Celebration of Life

good morning it is a circle to see you
all in this special memorial service today we hold this spiritual memorial to
honor and to celebrate life over our spiritual teachers and physical
ancestors today we recognize especially those who helped us and assist us to
become who we are now including our sisters our parents our friends our
teachers this celebration of a life is a based on the fundamental teachings of a
one Buddhism called for for the grace which means that we are all
interdependent and interconnected with everyone else if you look at things in
your life and look at the world from the eyes of a Dharma or eyes over your
Buddha nature or wisdom eyes or earrings and eyes you can see that everything is
directly influencing everything else so in this regard we are interdependent
over time and space think about it when you come to the center you saw the Kymco
trees in the street right gingko tree in front of our meditation hall has been on
earth 100 million years and we human beings has been honored 6 million years and according to one Buddhist teaching
it took a long long time to become who we are and to develop ourselves to be
who we are now and we may be spending millions of years to cultivate and to
develop ourselves as we are so in this spiritual memory or ceremony
we connect with our previous generation from ancient to the modern in this way
we are both ancient and modern all the genes in our bodies were created by our
parents the chill of our parents created by our grandparents our grandparents
gene were created by our great great parents so you can trace back 2,000
years 400 thousand years even million years because of the genes passing down
and handed over to us through these generations so gene is a unit of a
heritance that it transferred from parents to offspring and this gene is to
determine some characteristic of all of children offsprings or children so genes
are responsible overall characteristics live over what we inherent so each gene
contains a particular set of instruction usually coding for particular function
so change are working universe DNA so we cut our genes and DNA from our parents
so we can trace back like this so we are much more than what we think we are we
have to rethink we need to understand and find out human capacity and our
human potentials maybe it is time and now is the time to reset the button of
your life to restore optimal condition of health and well-being we were
computers and iPhones and so forth so if it doesn’t function if it’s broken or
problems what we do you go back to reset the button to the original factory made
setting so we have to reset the key to restore ourselves to the optimal
condition optimal capacity so we can go back to this optimal original condition so we could create a new pattern begin
to new life with this new parent this pattern we are creating in our mind
totally different than previous way of using our mind when you set the pattern
you are setting to the Buddha essential Buddha within you
– that kind of optimal condition you are going back so we create a new pattern in
our heart in our bodies and begin again our another journey for several
discovery and self-actualization so we need to find creative solution to our
condition and our difficulties whatever you have at this moment because we don’t
have to travel to all the road again and again we can change the
direction of the road we can begin a new path you can enter a new path a new road
so we can reorganize and reprioritize ourselves and restore and recreate this
beauty and the new pattern in the path that can lead us to awakening so today
we celebrate the life of it a takata’s in the middle here in the center who
discovers in a freedom of mine who experienced Awakening and Nirvana and
taught us how to do that so Takata is the title of Buddha in Korean call it
your air which means that the scan orders calm it emphasized the fact that
historical Buddha is just one of the endless continuity of a takata’s who
appeared throughout the history and proclaimed as the same time’ it is a
very powerful teaching of a one buddhism that never the silhouette is tattvatah
if you continue it was if you stay on the path of awakening one
day you will become what a toccata today we celebrate life with such a son who
taught us how to cultivate our minds and bodies how to liberate ourselves and how
to attain freedom of mind and had obtained awaken our Buddha nature so
tusen was born in 1891 very difficult time in korea and enlightened in 1916
which was an under colonial occupation by japan he was 26 at the time and spent
the next 27 years to teach buddhadharma and he used the spirituality in
buddhadharma and lam violence to awaken hopeless people in korea and gave hope
by practicing this spirituality by cultivating their inner potential that
one day they come free themselves and hopefully giving some analogy of
Independence Day in Korea at that time the occupation people didn’t think over
the that kind of freedom because of the restriction constrained and it was very
very difficult period and he passed away June 1st 1943 two years prior to Korean
independence from Japan thus this history of a spiritual
memorial service began in our community we also celebrate life of a Gautama
Buddha who lived over 2,500 years ago in India the ancient and modern together
through practice of meditation and essential Dharma of a daily practice we
