Chain Breaker | Bishop T.D. Jakes | Elevation Church

What I want to say on every location and
I want to make sure I say this the greatest communicator on planet earth is
about to stand in this pulpit and bring forth the Word of God. Thank you Bishop
for being my true north, thank you for being my friend, thank you for being a
pioneer, thank you for being an example. Preach this word before I turn 40.
Elevation Church let’s welcome the one, the only, the incomparable, Bishop T.D. Jakes! What’s up everybody! If you love Jesus, scream! Sit down, sit down. You gotta have
energy to go to this church. I gotta take Geritol and vitamin D and C and E and F
and get my knees oiled and everything to fool with y’all. Y’all are rowdy. Anybody
rowdy for Jesus in this place? Wow. Well, thank you for letting me be here on your birthday and the church’s 14th anniversary we celebrate you, my lovely
wife celebrates you. Stand up Honey, show them I did good. You the finest grandmama I ever saw in my life. Five kids, nine grandkids and still
rocking it. She can still twerk for the Lord, give God a praise. See, that spirit that was on you jumped on me; I’ve– Cast it out. I’m gonna do something in
the third service that we didn’t get to do in the first service and this is just
part of my way of celebrating that your Pastor texts me at least twice a week
and if I preach something really good he calls me; that’s my barometer there are
levels. If he doesn’t call or text I go into depression. I think I just
completely failed God. He missed about three weeks I said, “What’s wrong with you?Call me! Say something!” We love you. It’s not a stage love, it’s not an in
front of people love, it’s a deep abiding love. So much of your story is
like mine. You came up from a small town in a rural area of Moncks Creek?
It ought to be Moncks Creek; Moncks Corner. And he came out of Moncks Corner into Charlotte. I grew up in Charleston, West by God Virginia. You gotta throw the
“by God” in there or you’re not a true West Virginian. “Take me home country road to the place I belong West Virginia mountain mama take me home country roads” I just had to authenticate that I am a true West Virginian. When you know all the words to that song you are from West Virginia. And God sent me to Dallas, Texas
in my head that whatever happened in my life happened in my life and I just so
relate to you in so many ways and I was trying to think of something to
commemorate because he’s always getting me all these cool shoes and I got big
feet you know. So he gets me the shoes and then calls me and asked me did I get
all my toes in them. So I started to get you some cool shoes but I wasn’t
sure you could get all your toes in them. But I do want to make a presentation to
you that I thought reminded me of you and this is part of my birthday present
to you. And I hope the right thing is under here, because I– This is great faith because I didn’t get to check behind so if I unveil it and it’s the wrong thing, I’m gonna cover it
up then for the first time in my entire life I’m gonna turn red
okay because you as a very young man did such amazing things that shook
the world that transcended denominations and culture and ethnicities and
backgrounds and politics and generational ideologies shook the world
in such a powerful way when I think of Bible characters
I thought of David I think you are a giant killer And so I had them get this bronze statue
so that you could put this somewhere in your life that every time you run into
something big or feel inadequate or wonder can you do it I’ve brought this
David to remind you that the head of the giant is under your feet. And this is my sermon to you. Come on up
close you’ve been coming up all while I was preaching. Look, I paid a lot of
money for this I want you to get the impact that everything that
roared against you is is under you and your sword is grown and you were good
and every time you think of it I want you to tell the Lord to bless me. Will
you do that for me? I love you. Give it up for him. Hug somebody while you’re
standing there till they turn blue. I’m grateful to be here you can you can
be seated. Ddr. Antipas would you stand? Dr. Antipas runs my new Jake’s Divinity
School. Give it up for him. He comes up here to make sure that I’m theologically
in order and correct and he’s running my school for me. I just started an online Jake’s Divinity School is also online and in Dallas and we’re proud to announce it. Thank you for being here;
playing hooky away from church. Imma get you later. Amen. All through the other services I kept– I was preaching, I kept
looking at this guy that looked like Mike Todd I said my gosh let’s just like
Mike Todd and I thought I might text you later and
tell you that you have a look-alike in Charlotte. And I found out no it’s
not his twin brother it’s really him. Give it up for him and his lovely wife. I just
met. Stand up take a bow. Let’s celebrate them. Yeah. This is just a good– Since you’re both here I gotta brag. I got both of them preaching at my Leadership Conference right here in
Charlotte April 30th through May 2nd. I’m not worried about no devils being
nowhere between Steven Furtick and Mike Todd all the devils have moved down to Charlotte
they’re scared to be around. Amen. Thank God. I’ve got them, Keion Henderson, myself and a whole lot of others. I invite you to come and be a part of it and
enjoy the Lord with Denzel Washington, Tyler Perry a whole bunch of people it’s
gonna be absolutely unlike anything you have whether you’re in ministry or in
business I’ve got a component that really will touch your life. Dave Stewart
who is a billionaire that stays out of sight, low-profile, African-American, St.
