Central Asian Food – TEARDROP SOMSA (SAMOSA) and HUGE UZBEK DINNER in Tashkent, Uzbekistan!

– Hey, everyone, I hope
you’re having an amazing day. It’s Mark Wiens, I’m in the
beautiful Tashkent, Uzbekistan. This is day two of our trip, and today is gonna be another food tour. We’re gonna eat at some
of the best places, but then, tonight, for dinner,
is gonna be a highlight where we have a Choyhana,
which is a social gathering. Guaranteed, it includes
some incredible food. But it’s then, just a time
of fellowship and food and learning about culture, and so, it’s gonna be an amazing
day, and I’m gonna share everything with you in this video, and we have actually just
arrived for breakfast. This is the spot. I can smell breakfast! (upbeat music) – The droplets of happiness. (laughs) There’s no sadness, you see,
you eat, you’re so happy. So the tears of happiness
will shatter through our eyes. – Tears of joy. (laughs) Oh, gonna come back in this area. – Oh, and this–
– [Mark] Oh, I can smell it. – Yeah, you can smell it and they’re about to start doing it.
– Oh wow. – So as you can see one, two, three,
– Oh wow. – You can feel the heat
just radiating off of them, and you can smell the aroma,
of just the threshold. There’s a fresh, fresh batch right there. (clinking) Slapping it onto the side of the oven. As it starts to cook,
because of the lamb fat and the ingredients,
it starts to droop down in the oven and that’s where
it gets the teardrop shape. (chopping on board) – Hello, hello. (man speaking in foreign language) (people laughing) (slaps) (man speaking in foreign language) – They actually have
their own butchery here. The freshness of the meat. (Man speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) (slapping on dough) (water splashing) – They sprinkle it with water, like shoving a bunch of water,
a thing that will sort of help steam it first before they crank up the heat, and
create the golden edge, and that will like, melt
all that lamb together. (man speaking in foreign language) (scraping) – I wanna ask you just one thing, just call it samsa, okay? – Samsa.
– Not samosa – It’s Uzbek’s national samsa. – Samsa. – Okay? – Okay, sure! – S-A-M-S-A – S-A-M–
– Okay? – Sure, sure. – [Bekruz] Everything has turned up. – Okay, see you! And then, they have kind of a patio-garden section for seating. Bekruz had to just run
an errand real fast. But we’re gonna, yeah, we
got a plate of them there. They’re almost like
blooming, like a flower. So what you have to do, is shake it, (laughs) oh you can feel the
meat rattling around in there. It’s like the fat mixes with the meat, and kinda coats the bready wrapper. Oh wow, that you can feel
how crispy that is too. (laughs) (crunches) – It’s even better than
the yesterday, right? – It’s so good! The bread is perfectly like crispy. It’s like crispy all over. Actually I didn’t even reach the meat, on that first bite, but
the bread is incredible! A little bit of this chili powder on top, or in the center, fill it into the pocket, kinda let it shake around, and also some of this like tomato, it’s like a tomato. – Yeah – Like it’s gonna be nice and spicy. It’s like a tomatoey chili, maybe? See, is that good?