can attend free more wine we can free ourselves from ourselves all the bonding
hindrance attachment chattering all those things you can they call and free
and fly like a bird it is a password to attain freedom all
mine in this state we are aware of our inner being our Buddha nature which
bring us happiness and pleased from this in a Center so today we are making
commitment to travel to the center to be toccata one day we also celebrate a life
of all sages and saints maybe before you came to our community you might have a
different faith system to think about your own understanding of a saint and
sages today we honor and respect all sages and saint who proclaimed that the
same value of a spiritual cultivation and universal salvation as you see here
in this ceremony it is a concrete expression of a one Buddhism commitment
to interfaith movement in the world by bringing peace and building peace with
the other faiths tradition sometimes very difficult and we compared the peace
in the world together so we are connecting in this ceremony that all
those human wisdom from ancient to present by recognizing the great
wisdom compassion and love of this or sages and saints in the world throughout
the human history whether we also honor life over enlightened masters and bodies
of ours they are lifeless lifestyle examples over highest ideal life and
loving kindness and compassion they have a perseverance
they were great compassion they have a loving-kindness and insight and wisdom
to help us to cultivate our Buddha nature to help us to the path to
awakening forth also with honor today the life of a dedicated the Dharma
teachers who cultivated Dharma in all of us throughout the one Bush example there
are dedicated these Dharma teachers building your community with a deep
commitment some time overcoming great difficulties facing new cultural
environment and selfless service to all who ever join this community who ever
worked in this world of buddhadharma so there are three stages of Dharma
teachers ordinary Dharma teachers extraordinary Dharma teachers and great
Dharma masters today we recognize them and celebrate life of these ordained
Dharma teachers who dedicated their whole life for
building our spiritual community we also pay respect to a life of a devoted a
lady who practiced the Buddha Dharma diligently and made a contribution to
spread buddhadharma in the world so here maybe you can all relate with
this well in fact it is a revolutionary practice in a spiritual and religious
tradition to include alergy lay members in this kind of spiritual ceremony live
even lineage and record if you have enough the practice and and experience
this buddhadharma even we record your history our lay members history be even
all the in Dharma teachers who study them so this symbol here is that to
recognize their lay members capacity and ability to practice in daily life and be
awakened so all of you have this one this capacity and recognize in the
future if your god so again this three stage of a latest ordinary latest all of
the lay minister comes and goes comes and stop the while and sometimes it
appears so you stay in the ordinary or extraordinary lay members they make a
commitment come and practice consistency they enjoy eternal practice they elevate
the cultivated they become a different person more compassionate more why now
more wisdom and more inner peace enjoy so you become the Sun of the light and
Sun of spirituality in your world people seen you oh I want to be like that and
find out you are members of one Buddhism here and cultivate and meditate you pick
up a beautiful person and transforming into a new being and people want to
follow you and practice with you so this is the extraordinary lay members and you
keep practicing like that you become great Dharma protector so we recognize
liturgy here today so maybe today is in your new day to make a dead kind of
commitment now stay in our Scott here but travel to the center to be awakened
to experience new vana and become tatata so making that kind of commitment today
to elevate yourself to become that devoted and dedicated participant in
this Sangha with the deep practice and cultivation and six we all celebrate
life over all parents age as they brought us to this world so where are
they here parents and the ancestors so remember your parents think about
parents who are not here on earth anymore we recognize today parents were
all ordinary human beings parents of dedicated the Dharma teachers and they
members parents are enlightened the masters and parents of body safar’s
and parents of a toccata Buddha’s and parents were all sages and saints so we
thank them our parents nurtured our mind and body when we were very young totally
depend on them in the beginning of our early lives and despite over their love
we could intention and care some time our ancestors demanded us and resulting
pain misunderstanding this ceremony we have to heal our old and heal our
relationships our inner Buddha will help you to feel your own and your
relationships and we have to pass the world and transform ourselves in
Buddhist understanding there are two kinds of human relationship what is
their life giving relationships and the other is a conflict relationships all
this can happen in the close relationships more likely family setting
so if you understand this we have to find ways to transform the relationship
if is a comfortable relationship especially today we have to hear their