Louis, Missouri. I don’t know how I talked him into coming but what’s really cool
about it there’s a lot of billionaires out he’s a born-again blood wash spirit
feel loves Jesus and he’s gonna show you how to use your faith to move your
finances to the next level because God’s getting ready to pour out wealth on
his people like we’ve never seen before, so that we can have impact in
this present world. All the millionaires shout Hallelujah! That’s
what I’m talking about. That’s what I’m talking about. It’s gonna be good. Anyway thank you Jesus thank God. Thank God for your life,
thank God for this church. Go to the book of Acts chapter eight verse one
through eight. Now while you’re turning to it I want to
tell you about my dog Pup. You know you’re not very creative when
you get a dog in your name him Pup. He was just a puppy and mama said what are you
gonna name him I said well let’s call him Pup. So he grew to be about that high but we still called him Pup and he was he was nice to us but he would
terrorize the community so we had to keep him chained and I lived in
a little raggedy house on the side of the hill on the back side of a mountain
in Charleston, West Virginia and half of the house was on the mountain another
half was supported by 4×4 posts and we had him tied to the posts on a chain
and we didn’t know that he could break the chain until one day this young
man came down there on the bicycle and he was moving real fast you know on the
bicycle and he’s now– he’s been in my church, gosh, 40 years now
but at that time I was just a little boy and we didn’t know that Pup could break
the chain but Pup showed us and when what he wanted in front of him was
bigger than what was behind him he broke the chain that held him and went to the
next level and I’m believing God for everybody in here to do some chain
breaking in your life. Amen. Any chain breakers in the room? Touch somebody tell
them, “I’m a chain breaker”. I want you to go to book of Acts 8 verse 1 and if you
want to make me feel real at home stand for the reading of the Word just
because we stood for everybody else we might as well stand for God. Beginning at
verse 1 I’m gonna read 8 simple verses I will extrapolate from the text I think
I’m gonna I think I’m gonna just use Pup as an example and and and just call it
chain breaker mm-hmm and look at somebody say, “I’m a chain breaker”. This is the embryonic stages of the development of the church. The church
hadn’t even really come into the realization of who it really was. It had
power, it had purpose but it didn’t even understand itself fully it didn’t have
structure or order. Saul who would later become converted and be one of the greatest participants of the church had
not come into the awareness of who he was so the church who didn’t know who he
was was being persecuted by a man who didn’t know who he was. Therefore, therefore, therefore, therefore because of the persecution. Therefore because of the persecution they were scattered abroad and went everywhere
preaching the gospel then Philip then Philip then Philip when then Philip went
down to Samaria to the city of Samaria preached Christ unto them and the people
with one accord gave heed unto those things which Philip spake hearing and
seeing the miracles which he did they they heard what he said they watch what
he did for unclean spirits crying with a loud voice came out of many that were
possessed with him and many were taken many taken with palsy and that were
lame were healed and there was great…what? Joy in that city.
Chain breakers. Let’s pray. Father in the name of Jesus I pray that your presence
and power would prevail in this place today that your glory would emanate
through the Word of God. That it would touch lives. That it wouldn’t just touch us
but it would touch all that concerns us all that is around us all that we
envelope. I pray God that this would be the kind of yoke breaking, thirst
quenching, mind renewing, chain breaking Word that releases the captives and sets
them free, that heals the lame, that binds of the brokenhearted. I pray a special
prayer for peoples who whose heart has been broken today and they bear a pain
that no medicine can heal but today in the name of Jesus I pray that healing
would break out in the hearts of not only this campus but every campus that
is watching I speak healing and deliverance have your way in this place
in the name of Jesus we pray and I need everybody with the sound of thunder to
shout “Amen”. You may be seated in the presence of God.
Next time you introduce me bring it down like a quite a bit you know bring the
expectation level down down a little bit I’d rather you about there and that way
if I hit there I’m up but if you put it up there I have to leap up like Magic
Johnson to get there so pray for me. Somebody shout “Amen”. We are in the book of Acts it has wrongly been called the Acts of the Apostles when in fact with
careful study you will understand it it’s not so much the acts of the
Apostles it is in fact the acts of God it is the acts of God through the
Apostles in the early formation of the church this book is written by Luke it
is a continuation of the Gospel of Luke and initially was not divided later it
was divided from the book but it continues the thoughts of Luke when he
says the former treaties have I made in Acts 1:1 the former treaties have I made out Theophilus of all that Jesus began both to do and to teach the indication is
that Jesus began it but he is not finished of all that Jesus began both to
do and to teach and to Samaria Judea and outermost parts of the earth it is just
said that Jesus that is doing it now is not doing it through the body he
initially did it through but rather than to do it through his physical body he is
now doing it through his mystical body but it is still him. There are very few
occasions that we see the physical body and the mystical body in the same place