– Yeah. – Or you put a lot in? – No, it’s good. – Okay, just to try it first. (upbeat music) (crunches) (child shouting in the background) (upbeat music) – Wow! It’s so unbelievably good! I really experienced the
mix of the fat and the meat. The ratio in that bite. The onions are but then
for spices, mostly, if you’ve said, it’s just cumin
and black pepper in there. (crunches) It’s like the greatest meat
pie, maybe I’ve ever had. The bread, the dough, the
wrap is just perfectly crispy. (upbeat music) All that feels so right! I ate three, back-to-back, to-back. Without even like, without
even thinking about it, without even knowing that I actually ate three of them, and I wanted to eat like
three more, back-to-back, but I, I resisted, because there’s gonna be a lot more food today, but those are unbelievably good. (upbeat music) Right across the street
from the samsa place, is a mosque, made of white marble, it just shines in the sunshine, and then just the, the articulate design. – [Bekruz] Okay. – It’s really beautiful,
but just the, the contrast of the white and the blue tilework. (upbeat music) – You gonna say I’m
gonna need one portion, you say by kilograms, you
say, “We want two kgs of that, and two kgs of this.”. So, hopefully you’re gonna enjoy it. – Now, we’re on our way to lunch. We’re gonna have some meat. (upbeat music) And there’s a car wash at the bottom, I think around the world, if you, if there’s a restaurant
where there’s a carwash in the same parking lot,
you know it’s gonna be a local, properly good
spot in the restaurant. I think it’s in this complex
right here on the top floor. (man speaking in foreign language) (sizzling) (man speaks in foreign language) – You can see from the outside. – [Bekruz] Okay, okay. (man speaks in foreign language) – We’re heading upstairs,
to have a meat feast. (man and woman speaking
in foreign language) Okay, so we’re sitting down, they have multiple dining rooms. The first section, and then
we came to another section, they have an outside section,
but we chose this section, because they have this
cool bucket seats sofas, that we’re gonna sit on,
and this is definitely a meal where I think I’m
almost positive that, after we eat, we’re gonna
need to, to lean back. So I’m, I’m planning ahead here. – One day, I was passing by,
and I saw a lot of people in there, I don’t know, a lot of people that standing and eating,
you ask them if they’re standing and eating, if it’s
worth standing any of that, something must be good. – Yes. – And that’s how I discovered,
I came here and I saw ’em, a lot of the older meat,
I’m like, what is that? (Mark laughs) Like that kind of meat, okay? – So, that’s just like
custom, for every single time you drink tea.
– Yeah. Have a little tea ceremony. (child mumbling) – This is just an appetitizer. This is just to get stomach juices flowing before the main meat dish comes. Smells so good, you can smell
that sizzling fat, the onions. – The smell even better than taste. (Mark laughs) – You can eat it right
off the middle skewer, just look at these beauties. So soft and tender, and so, so juicy, like, you actually
barely need to chew. (child exclaims) (people exclaiming) – Did we get one kilo? – Yeah, yeah, yeah, we
ordered one kilo lamb, and one kilo fries next
to it, yeah meat fried on it’s own fat and they use
this fat for a long time. – Okay. – They keep it, they don’t really, – So the flavor–
– Yeah, flavors keep on– – brewing away in the fat.
– Yeah, yeah. – And then they fried the fries– – Exactly. – in that same fat. (upbeat music) (chewing) – Nice. – Oh wow. – It’s so, it’s so me, it’s so perfectly salty. It’s really tender but at the same time, it’s almost like, thick, and
almost like, bouncy in texture. – Yeah. (upbeat music) Just like, just such succulent nuggets of meat. Sprinkle on some vinegar to the salad, to the onion salad, oh, that’s like a dill
and chili-infused vinegar. – Yeah. It looks like, it’s
not Pepsi though (laughs). – Try some onions. Yeah, yeah the onions, they
provide that refreshing touch, they kinda cut the oil, and
also give you that crunch. Fries, and again cooked in the lamb fat. (chewing) (laughs) – These are the perfect fries, they are so mashy inside,
and crunchy outside. – Yeah, they’re so flavorful,
they are as flavorful as that lamb, because it taste like lamb. You can immediately taste the difference. – Yeah, yeah, yeah. Like, vegetable oil, would not do, would not do for these fries. (upbeat music) Wow, (laughs) the combination of the lamb, and the fries, that’s just,
it’s actually dangerously tasty. (laughs) Like, I mean, it looks big, and it is big, like one person could eat this all. – And don’t feel like
sick, yeah, you won’t sick. – And feel really good, at
least while you’re eating it. (upbeat music) Even just a little bit of salt, or none, it refreshes,
with that heavy meat. Now would be the time in the meal, the point in the meal
where I utilize the sofa to the maximum, and just sit back, sipping on tea to wash it all down. The car wash pit stop,
(laughs) that’s the name. So yeah, definitely, get your car washed, or if you don’t have a
car, just skip the car wash and go straight to the restaurant. But man, that’s crazy good food, and those mini satay
