Celebration of Cultures

(light music) – So Tuesday night, we had
our World Culture night, World Tour night and
that was an experience where students came in and saw booths that parents had prepared and families that showed their
culture or their country. – Tuesday was really fun. There was so much. The Chinese culture,
they had this big thing in the library, we had so much fun. 4th grade and 5th grade, we got
to make some trifold boards. I was part of it. The people were really nice and yeah, this whole thing was just great. – Tonight is our Performances night, cultural performances and
we also have a sampling of foods from around the
world, just different things, we have Kung Fu, we have
group dances, we have solos, we have group singing so just a variety of things from
different countries. – I thought it was a really cool night. We were here on Tuesday night, we had a little Irish
dance and we had great fun at the Tuesday night, on
all different countries and tonight, Malcolm with
him and some of his friends, India, and they head the
Diversity show on stage. – I think it builds an understanding of acceptance, of that we’re all important so I hope they’re learning that lesson, that everyone has different viewpoints and different ideas that they come from but that’s the strength of our community is that we’re all a little bit different and we can learn from each other. – Everybody’s different and special but that makes them all beautiful. – It’s a great opportunity for the kids because they’re exploring
different cultures, maybe in a class they
might be meeting one or two different culture kind of students but it’s open to everyone now. They are learning a lot. – Learnin’ lots. Every country has some
cool stuff that we all got to learn about. – It’s just, it’s a wonderful event to showcase different cultures. (light music)

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