like we do at the Passover allow me to share what I mean at the Passover
service you see all aspects of the body of Christ you see the physical body of
Christ and through the bread and the wine you see the memorial body of Christ
serving the physical body of Christ is serving the memorial body of Christ to
the mystical body of Christ who is the church and they’re all at the table
together so the body of Christ says to the body of Christ and say take eat this
is my body and we see all three manifestations of one body in one place
had the enemy understood what I just said he would have never crucified the
Lord because when he crucified the Lord he crucified the Lord to get the body of
Christ out of the earth but all the body of Christ did was move from the physical
body of Christ to the mystical body of Christ so that the work of God could
continue and that’s who you are your name is not James or Robert or Richard
or Angela or Shaniqua no no your name yeah I gotta cover everybody this is an
equal opportunity Church say Amen somebody. That is not really your name your name is really Christ Jesus yes because when the father looks at you
he does not see you as an individual he sees you as Jesus Christ because Christ
has covered you in such a way that the truth of the matter is when Christ was
on the cross God didn’t see his son he saw your sin and so when he reacted to
what he saw and Christ was smitten of God confused saying Eli Eli Lama
Sabachthani my God my God why has thou forsaken me the reason that he felt
forsaken is that he was covered up with you so that you could be covered up with
him so that the life that you now live in the flesh you live by the faith of the
Son of God who loved himself and gave himself a ransom for you I’ll prove it
to you so Jesus tells you when you go to the Father
don’t use your name because he can’t see you but whatsoever
you ask the Father in my name that will I do so when you come to the Father in
the name of Jesus it’s only because you look like Jesus where his blood is the
propitiation of your sin and has so covered you that’s why you can come
boldly to the throne of grace you don’t have to walk up with your head down
ashamed of your sins because your sins were judged on the cross you can come
like the beloved son because you are covered with the beloved son and you
gotta remember to use his name tell somebody say Jesus say Jesus say Jesus say
Jesus say Jesus when you come say Jesus cuz you’re wearing Jesus and you’re
walking in Jesus and you’re moving in Jesus said you’re living in Jesus in him I live in him I move in him I have my being. And the church is really trying to
get his hands around this whole notion of who they are and understanding
themselves because the Holy Spirit is falling on the day of Pentecost in Acts
chapter 1 verse 8 and they have received this power this power from God which is
so amazing and so incomprehensible that they will spend the rest of their lives
understanding how to operate in this new dimension of the Spirit they do not have
Deacons yet they do not have Elders or Pastors or Apostles that will
come with Paul. They just had power but power without structure is a dangerous
thing. Do you hear what I’m saying? The Holy Spirit has fallen with such power
in Acts chapter one and Acts chapter two that whenever there were problems to
arise they would all gather in Jerusalem because they were afraid to get out of
Jerusalem because they didn’t feel ready yet. Have you ever not felt ready yet? And
you knew God was gonna do some amazing things in your life but you didn’t have
all your details together and you have everything worked out yet and you
felt like destiny was moving faster than revelation was in your life and you were
walking by faith and not by sight? That was the feeling of the early church. So
whenever we don’t know what to do we hang around what we know and whenever we
hang around what we know too long God has to send something to get us to move. Because being a Christian, which they
weren’t even named yet at this point, being a Christian is not a monument it
is a movement. It is a movement. It is a movement. Not a monument, it’s not a
building, it’s not a denomination, it’s not a doctrine, it’s a movement. Elevation
is not a church it’s a movement. You understand? Thinking it’s not about a
building it’s not about four walls, it’s not about where you sit in a building,
the vision of this church is a movement. That’s why you’re called Elevation, which
means we move, we elevate, we rise, we escalate, we move forward. Don’t look for
us where we used to be because we are Elevation, we will move on a brother, we
will walk on a brother, we will rise on a brother. If the enemy tries to attack us we will rise on the devil because we are Elevation. We are like Eagles we take to the air we rise above the storm.
Come on Elevation I’m talking about your church, I’m talking about your church and all of your locations make some noise if you’re getting ready to
elevate in this place. The problem is fear will make a movement turn into a
monument and most of our denominational entanglements just tell us where they
stopped moving and we memorialize where God has been rather than to thirst to be
where God is follow me cuz I’m going somewhere today they told me that that
this is the third service and I heard you all could handle it
so I’m gonna drop it like it’s hot in here okay you ready for this
I’m getting ready to set it off in this place are you ready for me to set it off
in this place I’m getting ready to tell you that God has a way of shifting
things getting us out of our comfort zone pushing us away from the familiar
he forces us to scatter. And that’s exactly what this text is all about because in
Acts chapter 8 the church that is trying to memorialize where God was is being
pushed out of their comfort zone by the attack of Saul out of the persecution of
Saul comes direction. Direction, persecution, persecution is direction.
