CELEBRATION OF DEATH | Varanasi | Vlog 009

we just got hit by another bus… from the back the bus left us here so I think this is
our next one to Varanasi and I hope this is the next one because look at where
are we it’s been more than 30 minutes now
there’s still no new tire and we’re still waiting for the bus to take off 14 hours of traveling and we still have two hours left I feel awful 15 hours and 34 minutes This is how long it took for us to go from Chitwan, Nepal to Varanasi We are great, sir! She is your friend? My wife! We’re almost there and our host is waiting for us After a cold shower, we are drinking tea and ready to go to bed, so see you tomorow! We are currently in Varanasi which is the holiest city of whole India Varanasi – the spiritual capital of India it
dates from 11th century BC or even more nobody knows It is believed that Buddha has founded Buddhism here so this is the place where death is
actually celebrated t the long story short history of Varanasi and what makes it so
special In the 8th century the worship of Shiva sect
was established. People believe that dying and being cremated
on the banks Gangas river helps you attain salvation and stop the
rebirth cycle when this procedure is done you achieve “Moksha” or “Nirvana” or in
other words – you go to heaven Which for hinduists is the highest purpose in their lives Around 80 people are being cremated here every day. The atmosphere in the
city is…I don’t know, it cannot be put into words

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  1. Поздрави за канала Aлекс и Мартин, гледам ви откакто започнахте. Супер много ми харесват синематичните ви монтажи! Давайте все така! Поздрави от една русенка в Англия хаха. Успех за напред! хх

  2. Как е възможно да са ви толкова добре направени клиповете?! Думи нямам 💙

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