kebabs were, were insane. But that meat, oh man, if you love meat. We’re on our way now to
a place that, thought of, as we’re, as we’re eating. – Yeah, as we were eating, I was like, “Okay, we need to go there.” – Bekruz, Bekruz was like,
“This is the place we “have to go.”, we almost forgot about it. We have to go right now,
so, we’re on our way. It’s a little on the outskirts
of town, but it’s another, it’s another meat stop. (upbeat music) Five finger. – Five finger barbeque. – [Mark] Five finger barbeque. – Hello! On a spur of the moment, change of plans, while we, we were gonna head out of town, to eat at a meat spot,
that Kruz knows about, but then we decided to
actually stop by a place to eat the five finger kebab first then. And it’s fat meat, fat
meat, we’re coming back to the kitchen, it’s about thrilled out on your grill, say, “Ah!”. I’ve had quite a few
different kebabs in my life, but I’ve never had, the five,
the Uzbek five finger kebabs. I’m very excited for this one. (sizzles) It is an entire hand of a kebab. – I can do, like that, right? – Oh yeah, (speaks in foreign language). – Yeah, sure. So this is the Tashkent specialty. – Yup, yup, Tashkent specialty. – Logan! (laughs) – (speaks in foreign
language) You never go hungry. – The hand. (men speaking in foreign language) – X-men, X-men. – Wolverine (laughs), Logan (laughs). – It’s almost like a steak,
but then at the bottom of all the skewers is a bone, that you, like skewer through, so
they’re all still attached. I got one chunk of fat, one chunk of meat. (laughs) Oh, that fat, that fat
just melts (laughs). – As locals, we pre-approve
it, it is what it is, yes. (speaks in foreign language), it’s best. – What is it called in Uzbek? – Bish-ban-ja – All that fat, it’s crazy. – Eat it with onions, yeah. (child playing) – Come on, lay down. – It’s so good! That is, that’s a lamb candy. It’s down the road, to like
right next to where we’ve just had the five finger kebabs,
there’s a place that serves these donuts, kinda like fried,
fried like dumplings donuts, but filled with a mix of
organs, organ meat innards! They also serve the tomato sauce. – Alright. – Oh yeah, they are hot. They are like over-sized egg shapes. (laughs) – Is it good? I’ve never tried one (laughs). – Really? – No, I’m joking. – It’s like a donut,
but like a savory donut, and then you do like have
the different texture of all the organ meat in there. (upbeat music) Yeah, I was dozing off on the way here, that was like a 15, or 20 minute ride, but, we’ve had so much food today, I was dozing off in the
car, but we made it. As soon as you step out of the
van, you can smell the meat. Oh yeah, this looks like a spot! (man speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) (chewing) – (laughs) Oh, It’s so good. – So basically, it’s a tandoori meat, with a juniper tree. – Oh man, I taste that
spice, that herb on that. – It is a juniper tree.
– It’s a juniper. – Yeah, yeah, we call it “ar-char”, so gives that, little odor. – And taste. (Mark speaks in foreign language) – Actually, this is like an
entire little market here. Oh, there’s like a, a
bunch of different food that you can choose from. (people speaks in foreign language) A bubbling vat of cow
feet, just bubbling away, you can see that collagen,
just juicing, and just like, it’s thick and so he
just sliced a piece of, it’s very wobbly, this
is the cow, like gelatin. (chewing) Oh yeah – (laughs) – It tastes like, like tendon! That’s cow foot jelly, wow! (women speaking in foreign language) – I asked them to cut you a little slice. (women speaking in foreign language) – What’s the name of this sausage? – Haz-sef. – Haz-sef, like a blood
sausage, but there’s organs in it, there’s rice and there’s
chunks of fat, it’s jiggly. – It’s jiggly. – It’s very jiggly. – Let’s go for it. – Let’s go for it. (chewing) – Wow. – Wow. – Wow, that’s pretty hardcore. That’s like, it’s really good though. – Two flavors, cannot
concentrate on one of them. – (speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) – And then a fried potato. Oh, it’s really good. Deep fried. Snacking paradise, there’s
just like pans full of chicken, and lamb legs, and potatoes, and sausage. Man, this is beautiful. Oh, and the cow foot,
which we already sampled. (speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) There’s like an oily sauce, it’s a dry, like dry spice rubbed to
it, but at the same time– – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign
language), Oh, another potato, (speaks in foreign language). This one is more like
a, feels a little more, like juicy. – (speaks in foreign language) – Uncle just handed me a pickle. Yeah, that’s great! (speaks in foreign language) (woman speaks in foreign language) And by the way, this is a 24 hour market, you can come here 24 hours a day, it’s on the side of the
high way, really good meat. They’re so friendly,
that’s a very cool spot. And it’s just places
like that in Uzbekistan, where the culture, where the generosity, and kindness of people just shines. (upbeat music) Can you quickly tell
us, what is a Choyhona? – Yeah, yeah, Choyhona is quite a culture, we can call it like a gentlemen’s club– – Okay.