Sometimes you shout about the doors God opens but you ought to be shouting about
the doors God closes He will push you. And what has happened
up into the first eight/ten years of the early church they kept coming back to
the council at Jerusalem because after all Jerusalem is the epicenter of ever
of almost every major religion in the world today claims its origin and route
to go back to the city of Jerusalem that is why the Middle East has so much
conflict because they’re fighting over territory because Jerusalem becomes
Jerusalem the holy city the city of peace the offspring and the progenitor
of which three major religions claim heritage yet you must realize that Jesus
throws us a hint when he was crucified according to the book of Hebrews outside
of the city Jesus by his crucifixion is already preaching to us that he’s trying
to escape religious order. That he’s breaking it up orthodoxy that he refuses
to be left into the expected but he’s gonna move in the unexpected and so in
the book of Hebrews said that he died without the city it means that he
escaped the religious order to expose who he really was so that he wouldn’t be
stuck in the prison of religious ideology. That’s why some people can’t
handle Elevation because you are unexpected you’re out of the box you
break all the rules you change the game you change the floor
you broke the order look at you young folks and old folks of you the black
folks and white folks and brown folks shouting and dancing and praising God. Elevation is– oh! Now you must understand that
Christianity was not popular then it didn’t even have a name yet it was until
they got to Antioch that they started to be called Christians the early church
was called the way and then later they were called the believers and eventually
in Antioch they were called the church. And so this nameless group of Jesus
freaks were coming to Jerusalem because that’s where they had last spotted his
glory. Whenever there was a dispute they came back to Jerusalem whenever there
was confusion they came back to Jerusalem and they kept huddling in
Jerusalem so God sent persecution to shift them. I want to talk to everybody
who’s been persecuted and you’ve been thinking it was the devil. If it was the
devil God used him because God will often use the devil to shift you from
one dimension to the next dimension that’s why we glory in tribulation
anybody can glory when things are going well but real believers glory in
tribulation oh I appreciate all of you that are praising God cause everything’s
going right but the real praise goes to the people where all hell is breaking
loose and you’re still praising God anyway
because God is shifting you through persecution. And the Bible says that God
sent persecution to Jerusalem to scatter the church out of its comfort zone to
make them move to the next dimension to get them out of Moncks Corner
or Creek or whatever. You see God has a way of ordering your steps in such a way
that sometimes you have to pack your bags and flee your comfort zone to find
your destiny and that’s what we’re reading in the book of Acts and the
Bible carefully cautiously almost as a footnote and said Philip went down to
Samaria. Now let’s talk about Samaria. It is not happenstance that Philip was
scattered to Samaria God has unfinished business in Samaria the Gospel of St.
John declares that Jesus sat by the well; a well sitting on a well. I waited for
that to sink in. Yes Jesus is Jacob’s well and Israel’s
well and he’s sitting on Jacob’s well and he’s waiting for this one loose
woman this woman I called her a loose woman. I called her loose forgive me. Maybe you don’t like that. But she had had five
husbands in the inner society that forbid that kind of thing. She had
five husbands and a situation. You know some of us get into these situations. “It’s not– who is that– well, he’s not exactly– uh…We’re friends.” So she had five husbands and a
friend she came down to the well having been married five times and was living
with a man on the sixth time and came down to the will and met the seventh man
and when she met the seventh man the search was over because he quenched the
thirsting of her soul and sent her free and liberated her and gave her the
victory. And you will remember that it was not her thirst that initiated the
conversation but if you will study it back in the Gospel of St. John you will
find out that what provoked the initial conversation was not her thirst because
she expected her thirst to be quenched by the well that he was sitting on but
what started the conversation is his thirst he says, “woman I thirst”. She did
not know she thought she was a tramp but the tramp was a thirst quencher. Misapplied and misallocated, I will admit,
but the reason that she was always able to get somebody is that there was
something in this woman that was designed to be a thirst quencher
she just had not found the right thirst to quench. You missed that. Yeah sometimes it has to be the right man to bring out in you what’s really down inside of you
and none of those other men could really bring it out in the first place but when
she got to the seventh man the seventh man showed her why she was the way she
was she was a thirst quencher you see she thirsted for water he
thirsted for her because she was going to be the vessel that set it off you
will remember that we don’t know her name we don’t know whether she’s
Helen or Jane we just know that she is a woman from Samaria and God needed
something to be planted in Samaria so that there would be something to harvest
in Samaria no seed no harvest so the woman that the well was the seed and
Philip goes down to collect the harvest Are you with me so far?
Come on they told me you was really smart in the third service so could I
could drop it and you can handle it The woman at the well was a seed now
Philip goes down to Samaria to collect the harvests. I want you to get
that in your spirit. What I want you to get that some of the things that are
wrong in you are only wrong because you haven’t met the right man that there is a reason that you are the
way you are and when you get the right piece of the puzzle in the right place
everything will make sense if you work crossword puzzles you’ll understand that
you can’t cram the right piece into the wrong place and some of you have been
crammed into all kinds of places that you didn’t really fit but when you find
Jesus you will find out why you are shaped the way you shape and you fall
into place. Anyway so says the story that the woman who was at the well she
dropped her water pots look at her shifting occupations she dropped her
water pots and went running into the city to tell all the men yeah baby tell
all the men says she knew all of the men she had influence with the men she had
access to the men so the woman told all the men to come see a man. She
said let me show you what a real man is. So after church I want you to call all
your exes and say– don’t do that I’m just teasing. I’m just teasing. I’m just teasing. I don’t wanna have to get you out of jail
just be cool. This is just a illustration okay she says come see a real man who
told me all things I had ever done and the man came out to see imagine in a
misogynistic society, means they don’t respect women, that God would use that
