CEO Kim doesn’t like her birthday party [Boss in the Mirror/ENG/2020.01.12]

(A late hour at the ESteem offices) (Employees gathered at the cafeteria) (A meeting called by Director Choi?) That’s everyone except CEO Kim, right? Right. What’s going on? – So that’s what they did. / – But… They rarely hold meetings without CEO Kim. Will the boss get replaced? Like Chef Choi? Is that a good-bye party? It must be a good-bye party. (Gosh, glasses) (That look!) Is everyone here? That’s a different look. Do all bosses wear glasses there? I called this meeting because of CEO Kim’s birthday. They’re planning a birthday event. Why did you make it sound so serious? Why are you being so serious? CEO Kim really hates it when people throw birthday parties for her. – Really? / – When I first joined the company… I threw a surprise birthday party for her. She got so angry. We couldn’t give her the cake. (Cake without an owner) Was it that bad? She got angry and left. What a strange personality. It’s a blessing you were born. What a strange personality. She’s being unreasonable. Was there a bad incident before? No. I had birthday parties when the company was small. The employees threw them. One year, they’d bring a bottle of wine as a gift. The next year, it was champagne. It escalated like that. Eventually, they brought a luxury handbag. You could’ve refused gifts. It was useless. Even with parties, I kept thinking there’d be employees joining against their will. Thoughts like that make me uncomfortable. I want to celebrate it though. (Director Choi, chief organizer for CEO Kim’s party) She dislikes birthday parties… (Director Choi oversees the meeting) (Ideas pouring out!) (Director Choi looks worried) Why is he so serious? That’s funny. CEO Kim won’t come to an event just because we ask her to. The people here are in charge of leading CEO Kim to the party. (Day of boss Kim’s birthday party) We have to take CEO Kim to a place where there are things she likes. That way, we can distract her. Is that Dongmyo? – Dongmyo is great. / – It is. Geez! It’s freezing! What are we doing? Why did we come here? – It’s nice to be out. / – It’s too chilly! Isn’t it nice? I don’t get lonely at home. I can drink beer with a side dish of squid. (Gosh! That grumbling) Should we eat some toast? She can’t pass it by. (Food is the best way to appease her) – They have so much tasty food. / – Four, please. Looks tasty. (Will they bring Boss Kim to the party?) Look at the sugar… (Where are Director Choi and the employees?) Here we are. (Arriving at the venue he chose) – You like that LP bar, right? / – Yes. I always remember entering the bar, but I never remember leaving it. Right, after drinking. We have 30 minutes to get ready. (30 minutes before Boss Kim’s birthday party) CEO Kim will arrive in about 30 minutes. Let’s get ready quickly. We need a rehearsal too. – Yes. / – Yes. So that’s what they did. That’s so funny. (They start with decorations) Isn’t that… (Those are…) They did that for the Miss Gee fashion show. I guess they were sick of it. It’s their way of protesting. (Decorations from that runway) Their way of saying, “Here are your beloved decorations.” This is how we did it back then. (Same) The same fringes… She’s wasting her talent. She’s working harder than before. (Flaunting skills learned during fashion week) They made the same decorations. They sell air pumps for that… They blew those themselves? Heart-shaped balloons… They worked hard. (They’re instructors at the model academy…) (Dizzy) I feel dizzy. It makes you feel dizzy. (More people growing dizzy) They’re setting it up like a show. (The models arrive!) (Look at their outfits) (Ji Hyeonjung) (Jang Suim) – Hello. / – Hello. Welcome. (Lee Sunjung) CEO Kim really likes old fashion from the 80s and 90s. We chose a retro concept since that’s what she likes. (Retro concept for CEO’s party) They’re honoring her taste. Her look is so strong. So is yours. Your look is fierce. It’s simply fierce. She’s Kim Hyesu from “Kim Hyesu Plus You.” She looks the same. That’s so funny. “Kim Hyesu Plus You.” The old talk show. From twenty years ago. I’m from Yeonghui’s boutique in the old drama “Mother’s Sea.” Sleek style. I’m from the drama “When the Camellia Blooms.” It really looks like that. Right, just like the drama. CEO Kim will love the outfits. (Voluntary use of their skills) We had to do it properly. True