– Usually, we engage it with a friend, and we can discuss some issues, and they can bring their own ingredients, and they are relaxing and chats, and they cook the meal. But at the same time– – So typically, there’s
not, it’s not a restaurant, – It’s not a restaurant, no, no, no. – But they do prepare food. – Yeah, it’s like a restaurant, – And you can bring–
– Yeah, it’s like a restaurant,
restaurant service. We’re here for a very special dish. – Okay. – This restaurant is very
well known for oxtail. – (laughs) – Yeah. So it’s very exotic– – Okay. – Even for Uzbek people. – Okay. – So, let’s give it a try! – This is like a palace-looking place. – Mark–
– (speaks in foreign language) – Hello.
– [Mark] Hello – How are you? – [Mark] Good, how are you. – (speaks in foreign language) – (speaks in foreign language) Oh there goes a plate a
food, but this is beautiful. You’ve got this inner courtyard, a huge private, like cabana rooms. Already, the table is filled with food, there’s fruit, there’s some meat dishes, and some cheeses, and drinks, and then, you can already tell it’s
just gonna be a feast. The piles of fruit, there’s
a platter of horse sausage, there’s some cheese,
there’s like sculptures of vegetables and herbs, a tree of herbs, and then just the display,
like the community, the social aspect of it, it’s beautiful, and something like I’ve never seen before. My first time breaking the Uzbek bread. Is it, is there a method
you should do it though? – [Man] No. Do what you feel like. – Just break it?
– [Man] Yeah. – And then you have to– – [Man] To the chance
that it’s comfortable to have for one person. – [Man] Yeah! – Perfect, hand-held chunk and you can (man speaks in foreign language) – [Man] Yeah, you can put it– – Put it across the table? – [Man] Yeah. (upbeat music) – Thank you. – Hello. – Hello, nice to meet you. – Nice to meet you too
(speaks in foreign language). (men speaking in foreign language) (upbeat music) – [Man] (mumbles) soup (speaks
in foreign language) drink. – Traditional rice soup. – Mas-ta-va. – Mas-ta-va. – Yes, Mas-ta-va. (spoon clinking) – Oh, you can really taste
the carrots in there, and also the dill, and
also there’s bits of meat mixed within the rice,
and you can add a little of that cream to the soup as well. Oh yeah, that thickens it
up, that makes it a little, that kind of soury,
yoghurty taste to that. Okay, next up, the samsa course. This is a giant platter,
and check out these, they are both, there’s two
sides, they’re like little twins. One is vegetarian side, one is meat, and I’m not totally sure,
which one is the, the meat, which one is the
vegetable, but we will just take a bit and find out. (crunches) I got the meat first. (man speaks in foreign language) – Okay, next up, for the delicacy, which is a horse sausage,
it’s called cas-zian. And you have to take off this skin, and there’s always, that’s
the back right there, the little chunk of white horse fat. But then, it’s like a salty,
preserved, horse sausage. Wow, it’s so good, it’s so, it’s so rich and succulent. And yet, that fat, it’s like meat butter. And it has like been salt adhered to it. – Wow! (laughs) – (laughs) – (laughs) Just messing. – We’re gonna share a pear together, he has organized this entire Choyhana, the food, all of us gathering us together, and so, I want to say a huge thank you! It’s a huge honor to
have this opportunity, and to experience this
part of Uzbek culture and hospitality, and it’s an honor. Thank you! – Thank you. (upbeat music) – We’re gonna go back to the kitchen now, where they’re gonna prepare
the main dish, the oxtail. (upbeat music) – [Mark] Yeah. (upbeat music) – The entire oxtail,
which has been cooked, and braised in its own