which they do not respect to bring him respect and the women sowed the seed
and the women sowed the seed and the women sowed the seed and the women sowed the seed and the women sowed the seed I want to start a revolution with every
woman in this room come out of the shadows come out of the corner come out
of the background stop feeling sorry for yourself in spite of all of your
mistakes God is gonna use you to set it off. I need some sisters that can set
it off in this place yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah yah
now not everybody– in here there’s a is a woman but then there amongst
the women there are real women there are there there are women I’m not talking to
all you women who never did anything they never smoked anything and never
drank in anything and never went anywhere and never been in the club and
you’ve always been a Christian that’s wonderful
I’m not against you I’m proud of you I’ll celebrate you but there’s a reason
that some of these broken women that were called into the kingdom because you
courageous because you’re bold cause you say what you think and let the
chips fall where they may I want to raise up some sassy sisters in this room that can make some noise let me hear the
sassy sisters set it off. God is about to use what was working
against you to work for you. He’s getting ready to take you to the next level. So
this is a water pot dropping moment. Leaving the lesser for the greater,
leaving the former for the ladder. She now runs into the city and says come see
a man she planted a seed no wonder Jesus waited for her. He said I must leave go
to Samaria I have to go to Samaria and then didn’t go to Samaria he just met
the woman from Samaria he met the woman from Samaria because all he had to go to
Samaria for was to find a woman who was bold enough to set it off in that city
and she planted a seed fast forward we have not heard anything else out of
Samaria since this one wild radical woman has started a love revival meeting
that costs the men to see the Prophet fast forward to Acts chapter 8 when
persecution arose in Jerusalem all of a sudden it got so nasty Saul was
killing and imprisoning so many believers that Philip says I’m going to
guess what Samaria because God had unfinished business in
Samaria something had been planted in Samaria time had passed and now Philip
goes to Samaria the only problem with Samaria is that Simon the sorcerer
had set up a camp in Samaria and began to afflict the city. See, anytime the
enemy knows that God is gonna do something great in your life in your
city in your church he will always send Simon the sorcerer to counteract what
God is doing in your life what I’m trying to get you to see is the reason
you’re under attack is because God has started something in your life and any
time the enemy sends wheat he will always plant tare. Y’all still with me? You
good? You alright? Breathe in breathe out Shout Hallelujah
cause something is about to happen in Samaria. Samaria is up under attack by
Simon the sorcerer now I’m getting ready to go in for the kill Simon has taken
over the region and convinced him that he is some wonder Simon has taken over
the region now let me show you something about satanic attack the enemy likes to
take over territories what the Bible calls principalities they rule over
regions over cities over areas and the enemy has set himself up in Samaria
trying to stop the power of God from prevailing in the city and against all
of these forces that have ensnared the city God since Phillip glory to God God
since Philip watches I want to go deeper the enemy is over a region he sets up
territories that’s why we call him principalities he takes over regions the
spiritual warfare that exists over Charlotte is different from the
spiritual warfare that exists over Tulsa is different from the spiritual warfare
that exists over Chicago that’s why you can’t use
a Charlotte weapon against a Lake spirit you have to understand the
warfare that exists over your city. You remember when Jesus went to the man who was filled with demons in Ganarene And when he finally cast out the demons the
demon said to Jesus suffer us not to leave the region. We’ve done so much work
in this territory we don’t mind if we have to change vessels but don’t let us
leave the region there’s demonic warfare that takes over
areas and certain areas are given over to certain types of perversities there
are demonic warfares that are over certain families and certain warfare’s
have taken over certain families grandma got pregnant out of wedlock
mama got pregnant out of wedlock and now my daughter comes in the house and tells
me she’s pregnant that’s a spirit. Instead of
reign over the territory my daddy was an alcoholic and I’m a drug addict and now
my son is started getting high. That’s a regional territorial principality. That
didn’t want to let the Johnsons go. That didn’t want to let the Wilsons go. That
didn’t want to let the Richardsons go. I know you can’t say anything but there
are certain things that run in your family. And you can say you can look at your sisters acting just like your auntie and
your aunties talking just like your grandmama and all of them got the same
spirit and you want to break the chain oh my god oh my god I feel something I
feel something I feel something I feel something. I feel something. Touch your neighbor and say break the chain yeah that’s why God
saved you to break the chain that’s why Pastor baptized you to break the chain
to bury who you used to be so you could rise up into who you’re gonna be he
baptized you to break the chain that was holding you down in your life look at
your neighbor and say, “Imma break this chain”. Uncle committed suicide my cousin committed
suicide my brother committed suicide I feel the spirit of suicide but I’m going
to break the chain look at your neighbor and say, “break the chain”. You don’t even
know what kind chain it is but everybody in the room has got a chain
that’s gotta break in order for them to be free there’s a chain that has to
break in order for them to be delivered Shout yes somebody. I’ll show you another
chain Abraham got to Gerar and when he got there he lied and told the king that
his wife was his sister okay at the time that Abraham told the lie about Sarah
Isaac wasn’t even born yet fast forward here comes Isaac with his wife. Tells the same lie that his father told a lie that he never even heard but there was a chain
between Abraham and Isaac. So that the chain was there and the same lie was
there and the same struggle was there but something is about to happen. Let me
go deeper. It used to be when you went to the doctor the doctor only examine you
now when you go to the doctor he wants to know did your grandmother have heart
trouble? Did your grandfather have high blood pressure? Did your grandfather have diabetes? Did your father die of diabetes? Why does it
matter what my grandmother had, she’s dead? I’ll tell you what matters there’s
a chain link between you and your grandmother there’s a chain link if the
health of your body and the wealth of your mind and the way you handle emotions there’s a chain between the two. If grandma was
prone to depression and mama was prone to depression and now you’re sitting up
here you couldn’t feel it at 15 but now at 23 you’re starting to feel depressed.