models. The others are getting a bit delayed with the preparations. We have to buy more time. Let’s go home. Oh, no. They need time. They need ten more minutes. Actually, CEO Kim… – I’m hungry. / – I have something to tell you. She has something to say, so abruptly. (They go to a record store) They have a record player. Let’s go to my place and play records. She shouldn’t go home. She likes staying at home. – Let’s stay for a while. / – Can we play these? – Yes. / – We can play the records. The music director is there. (So nice) (Struggling hard to buy time) We only have ten more minutes. (What are they doing…) It looks good on him. (Model Noma puts on a wig too) Noma… He’s a global top model. Goodness. (Who is that?) Looks like someone from “Gag Concert.” You can’t recognize him. You just can’t. They’re giving their best effort. That’s so nice. (A ghastlier guy appears!) Not even my mom’s generation had these wigs. Looks like a criminal from a period drama. (Gosh) Is he from the drama “The Slave Hunters?” – Who is that? / – Director of the Works Team. (Like “The Slave Hunters”) That hair… (Brief break for a laugh) Just bear with it today. (I want to go home) Let’s finish up now and rehearse. Events and shows are their specialty, so they even have a rehearsal. The music is on. Lights off, please. Isn’t that like the Miss Gee fashion show? (Lights on) Please step out. Models, please turn at a right angle. Lights off, please. – This is a show too. / – Noma, lights off. Suim, cue the music right away. (They’re professional models) Music off, lights off. – Now… / – A rehearsal? They didn’t need a rehearsal. Now stand up. No need for a rehearsal. Move quickly. All that work for one person? What an awesome team. They prepare everything perfectly. They go all the way. (Why are they rehearsing so hard?) They all look tired. If she gets angry, what should we do? Sunjung, when CEO Kim tries to get up, press down on her shoulders. If CEO Kim yells, “Hey!” Put a rice roll in her mouth. If she’s in an angry mood, everyone should bring food from their tables. Put them in her mouth, one by one. – Got it? / – Yes. Why isn’t Minguk here yet? I’ll try calling him. Just sit down. The food isn’t there yet. They need the food. They finished the other preparations. – Bringing her favorite foods. / – He hustled. Gosh. So that’s how they got it. Minguk is here. – Hurry up. / – Hurry. – It’s there. / – The food is there. They’re all set. They can tell the others to bring CEO Kim. They went through such an ordeal. Twisted breadsticks. It’s fun to prepare for events. Sure, it is. People get to anticipate your reaction. (Retro style instead of a cake) (Retro vibes!) It’s perfect. (Hand-crafted decorations) They prepared decorations and food that CEO Kim can’t dislike. The flavored rice looks delicious. The menu isn’t consistent though. What a proper birthday feast. The menu has a retro theme too, right? – Yes. / – Rice rolls and all. They got them from my favorite eateries. Really? They’re from all different neighborhoods. It’s so chilly. Why are you dragging me here? – Seriously. / – CEO Kim… – We can play the record here. / – Let’s try it. Hey everyone, CEO Kim is here. Act like customers. Focus. They might be unrecognizable from behind. With the dim lights and all. What if she gets angry? What if she gets mad? I don’t know. I’ll run away. (Party venue filled with suspense!) Follow me, CEO Kim. (Boss Kim will arrive in one minute!) Surely she wouldn’t get mad when they’ve put in so much work. (Trembling) What’s going on? (Boss Kim will arrive in five seconds) They’re all nervous. Nervous for nothing… It’s chilly. – The white fringe will give it away. / – Oh, boy. What is everyone doing here? She recognized them right away. Just by their backs. They’re such familiar backs. Hey, Lee Jimin. Sitting awkwardly instead of looking back… Seriously. Eunhye, why are you giggling? She could’ve pretended not to know. (They won’t turn around) It’s Jang Suim and Ji Hyeonjung. (Correct) They should hurry and begin. Lights off, please. The rehearsal is out the window now. It’s not going like the rehearsal. (Lights off! Cue the music!) She wouldn’t like this. (Employees busily on the move) (CEO Kim’s birthday party begins) (What’s this?) (Lights switched on) – Happy birthday! / – The plans got messed up. (Anger gauge rising) She’s angry. (Where are the singers