juices for over four hours, that smells unbelievable,
that’s like soupy! From that fat and that
marrow that’s cooked out. And, that was the kitchen,
now we’re going back to the table to eat the main course! (men speaking in foreign language) – It takes five hours
for, approx five hours. – Like a baby skin, you
know, we call it baby skin. – (laughs) Baby skin. – We call it baby skin. (men laughing) (men speaking in foreign
language and laughing). – Oh wow. (laughs) – Oh wow. It’s just falling apart, and there’s so much fat, and
they say you gotta eat it really fast, because it
will freeze in the cold air. Look at the tenderness,
that’s almost insane. You almost cannot even use a fork, because it just barely even pokes! (upbeat music) (laughs) Woah! Unbelievable, unbelievable,
this is like one of the most tender,
softest, like gummy things I have ever tasted. Wow! I think I have a tear, I have a tear, it’s so soft, so tender. (upbeat music) Literally, it’s unbelievable,
that might be the one of the richest things
I have ever eaten too. (men speaking in foreign language) (Mark laughs) (man speaks in foreign language) Literally, melted fat. (man laughing) (speaks in foreign language) – [Man] Omar! (laughs) – I didn’t know you, my apologies. – Thank you. The entire mouthful of
melted fat, I need to wash that down with some hot green tea. (men speaking in foreign language) To balance, of course. (people speaking in foreign language) And so, the next course
is the pilaf course, which is the rice course. He put it onto a plate,
and then he topped it with some of the horse sausage, some quail eggs, some domas,
some crispy lamb chunks. And, that’s the next course. The guest, it’s really an
honor to take the first bite, but yeah, you can just see,
the, every grain is just oiled. (men laughing) – Okay, guest has been served. – Wow. Wow! That’s just like meat covered in rice, and it’s so good, it’s
salty, you can taste the onions and the carrots, it’s the caramelized carrots in there. (upbeat music) – (speaks in foreign language) – [Mark] (speaks in foreign language) man, thank you so much. – (speaks in foreign language)
– [Mark] It’s so good! – [Mark] It’s very special. – Bye.
– Thank you very much! – Nice to meet you, thank you very much. (men speaking) – Nice to meet you. (upbeat music) – Allow me just quickly
tell you how I unfold it, but we met Baha yesterday. – Hello, (speaks in foreign language) – Mark, hello! How are you? – Very good! – He watches our videos, he,
through, some social media he found out that we were in town, and he took it upon himself, he took it, it was his initiative to put
the entire event together. He, he supplied the food,
he got everyone together, he organized the entire
thing, and so I wanna say a huge thank you, it
was incredibly special, it was such an honor to have
a chance to experience that, to experience the ultimate generosity and kindness of Uzbek culture, and of Baha, and the whole, the whole crew. And thank you to Bekruz, for all of his organizing for, for doing so much for us as well. And again, it’s been a very long day, I’m very sleepy, so I’m gonna head to bed, but then tomorrow, we are
on our way to Samarkand, which is a historical
center, along the silk road, of Uzbekistan, but I’ll explain much more about that
tomorrow, in the next video. Thank you so much for watching this video, please remember to give it a thumbs up, if you’ve enjoyed it,
leave a comment below, I’ll love to hear from you. And if you’ve not already subscribed, click “subscribe” now, and also click that little bell icon, so
that you’ll get notified of the next video that I published. That’s it, I’m going to bed, good night. See you on the next video, tomorrow.

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