Celebration of Israel Week Unites Students, says Elan Karoll – UI7 News

Some U of I students are celebrating Israel
this week. Students gathered to recognize the Jewish
and pro Israeli community. Jane Lee introduces you to one student who
is eager to take part in the celebration. Elan Karoll became involved with the Jewish
and pro-Israeli community right when started college. Karoll is now a junior and the co-president
of the Illini Public Affairs Committee who says Israel Week is a great time to celebrate
his identity. I am a Jewish student on campus and there
are 3,500 other Jewish students on campus and for us it really means a lot that we’re
celebrating our Jewish identity and celebrating Israel and its culture. Israel week is a collaborative and philanthropic
event hosted by the Illini Chabad, IlliniPAC, Illini Hillel and Illini Students Supporting
Israel. We came up with a plan of events for the week
which are fun, engaging, educational, and really focused around themes of inclusion
and celebrating diversity. In light of the celebration of Israel Week,
t-shirts are being sold on the quad to raise money for an organization called Save A Child’s
Heart, which provides money for Israeli doctors to give free heart transplants to middle eastern
children. Karoll is excited to share the connection
between the university and the State of Israel. It is really a celebration of a really important
community here on campus that often doesn’t get enough of a voice. We’re here trying to raise that voice and
really spread positive messages because we need that in this time. Israel Week will reoccur in the spring semester. In Urbana, Jane Lee, UI-7 News.

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