looking?) They’re avoiding her eyes. ♪ Happy birthday to you ♪ We got seaweed soup for you. (However…) (Icy glare) – Oh, no. / – Bottoms up! (They’re in trouble) They’re in a tough spot. Cheers to Kim Soyeon! (Hot dog prepared for this moment) They’ll put it in her mouth. We have twisted breadsticks. What a gloomy face. (She took the hotdog for now) Eat up. (Bringing food out of fear!) She should enjoy it. Right. Even if she dislikes it. – They put in so much work. / – Indeed. – They already prepared it. / – Yes. She should enjoy it first. She could reprimand them later. Right. – I was pleased inside. / – Yes. But if they know I’m pleased, they’ll do it again next year. They’ll do it until you’re pleased. Another team will hear about this party and they’ll think, “Gosh. What should our team do?” That’s a delusion of grandeur. But they really think like that. Those things make me happy. I feel so pleased. (Host Ms. Shim enjoys birthday celebrations) (Food coming from everywhere) (Wary) (Scared) (Holding her shoulders so she can’t leave) (Feeding her a rice roll) (Refused immediately) I hate birthday parties. It’s not a birthday party. – So we… / – You sang the wrong tune. – Wrong tune. / – We wish you a Merry Christmas… ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ Hold on. I hate Christmas too. (Exasperated) She’s too harsh. How frustrating. It’s frustrating, right? There’s a reason for that. They worry that I’m alone on Christmas. The employees try to come over just for my sake to keep me company. Why were you shaking your head? I completely understand why… – She reacted like that. / – I do too. I understand why. She doesn’t want to create pressure… – For employees. / – Right. All bosses feel that way. But she is hurting the gift-givers’ feelings. Right. – That reaction… / – They’d feel hurt. Could hurt their feelings. Receiving your employees’ congratulations is part of life as a boss. Oh, dear. ♪ We wish you a Merry Christmas ♪ Hold on. I hate Christmas too. What do we do? Have a twisted breadstick. ♪ A teacher’s grace, as lofty as the sky ♪ The employees won’t back down. – They know her well. / – They won’t give in. (Customer is satisfied) They went for the song “Teacher’s Grace.” Not bad. I liked that choice. You like being called a teacher? Sure, I do. Just use Teacher’s Day as your birthday. – You should. / – Instead of your birthday. That’s a meaningful song. It’s justified. – It turns the mood around. / – Finally. I liked it. That’s a good song. So funny. (Glad there’s something she likes) It’s not bad. But doing this on my birthday was a mistake. Hurry and take a bite. So hard to please her. Worrying she might get angry. We’d feel heavy-hearted if we ignored her birthday. Everyone here volunteered to plan the party. It’s the first year in the new ESteem building. The birthday party was meaningful in many ways. I’m grateful and touched. They prepared everything I like. Tasty. – It doesn’t disappoint. / – So tasty. It’s delicious. (CEO Kim is eating well) It turned into a nice company dinner party. Eating is the best. (Reassured employees start eating) (Director Choi reaches for something) It’s not a present. What is it then? Everyone who prepared the party also prepared hand-written gifts. Since she dislikes presents. – Letters? / – You’re reading them now? From Kim Minguk. (Startled) – I need a restroom break. / – Too late. “Dear CEO Kim, it’s me, Minguk. I’m writing to let you know…” He feels shy. Sure, it’s embarrassing. “I’m so grateful. Please continue to look kindly on me. I promise to grow and work harder. Sincerely, Minguk.” – Minguk. / – He’s in tears. (How did he feel when she read the letter?) I thought, “Did she have to read it on the spot like that?” I felt embarrassed. I wanted to hide somewhere. Sure, it’s embarrassing. Next, from Sunjung. “To CEO Kim, the stylish boss. Hello, CEO Kim. It’s my first time writing like this to share my gratitude. I joined the company at 18, and now, I’m in my late 20s. I’ll never forget your confident, warm energy and aura. It will be a lasting memory in my life. My first workplace and my first love, long live ESteem!” (Wig trio is touched too) How nice. I’ll hold onto these to remind you while renewing your contracts. (Dizzying thought…) You’re like a radio host. Next story, coming up! She is good at those reactions. Can’t they take the wigs off now? – Those three? / – I