Celebrations – Types, Reasons and Ways to celebrate for Preschoolers

Hurry up Tia or the shops will close.
Coming mom shouted Tia. Tia and her mother Maya are going shopping.
They plan to buy Aunty Jill a nice present. It’s her wedding anniversary tomorrow. Mom, what is a wedding anniversary?
Maya smiled… Tia do you remember celebrating Aunty Jill’s
wedding? Of course Mom said Tia. It was beautiful. Well Tia, tomorrow will be one year since
Aunty Jill got married. She wants to remember that wonderful day and
celebrate it every year with her family and friends.
People celebrate things they VALUE. Things that bring them JOY.
Can you think of one thing you celebrate Tia? My birthday, said Tia happily.
I get presents, invite my friends and cousins and we all eat cake and other goodies. But remember Tia, there are different ways
of celebrating a birthday. Some people love receiving presents. It gives
them JOY. But others like celebrating by giving others.
Especially giving others who have less than you do. Tia was listening carefully.
Thanks mom. I never thought of birthdays this way… Maya continued – Birthdays and Anniversaries
are celebrate among friends and family. But some events are celebrated by the WHOLE
country. Can you name one such event Tia? Tia thought for some time. Is Independence
day correct? Well done Tia. That is correct. In India we
celebrate Independence day on the 15th of August.
It is celebrated by all Indians and is a National holiday. Mom, why does Billy not celebrate with us? Good point Tia, said Maya.
Billy is from America. They celebrate Independence day too but it is on a different day.
Why don’t you ask Billy how he celebrates Independence day in America?
Sure mom, said Tia. Now here is another question Tia.
Birthdays are celebrated among family and friends.
National holidays are celebrated by the whole country.
Can you think of days celebrated by people all over the world? Tia thought hard..
No mom, I am not sure. Festivals like Christmas, Diwali and Eid are
celebrated by people all over the world said Maya.
These are religious festivals. But these are so different mom. There are
no crackers during Eid or Christmas… Well Maya, not only do we celebrate different
things but we also celebrate in different ways.
We must all respect this. Look mom, there’s the shop. It’s still open.
Hurrah. Tia, you learnt many new things today.
This calls for a celebration. How about an ice cream.
Gee, that’s a great idea mom. See Tia, we can celebrate little things in
life too. We sure can mom. Thank You.

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