
that actually mean to you? If you were to actually have meaningful connection
in your life, how would it show up? How would it feel? How would it look? Get a real good handle on this section on
the blueprint of what it is that you truly want when it comes to that value. The third part of the blueprint is probably
the most important. The question in this part of the blueprint
to explore is what is stopping you from having this today? Now, it seems obvious, but if you had everything
that you needed to make this happen, it would have happened. So, there’s obviously some either internal
barriers or external barriers that are getting in the way of you achieving this goal. So, this is the place to capture that. It can be things like time, money, resources,
but it can also be internal barriers, like I don’t actually think that I can do that,
or I don’t believe that that’s for me. All of these things are really important to
unearth, so you can start to do some work around them. That’s actually where the goals come from
is getting these barriers out of the way. The fourth part of the blueprint is around
resources. So, once you identify what these barriers
are, what’s getting in the way of you actually living into this value and this desire fully,
you can look to, well, what do you need in order to accomplish that? So, what gets in the way? What resources do you need? You can think of these as barriers and power
sources. So, your resources are your power sources. These can look like people. So, it might be a guide. It might be a coach. It might be time to actually work on whatever
you want to work on. You want to identify everything that you need
that will support you in overcoming those internal and external barriers. Okay? Then the next part of the blueprint is where
you actually get to create your milestones. So, these are chunked down goals to help you
achieve that deepest desire. So, you’re not just going to go straight to
the deepest desire. It’s what do you need to do along the way
to make that happen? Now, in the blueprint, there’s four spots. That’s literally just a matter of space. You might have 16 milestones. You might have two. It is totally relative and up to you and your
goal. So, what you want to do here is you don’t
want to get hung up on needing to know the whole path or every single step. All you really need to know is the next right
step, and you need to take that next right step with determined action. So, in that spot, there’s a place for what
is your next step? What is your next milestone? There’s also a by when challenge. Now, this is part of just really good goal
setting practice is to put a by when to things. If you don’t have that, it won’t give you
the timelines. It’ll stay open ended. So, that by when is really important. My suggestion would be make the first milestone
so easy and so actionable that you can get some momentum and actually complete that by
when rather quickly. From there, you’ll know what the next right
step is, and you’ll actually have some momentum built, rather than starting from scratch. Now, the fourth part of the blueprint is where
you’ll see the celebrations baked in. So, the celebration part of the blueprint
is super fun. What you’ll notice is it’s not one big celebration
at the end, when you get to that deepest desire. It’s celebrations all along the way. So, every time you complete a milestone, successfully
complete a milestone, there’s an opportunity to celebrate. This is really important, because it allows
you to build momentum and feel good and energized along the journey. You’re not just waiting for this carrot at
the end. That is the thing that most people get wrong
when it comes to goal setting is they have this big, massive carrot at the end, but they
don’t have any breadcrumbs along the way. So, celebration baked into the milestones
is a way for you to have some breadcrumbs along the way and to celebrate as you go. Celebration can look like anything. It doesn’t have to be huge and grandiose. It could literally be a hike one afternoon
in your favorite spot, or it could be treating yourself to your favorite meal. It can be small or big. It’s totally up to you. All it is is an opportunity for you to acknowledge
how far you’ve come and to close the loop, as we talked about in last week’s video, on
that part of the plan, so you can move on to the next. So, I hope that was helpful. The blueprint will be available for you to
download below, and same with that values exercise that would be really helpful for
you if you don’t know what your values already are. So, good luck with everything that you’re
out to accomplish, and remember that you are worthy and deserving of it all. All it takes is a well crafted plan to make
it happen. Best of luck, and we’ll see you here next
week for next week’s video.

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