Celebration of Excellence: Inspiring the Next Generation

I’d like to welcome
everyone today. This program is built upon the things that Vivien
wanted to do in his life and giving our students
and opportunity an early start at
such a young age. KALIN:
You’re really in a place
that’s very special. The film and programs
like this can even enrich what
you know and can give you that
sense of legacy that you’re carrying
forward in his name. You’re able to do what he wasn’t
able to do. DR. HIGGINS:
I never knew
that I could get to where
I am now. My mom encouraged us
to pursue this career and it’s really
been fantastic. What I would love
to have you do is come see
what we do. It was pretty silly I didn’t bring any
business cards. STUDENT:
When would be a good
time to contact you? DR. HIGGINS:
Anytime. HALEY:
This long, long section
on Vivien Thomas… SMITH:
To me that’s one of
the lessons of that movie. You see what can happen when people find
a way to get along. DR. KILIC:
You have to realize
there’s certain times there’s things you
can control and there’s things
you can’t control. But at the end
of the day as the surgeon you’re
the one making the call. You’re the one that says,
“We’re doing this.” “We’re going to
do it that way.” So, yes, you feel
very responsible. FICHMAN:
What we do is
introduce you to a basic level of
lab research. So you’d be getting
the same kind of introduction as an
undergratuate student at Johns Hopkins. I honestly wish I had the opportunity to do it as a high schooler myself. STUDENT:
How do you feel that Vivien is in your family and that you get to
come and talk to us about what really happened and about the stuff that
we don’t know that you know. ERIC SMITH:
Just imagine trying
to become one of the top surgeons
in the country and not getting
the recognition for almost another
fifteen years. It is not as bad
as it was then but it’s still
something You’re going to
have to face. STUDENT:
Did you know him before
you started filming? COBLYN:
At the time it was
an unknown story. Now people all over
the world know his name and you’re sitting
in a school that’s dedicated to
his legacy. It feels good.

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