Celebration of Year’s Events

Hi, everybody, I’m super delighted, to thank you all for all of
the awards you’ve given me for all the work we’ve done around reskilling & understanding experienced, and next generation work force to build better
businesses of the future. I do want to thank ACCA for giving me Advocate of the Year Award. The Australian and New Zealand team here Maurice, Ian, and Mark. And also the work that
we did this year around Singapore, Malaysia,
Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, the Middle East, and the UK,
around understanding that accountants have and hold a wide variety of skill repertoire that takes them out of sometimes traditional specifications to
value potential in strategic elements that influence business. I’m really excited as
well around this one. Accountants Daily supported
by MYOB for 30 Under 30 for Business Advisory. And the reason why I’m
really excited is the team at Accountants Daily and Momentum Media, and the judges have been so future focused to understand that this is a statement that the accounting industry in Australia is coming together,
realizing that accountants have the potential to have such a far reaching influence in business in all facets of the
mechanics of what a business ticks as well. If I were to give one advice
to graduates this year that are coming out in Accounting or particularly anywhere
in general as well, seize opportunities when
they are presented to you because sometimes it not
beautifully wrapped up with a ribbon on the top. You’ve got to seize an opportunity, make it your own, and have the confidence to
build your team around it to deliver that opportunity. And if an opportunity
doesn’t come your way, Make it! But the most important thing is to keep moving and keep trying. Keep trying. I do want to thank you as well, because if it weren’t for you, none of this would’ve happened. Thank you for being with
me all over these years, watching my content, influencing my business, and Wattleshire and I are
really thankful as well. So do take care everybody, have a lovely year, and thank you again. Bye-Bye

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