can’t tell them apart now. Who was the top model? – One of them. / – Indistinguishable now. Director Choi. Is Director Choi next? – 20-year friends. / – Yes. (Director Choi’s letter is next) “CEO Kim, I’ve known you for 20 years and worked with you for 7 years. I’ve spent over half of my life with you. I want to work by your side forever. As a sisterly mentor and CEO, you’re my bedrock as I work, so don’t worry about me at all. I always look up to you as I work…” Oh, dear. (Boss Kim tears up in the end) This was unintended. – Why am I tearing up too? / – She’s crying… In the video and in the TV studio too. (A heartfelt scene…) She gets to hear his feelings. (Both in tears) Why are you crying? (I don’t know…) She heard his feelings, thanks to… – The birthday party. / – Right. That’s why people throw parties. Turns out, CEO Kim is quick to cry. That’s why she wants to avoid parties. Right. You should write fun letters. Why did you write so emotionally? She’s crying like that again, just like the video footage. To me, this is an awesome gift. Honestly. Our mission was successful! – They’re all crying. / – Everyone. (Meaningful time, cherishing each other) They all remember the tough times she had in the beginning. They all remember. (“Don’t Leave My Side” by Light and Salt) (With music from the good old days) A classic song. It’s a time for expressing affection. (Her oldest friends stayed behind) She gets to hear them. I feel sorry and ashamed to be receiving a birthday feast like this. No need to feel sorry. But it felt good, right? Sure, it felt good. They might do it again because of that. That makes me worried. We won’t do it anymore. – Don’t. / – We won’t… So maybe you can be happier. Yay! (Here’s the reaction you want) You can enjoy this party and wait until your 60th birthday feast. Just have a 60th birthday feast. Sure. Seriously, this bar… 15 years ago, I came here almost every day. Isn’t that when you created ESteem? Yes, around that time. Did you ever go through rough times over those 15 years? When was the toughest time for you? After you created ESteem. I can’t go into details… But that time. Around the fifth year of ESteem. There was a crisis, and I didn’t have the funds to give the employees their monthly pay. I had to delay one month’s pay. I asked for the employees’ understanding. I said, “I put up my house for sale and my car as well. But it’ll take time to sell them. Please wait for a month.” That’s what I told them. My car was sold in a month. I could pay them the next month. But someone notified the Labor Ministry right away. Old-time employees. – Two of them. / – Really? That’s when I realized I can’t appeal to emotions in matters of business. Since everyone put their lives on the line to work here, it’s only right that I compensate them as promised. That’s what I realized. I was too young to know better. I could’ve applied for a mortgage on the house. Right. (Even ESteem’s boss was once a rookie) You only thought of selling it. You wanted to pay them fast. (In a small office corner) Those were the early days. (ESteem began with five models) There were Jang Yoonju and others… (ESteem now has a nice building) (They even enjoy rooftop parties) She went through painful times. (With some 120 employees) Awesome. (Some 300 models) (With friends, sharing innermost feelings) – Great work this past year. / – Cheers. It’s like a year-end party. (The birthday party ended successfully) (The employees have more to say) We hoped to join CEO Kim in enjoying the things she likes, traveling back to her school days so she could have a happy day. That was our wish. If she felt happy today, that’d be more than enough for me. Thank you for being a stern style guide this year as always. I wish you the best success with your diet next year. You have faith in us, right? You have to. Our faith in you brought us here. Let’s keep our faith and respect for each other next year. – We love you, CEO Kim! / – We love you! You kept saying you hated birthday parties. – Look what you would’ve missed. / – Indeed. A birthday party of tears, right? It gave me goosebumps to see her scowling one minute… Then savoring a hotdog the next minute. – It was startling. / – Right. She gulped it down. Twisted breadsticks have a powerful effect. (Party was a success thanks to twisted breadsticks)

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