Chad’s 14th Birthday Party!

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Oh no! Chad, your balloon! Yes!>>Oh my gosh.
>>They got me bus for my birthday. They got you a bus, Chad. Paola, you are out of control, girl. Happy Birthday to you. Best birthday ever. Yes, it was. Happy Birthday Chad! Are we ready to party? Julie is in my seat. No, we’re ready to fight. Let’s party. It’s so funny. I think it’s hilarious when people find us
on the freeway, and they like
drive side by side. And the first one
this started happening, I get mad. Oh my gosh, get off my tail. Get out of my blind spot. Move over. And I’d like look over with this
like made upset face, and there’s like a car
full of people going…. 8 Passengers. I’m like, okay, I gotta stop
with the road rage, or I’m going to like
embarrass myself. So if you see our van, come, come get
on my blind side, and like start waving. We are going to K1 Speed. It is go-kart racing. It’s in Sandy, Utah. They also have one
in Salt Lake City. They’re all over the country. They’re all over
the country, you guys. It’s not just a Utah thing. The best decision we ever
made for a big party. My family went and did
K1 Speed years ago, and it was so fun. If you have teenagers that need a little aggression
to come out in a healthy way, take them to K1 Speed. I’m telling you,
they’ll come home very docile. So we are meeting
some friends there, some YouTubers, help me out because I don’t want
to miss anyone, Kevin. Who’s all going? We’ve got April and Davey. The LeRoy’s. We have Brock and Boston. Mellisa. Danniell and Allie
from the Yawi vlogs. The Good Bits family,
they’re coming. The Shumway Show is coming. Taylor and… I think it’s
her mom too, Michelle. Yes. Yes, their whole family,
Michelle and Kyle are coming. Am I missing anyone? Nothing I’ve [inaudible]. I think that’s everyone, you guys. It’s the Good Bits, hello. Oh no! Chad, your balloon!>>I specifically told them not to let go.
>>Who did that? It was not me. It was– Oh my gosh. Can you see them? They’re like– There’s like ten
balloons up there. I actually counted, it was 8. I told them not to let go. Abby let go. Abby! It wasn’t me. It was him.>>Was it you?
>>No. You let go of his balloons? Gosh, dang it. As soon as the school bus
pulled up, I’m like, no. No, I don’t want to share this
day with the elementary school. Then we look closer.>>Oh, no, no, this is not the school.
>>They bought– Guess who this is? April and Davey.>>Yes, oh my gosh.
>>They got me a bus for my birthday. They got you a bus, Chad. April… Just when I thought April and
Davey couldn’t get any cooler. They bought a bus. This puts our bus to shame. Davey. Oh my Gosh, this is insane. Davey’s never been happier. How do you feel about this? It’s fine. I actually like the bus. Yay, you’re tall enough. Russell behind the
wheel of a car? That’s terrifying. Okay, we’re going through, and we’re getting
everyone the helmets, making sure they
have head socks on, and then we’re gonna let
the racing begin. Do we look like twins? Yeah, we could be like– So Boston is here,
and Brock was sick, but then I keep seeing Jack, and I’m like no,
Brock and Boston came. Yeah. Because they look
like they could be brothers. Could we be brothers? Oh, go Chad. I think [inaudible] go ready. I’m so nervous to be the leader. I’m like freaking out. I feel all the teen
aggression coming out.>>Yeah, that’s true.
>>I know. Way more intense. Faster! Punch it! These parents are worst
than soccer moms. You guys are terrible! Go, go, go! Win. Faster, faster! All right, Paola is
from Italy, Rome. She’s the most
aggressive person here. She’s going crazy. Did you see when Kesley like boom,
and I like whiplashed myself. Oh my God. Paola , you are
out of control girl. That was so fun to watch
you drive like that. So, are they doing the adults? Are we gonna race? They called my name. Oh my gosh, I am surprised Kevin– Kevin got third. Leroy’s that did
not surprise me. Holy cow. Okay, so we’re gonna
sing happy birthday. You guys, thank you
so much for coming. We really feel blessed to have
all of you guys as friends, and you gotta go
stand behind Chad, so it looks
like he’s got some friends. Go stand behind him,
and we’ll sing to him. Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Hey, Mom. Brock, oh my God. Thank you guys so much. Yeah. I will eat this in 5 seconds so… I’m addicted. He literally eats a box
of Cinnamon Toast Crunch. They’re good. That’s why we– Like if it’s in the house,
it’s gone that day. Well, you know we
have 6 kids right? So me and Shari have to hide
the food in the kitchen, so the kids don’t eat it. So I hide my cereal. I am literally finding cereal
in the weirdest places, in drawers in
bathrooms, under beds, because the kids hide it. It’s the [inaudible]. Unicorn rainbow. And we got them in Disney
because [inaudible]. What? Thank you guys so much. Food. I got food. This is some [inaudible] Eggos. And Cinnamon Toast Crunch. Yes! Thank you guys so much. Daniell, thank you. Oh my gosh. Are you sure? Yes. Those were the nice ones. I want to see them on Chad. Put them on. Take a picture. So cute. I mean cool, hardcore. Yeah, not cute. Not cute. They’re not cute. No. Wow, that’s gonna be– They’re hot. Yeah. Is that it? Yeah.>>Thanks you guys.
>>Thank you guys so much for coming. This is amazing. Happy Birthday. Yeah. Happy Birthday Chad. You’re number 1. All right guys,
in the count of 3, we all wish Chad
a Happy Birthday. And appreciate it. 1, 2, 3. Happy Birthday Chad. You actually won. Put it up there. Best birthday ever. Yes, it was. That is so cool. It’s pretty cool. Yeah, it’s awesome. Happy Birthday Chad.

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