That’s not your depression that’s your grandma’s depression trying to hook up a link between who you are and who they were but I came to serve notice
of the devil the devil is a liar you wreak terror over the city long enough
you wreak havoc long enough you held us in bondage long enough. I am not gonna let my daddy’s devil defeat me. Oh hell naw. There’s gonna be a chain to break
break in this place today. I don’t know who I’m preaching to and I don’t know
who God sent me here for but something is about to break in your life like it
never broke before. And I command the spirit of release to happen in this place I need
about 60 seconds of crazy praise in this place. yeah yeah yeah praise him praise Him
praise praise him praise him. Praise him in defiance. Praise him with attitude. Praise him with conviction. Praise him with tenacity.
Praise him like you mean business. Praise him like your life depends on it. Praise him in order to rebuke suicide. Praise him like you’re coming out of depression. Praise him like you’re coming out of promiscuity. Praise him like you’re coming out of pornography. Praise him like you’re coming out of adultery. Praise him. Praise him. Praise him. I will not leave my husband. I will not abuse my wife. I will
not beat my child. I’m going to break the chain. Shout it out! The reason you couldn’t stay in Moncks
Corner is because you had a devil to fight and everything God did to get
you ready was to get you to come into an area where the enemy had set up camp in
a region and he was preparing you in Moncks Corner getting you ready for what
he was going to do down in Charlotte so the yolks could be broken over the lives
of the people who live and pray and said I gotta be free I gotta be
delivered and I gotta be whole and the reason there’s such an anointing in this
church and there’s such praise at this church and there’s such deliverance in
this church is because when you got in here something broke in your life if I’ve got a witness anywhere in the house make
some noise like you lost your mind. So the text says that Philip went down to Samaria it’s not like he went strolling down to Samaria, you know? It wasn’t like that at all. He didn’t come to have a cup of tea you know? He didn’t come down there because he wanted to ride the Ferris wheel in Samaria. He was on a mission when God put somebody on a
mission hell gets nervous when God puts a man on a mission, demons begin to
tremble they start trying to stop the man from getting to where he’s trying
to go. Let me prove it to you. When Jesus got ready to go to deliver the man who
was bound in the tomb of Ganarene on his way to the area a storm arose out of
nowhere and the Bible said that the whole ship
began to rock and reel and the Bible says that Jesus was asleep in the bottom
of the boat and Peter began to be afraid that the whole thing was gonna capsize
why do you think that the storm broke out the storm broke out because the
devil knew that Jesus was on his way to deliver the man that was bound by the
demonic influence and oh so I feel like preaching. Oh I feel something in this place up. Touch your neighbor and say you came to the right service. Jesus
Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus Jesus. Jesus is down in the bottom of the boat and he’s rested and
he’s rested up cause there’s gonna be a fight he’s rested up because he knows
when he gets to the destination he’s got a devil to fight. In fact he’s got several
devils to fight He’s got legions of devils to fight and he’s got to fight them by himself and so the bible says he was down in the bottom of the boat. Jesus was sleeping in the bottom of the boat in the middle of a hurricane. What kind of Jesus can sleep in the middle of a storm and the whole boat is rocking and reeling and the boat is filling with
water and neither the winds nor the rains had interrupted his rest. Y’all don’t get it. The winds were blowing the lightning was flashing the thunder was erupting
out of nowhere and water was filling up the boat so bad that Peter was afraid
the boat was gonna go underwater and Jesus was in the under part of the
ship he had to be wet This is not the Carnival Cruise Line he
had to be wet and the wind was blowing and the boat was rocking and none of that woke up Jesus but when one of his believers called him. Can I go off? I want you to know that you’ve got the power to wake up Jesus like nobody else can. If you call on Jesus. Touch seven people and say, just say, “say something”. Say something. That’s why whenever you get depressed the devil don’t want you to say nothing Whenever you go into a test the devil
don’t want you to say nothing. Whenever you’re in great temptation the devil
don’t want you to say nothing. Wwenever your marriage is in trouble the devil don’t
want you to say nothing because hell knows that the power of life and death is in
your tongue and if you open up your mouth you can wake up Jesus like nobody else can wake up Jesus the wind can’t wake him, the waves can’t wake him, the storm can’t wake him, but I dare you to– Do you think that Peters voice had more
decibel impact than thunder or lightning? With nobody else but Jesus He can hear
your faintest cry He can hear a tear slide over the
bridge of your nose at 3 o’clock in the morning God is so in tune with you while
nothing else can break his rest if you get in trouble when you are at dis-ease
your dis-ease will wake him up by the way half of your diseases are coming from
your dis-ease. I speak to every nervous upset restless frustrated condition that
you have said nothing about that’s coming out in illnesses and stress
attached and insomnia and eating disorders God’s gonna give you a
breakthrough today you’re not eating cuz you’re hungry
you’re not up because you’re not tired you’re up because you’re at dis-ease
but God is about to give you some peace today somebody holler peace Jesus woke
up Jesus woke up rose to the bow of the ship in the middle of the winds and the
waves he opened his mouth and cleared his throat wipe the sleep out of his
eyes and the Bible says he rebuked the winds and the waves and said peace peace be still. Wait a minute let’s roll
that back. He rebuked the winds and the waves. Rebuked? You don’t rebuke winds and waves you might stop winds and waves you might
arrest winds and waves you don’t rebuke winds and waves you
rebuke spirits I came to tell you there’s a spirit behind your storm
there’s a spirit behind your distress there’s a spirit behind your dysfunction
there’s a spirit behind that problem with your child that child that need no
more Ritalin they don’t need no more medication they don’t need to be zonked
out of their head there’s a spirit that’s after your child you could put
away half of that medicine and rebuke that spirit. The Bible said he rebuked the winds and the waves and with the
winds in the ways heard the voice of the master who made them he overruled the
spirit that sent them and the winds got slain in the spirit and the waves laid
frustrated on the floor and there was a great calm in the tempest of the sea and