relationship with our parents or friends or family members sister or brother who
are not here because if they are not here they cannot initiate that healing
we have to initiate that healing open our heart and forgive themselves and
move on finally we celebrate life over all
sentient beings their Oscar the yeah all sentient beings
and we encouraged them to understand buddhadharma and enter a path of
awakening so in fact in this sense we are celebrating earth community today tomorrow is a world environmental day
initiated by United Nations and we celebrate this earth community because
we are part of interdependent web of life so according to one Buddha’s
teaching or for for degrades or Gautama Buddha’s teaching about codependence of
origination we are not separable with a life community we are not separable with
the rest of the world we are not separable with everyone else and
everything else nowadays climate change is a big issue in this country storing
at the United Nations and the world because of climate change accord really
in Paris so maybe we have the copy on self-interest especially special group
interest or national interest there is some possibility over being privileged
living in the developed world to take care of what is earth community our
future generation will rip the consequence of a decision made today so
protecting our earth community is a way to protect our own future and it is a
way to shape our own future reality to be more livable and loveable for all
and what happened to the outer world happened to
in a world if you begin separate yourself from others from large
communities it affects your inner world over emotions and mental and cognitive
area to the separation created division division creates misunderstanding
misunderstanding crazy conflicts and world so now is at the time for us to
harvest all human capacity you have inherited it from spiritual and physical
ancestors in addition if you understand what is teaching well enough we have
open experiences so much through infinite time and space traveling here
and there in different lifetimes in the process of a cycle of a rebirth now we
have to find inspiration and creativity within us to create our dream and dream
our dream together here life is a like art you can be artists over life because
we all have a inner artist within us in a dancer in a singer so create a beauty
and create a new pattern of our lives to experiment to create a new pattern in
your life maybe it just begin with when you eat how you eat and when you eat if
you master that you see how that effect of my body and mine so you move on
different aspect of your life and experimenting create a beauty and new
pattern in your mind in your body and in your heart so in conclusion the best
way to honor and celebrate the life of our spiritual ancestors and physical
ancestors is that we live well on earth they are all gone but within you giving
you that kind of a good intention for you to live well and appreciate your
life and celebrate your existence through feeling so we can celebrate
ourselves as we feel our minds bodies and heart we can celebrate a life as if
we reached or our well-being to help others have the word you can celebrate
our existence because we can practice buddhadharma to live a better in this
way we can celebrate our lives to help the world to be a better place for all
we can celebrate life on earth and protect all life as much as we can so
today I have a special homework for all of you please do it when you go home
take a good time and spend the quality time with yourself
maybe in front of your home meditation ITER
maybe you put the candle light or insert maybe some flowers and reset the key of
your life reset yourself to reactivate your energy and reset to activate your
every cell in your body every organ in your body they are waiting for your love
and care and attention now reset the button to activate all your organs and
it’s not functioning well some part of your body it is time to give nourishing
energy by activating and by pushing a new key to reset and reset the key to
activate your inner peace a joy to activate your inner wisdom and
compassion for when you do this a miracle you can take a place in your
mind in your heart in your body and celebrate life and rejoice in the
process of where you are resetting the button and activating reactivating those
energies and activating reactivating every cell in your body and activating
reactivating all organs in your body or the system in your body and affecting
how you think the mind-body are one so in this way we can heal ourselves and
really tremendous things happening we can change the material and DNA there is
a medicine or you know special things to do that but through our own cultivation
through our own deep understanding of this wisdom and the inner capacity
within all of us you can change it so based on the principle of cause and
effect we are transforming into awakened one so enjoy and appreciate all your
process and press it to your homework today don’t postpone to tomorrow your
maybe what more your busier than today so today please take a time and spend
the quality time with you with your mind heart and body and understand condition
of yourself and the reset the button and reactivate yourself to begin a new life
begin a new path begin a new pattern in creating your pattern today thank you

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