Chan Fuze Parties on King Floyd’s “Groove Me” – The Voice Blind Auditions 2020

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  1. To be honest he was not my favorite tonight. He needs to slow down and. Stop moving and focus on the vocals. But I hope he keeps his journey going. He was a tall drink of water.

  2. He has a cool vibe. The song definetely fit him no matter what the judges think. Just needs a little more experience.

  3. Trash… one of the worst auditions I have seen and heard in a very long time!! Nothing clicked voice and high notes off falsetto off and dance moves he apparently has wayyyy off!!! And I know you triggered people will say well you are no better, but I know I’m not good I wouldn’t disrespect a show like this and audition in front of America

  4. He had the coaches grooving. He looks like a lotta fun. Not sure about that falsetto but I’m liking his vibe. Parts of this are too funny tho. Another one I'd love to hit the karaoke bar with.

  5. Made me want jump up and sing with you. You invited to the cookout. I wish you would have gotten a turn. I liked his spirit

  6. Blake was right. He spent too much time getting down to the groove when he should have concentrated more on singing the song itself. It's ok. Just come back next season in a more disciplined way and he should get in. 🙂🙂

  7. He has a good tone but this didn't move me at all. I felt his dancing affected his vocals and singing which can hurt. Kelly was right that The Voice isn't right for party type of singers. Sounded like the kind of song you would sing at the party, dance club, something like that.

  8. I actually liked this guy and his voice was cool asf, kind of raspy sounding. Unfortunately it was not the right song for this show, even though i love this song from when i was a little kid. My mom and dad used to play it all the time, on a friday or saturday night, at home, at it's peek, it was the bomb. HERE's the OG. I think if he sang something more of what people know today and something that shows of his flow with sustainable notes, he would have gotten through and yah, probably without the "hip thrusting", lol, that possibly effected his singing, but COOL TONE though. I think he should definitely come back. I would love to see more of him and his old school STYLE. I thought it was GREAT!

  9. Ah, he just hit the upper notes the coaches seem to like men to sound like little girls or boys who got kicked between the legs – cough Adam… also Nick – worse still
    And he's 6"10

  10. what, is this a new thing?? keeps happening, the video starting for us after the contestant started singing! what gives?? why are they DOING that??👎

  11. he should definitely keep singing – because it's obvious he loves it and he's so much fun to watch & listen to!👍

  12. I admire Kelly for standing up and clap every single contestant that does not make it into the competition. What a great show of respect.

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