they sailed on without incident because God always gets to the core of a situation watch me
we pray about the symptoms of a situation you ask God to fix the symptom
but God is after the core of the situation. Who am I helping today? This same God is the God that sent
Philip to Samaria to take back the region this is not just about you God
wants to take back the region he wants to take back the neighborhood he wants
to take back your bloodline and the reason the enemy is fighting you so hard
it’s not just you it’s your daughter and your son and your grandchildren that are
at stake because God wants to take back the territory. I feel the kind of power
that will release you generationally, that will break every yoke over your
mind and over your spirit. I need some real praisers. I don’t need no cute praisers. I need some real praisers. Somebody who will praise him for your daughter and
praise him for your son and praise him for your children and praise him for your
sisters children. I want to give you 30 minutes to praise him like you’re
expecting Jesus to show up in the room right now. Open your mouth and move your hands and move your feet move your knees and move your
lips move your eyes slap your eyes and move your jaw Make some– and let everything that have
breath praise Jesus Preaching for years, for years.
Pup stayed under the house. Y’all with me? He would run out and bark and the chain would pull him back. Somebody would drive off in the car and he would run out, and the chain would pull him back and because it had pulled him back so
many times we thought the chain was stronger than the dog Somebody has tried to go forward but
every time you tried to go forward the chain would pull you back You made a New Year’s Resolution but the chain would pull you back. And you’re starting to think the chain is stronger than you. But one day, Pup saw something in front of him that was stronger than what was behind him. And when he ran out and the chain tried to pull him, he snarled and said, “not this time”. Somebody say, “not this time”! You can’t have my daughter. You can’t have my son. You can’t have my marriage. You can’t have my life. I declare unto you, something in this room– I’m gonna praise him til my daughter gets delivered. I’m gonna praise him til my son comes home. I’m gonna praise him until my marriage is healed. Lift your voice. Lose your mind. Give your God– I will bless the Lord at all times. When Philip got to Samaria
he turned the city upside down since you’re all standing I can’t tell you to
stand so turn around in a circle God is getting ready to turn things upside down in your life. He’s getting ready to shake things up everything that was tied up is about to break loose in your life. My God. Wait a minute, before I praise Him for what He’s about to do I wanna praise Him for the persecution that brought me to where I am. If I hadn’t been hated like that. If I hadn’t been attacked like that. If I hadn’t cried out like that I wouldn’t have had the power. I feel the anointing of the Holy Ghost. Something is about to snap. I didn’t come to preach on this last
service, I came to pray the prophetic utterance in this last service. Something
is about to snap in your life. Something that’s been pulling you back
for years it’s about to snap in your life you’ve been praising God overtop of
pain but the pain is about to snap in your life I don’t know who I’m preaching to but something is about to snap in your life and you’re gonna take God for
the trouble that pushed you over the edge because it has driven you to a breaking
point and something is about to break loose in your life. If I’m preaching to
you holla at your boy. When Philip came to Samaria there was
demonic influence there was possessions and the Bible said there was sickness
and there was disease and God sent one man against a city of trouble Stop pastoring this church and pastor
the city. This is not about a church it’s about a city it’s about a city and
every satellite church is a cell and I came to activate every cell in every
city that’s watching me online there’s a reason that a cell has been planted in
your area because God is about to activate you like a terrorist to go into
the enemy’s camp and take back what he stole from you everything that the devil
stole is coming back I don’t know who I’m preaching it to and I better stop cause I
feel my old preacher standing up inside of me and what I feel right now
ain’t even in style no more but I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. The kind of power that resurrected Jesus up out of the grave. Somebody in this room– Throw your hands up and shout, “YES”! I want you to understand every city
every area every neighborhood you’re in every place God put you to work he did
not send you there to make money he sent you there as a witness in that area to
turn that area inside out God could give you money anywhere he told his disciples
money ain’t nothing I’ll put your money in a vicious mouth money is not your
problem you’re not there to make money you’re on assignment and when this
service is over I’m going to release you to go into the places you’ve never gone
and see the power of God move like it’s never moved before lay hands on the
sister next to you and the brother next to you and say get ready get ready get
ready God is getting ready to take you
somewhere God is getting ready to use you somewhere God is getting ready to
release you somewhere I feel the anointing of the Holy Ghost in this place. I’m gonna take
my seat but I feel a spirit of release coming in this place right now. Behold, I give you power over the enemy power over your problems
power over your fear power over your situation. I’m tired of counseling what we ought to cast out. Get back devil. Get out of my mind. Get out of my belly. Get out of my body. Get out of my
spirit. Open your mouth and– Touch seven people and tell them your
a chain breaker your a chain breaker your a chain breaker your a chain breaker. Some– get ready to break in your house break in your ministry break in your body
break it your energy break break in your mind. If you’re ready for it to break shout unto God. When Philip hit Samaria with his
ministry he revolutionize the city so much so that Simon the sorcerer wanted
what he had get ready for the people who once hated you two want what you have there is a reason you
couldn’t win them there’s a reason nothing you did to
please them there’s a reason they couldn’t accept you God meant for you to
be alone and lonely and walk by yourself because he never meant for you to become
them He meant for them to become you and you had finally reached the season
that those who once fought you are now going to seek you and you’ve got to be
healed enough and feel safe enough to let people in that you’ve been scared of
because God is going to use you to minister to people who maligned you and
you’ve got to know who you are well enough to be ready to receive them
because you’re bigger than that you’re bigger than that.
