Cena en barco por rio Ohio | Riverboat dinner in Louisville Kentucky

Hi everyone, welcome once again to a new video of My kitchen for the world! Today we are going to sail on Ohio river We invite you to join us. Ok, now we have the tickets, they gave us these wrist bands because beside the sailing it’s a dinner This riverboat is not the Belle of Louisville it’s the Mary Miller Ohio river starts in Pennsylvania and flows into the Mississippi River which divides USA between east and west It’s one of the most important rivers The dinner is a buffet It has american food and in a bit we are going to show you what it is. We start with a garden salad that usually includes a mix of green leaves, carrots, tomatoes but this has a variation with red onion and croutons Salads always have a dressing the favorites are ranch that is very creamy and Italian vinaigrette in this case Another side is the pasta salad, basic and blanch green beans A regular mashed potatoes and the stars of the main course are: Fried chicken one of the favorite dish in this side of States And roasted beef After the dinner let’s enjoy the view outside Like this we finish our video, our sailing In this riverboat Mary Miller I hope you like it and it helps to know a little more about the world and see you in our next video We invite you to keep watching more videos from our channel

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  1. Muy buen video!!!parece el Club karma Chameleon,la cancion de Boy George se suben a uno por el Missisippi realmente hermoso paseo,GRACIAS

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