Watch this church. The last verse of the text says that when Philip hit Samaria he
rebuked the devils he healed the diseases and there was great joy in the–
not in the church, in the city you have not been sent to churches but regions so
when the region is in crisis you must speak because your vision
cannot be contained by walls or campuses the Bible said the kingdoms of this
world have become the kingdoms of our God and of his Christ this is about
kingdoms now something is about to shift attention something is about to shift Oh
Lord something is about something is about to shift. Can you feel it? Can you
feel it? Can you feel it? How many are glad you’re in this service right now? On every campus everywhere this word is
being streamed everywhere you’re watching on Facebook Live and everywhere else a chain is about to break off of your life like it has never broken
before take your city take your region take
your region take your region you gotta get out of thinking your vision fits
within the topography of your walls you’re bigger than that you must speak
to regions you must speak to territories you must speak to areas that
are desperate to hear your voice beyond your walls these are not your
congregations these are your disciples and everywhere you send them the people God gave you are not your
destination they are your transportation to go into all the world and all the
world’s systems and there is a shift coming in this place and I can feel it
from the crown of my head to the soles of my feet some of you you’re in that
family to turn that family upside down and you don’t have to argue and you
don’t have to fight and you don’t have to be super deep or super spiritual all
you have to do is just let the glory of the love of God flow out of you in such
a way you’re not gonna have to approach them they’re gonna approach you to see
what it is you got that gave you that kind of peace and all I need to do is break the link
that yet connects you to a family or a region that is dysfunctional that’s
trying to hold your neck back from the next dimension you are not fighting with
your devil it’s your mama’s devil and your grandmama devil and your
grandfather’s devil and the devil of your family and the devil of your region
and the mentality from where you grew up and where you came from; satan inside of a principality and because you are straining the chain he does not want to
let you go because if you get loose if I’m not talking about playing church
and putting on games but if you actually get loose everything connected to you
it’s going to be loose by the power of God. Join hands with somebody leave no one
untouched Pup popped that chain like it was a
popsicle stick and when it popped he started running I’m gonna count to three
and when I get to three everything physically ailments in your body
afflictions that have attacked your health every mental and emotional
disorder every nervous condition every bipolar every neurotic every
distressed every anger everything that has ever held you I’m believing God is
going to break loose the storm cannot stop you. Greater this He that is in you
than he that’s in the world squeeze that had you’re holding the enemy doesn’t
want her to have peace he didn’t want him to have peace because they are a chain breaker. Somebody slipped back from the first
service to be in the second service something just told you to stay there
God’s got something else for you you’re in the right place at the right time
we’re getting ready to pop something in this place Hallelujah if you’re online
get ready for it to pop. It’s going to pop! The thing you’re fighting is not yours
it’s passed to your family and your bloodline but today is go pop it’s in
your way it’s in your way of your destiny is in your way of your future is
in the way of your prophecy squeeze that hand family dysfunctions
get ready to pop in this place oh this is a big service I’m not talking about
the people I’m talking about the glory it’s getting ready to pop in this place
some of you came out of regions with attitudes and dispositions and every
now and then you act like where you came from but squeeze that hand the chain is
about to pop. One! Are you ready for it? Do you believe that God is bigger than
anything that ever held you, that ever had you tied up? Do you believe that he’s
greater than anything you’ve been feeling in your body in your mind and
your soul in your spirit? Do you believe it? Do you believe it? Do you believe it?
Do you believe it? Do you believe it? Do you believe it?
Two! Do you believe that no weapon formed against you shall be able to
prosper and every tongue that rises against you God will condemn? Do you believe that
this is the day that the Lord has made and you’re gonna get a release today
that’s gonna be on you the rest of your life? It’s gonna get in the car with you
He’s gonna get in the house with you He’s going to work with you. When I get
to three I want you to shout like you lost your mind. Three! Thank you for watching the Elevation
Church YouTube channel don’t stop here join the eFam our online extended family
and join us live every Sunday subscribe to this channel so you don’t miss a
single video or live stream and share this with a friend you can also support
the ministry by clicking the Give Now button to help us continue to reach
people around the world for Jesus Christ. Thank you again for watching god bless

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