Change The Tune – Green Party 2015 Election Broadcast

The Green Party Some people like to say we’re a wasted vote But there are far more that know better with more members than the Lib Dems or UKIP our policies have struck a chord with people They’ve realised that the only wasted vote is a vote you don’t believe in that there’s only one party that stands by its beliefs While every other party seems so similar it’s like they’re in…. …harmony Have you ever wondered Why I sound just like my deputy? Does he seem like he’s redundant, Or do I? Oh baby When you step into the booth Look down and face the truth A vote for me’s the same as a vote for any of us guys (Any of us guys) It’s sweeter when we all agree A party political harmony Lose your voting inhibitions Join the one true coalition (coalition) He’ll fire all your docs and nurses He’ll clamp down on public service He sold the railways to companies And we all agree on tuition fees Let’s sell off the parts of this broken nation And shut the door on immigration And if a few companies don’t pay tax (tax) Let’s not grumble, what’s the harm in that? (there’s no harm, baby) Austerity! oh, austerity! oh, austerity! oh, austerity! Let’s get rid of foreigners What he means is Let’s frack this green and pleasant land Come on Eddie, join the band (Come on, Eddie!) The public won’t know what to do If they have to pick from me and youuuuuuu! The choice between us couldn’t be clearer Oxford! Cambridge! Diversity for ya Whether it’s Trident or High Speed Two The lesser of four evils is up to you (I looove the coalition) It’s sweeter when we all agree A party political harmony (vote for me!) Make the tactical decision [FADES] Like it? It’s been number one for about
two hundred years But across the country people are standing up to change the tune Voting true, not tactical We believe in the people controlling politics not the other way round We believe that the public should own public services We believe that the country’s wealth belongs to the whole country not a privileged few and we believe the if the planet belongs to all of us then it’s worth taking better care of And this election we are in the strongest place we have ever been to fight Austerity return the railways and the NHS to public hands scrap tuition fees and provide decent homes for everyone So vote Green on the 7th of May For the common good

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  1. Hate Greens with a passion,but I find it quite nice to have a song as an election broadcast! Too bad it didn't help win any more seats? NOT! 😉

  2. Yeah let's get rid of our army, nuclear weapons, leave nato, turn military bases into nature reserves that wouldn't get us invaded within their first term

  3. This is taking the piss. I'll never vote green now. Tell us about YOUR party and what YOUR'RE going to do.

  4. Ukip get rid of all foreigners: u kips policies are not racust they just believe in cutting down on mass imigration. However policies aside they do get a lot of unfair press about them which are slurs and that have been twisted fron what they have to say. Unfortunately they have a few bad eggs lets just say which truly ruin there reputation. But Nigel always fires them for what they have said unlike the other leaders. Most of the ukip miniters come from other parties which have just let them off with a warning. Anyway please do like and reply.

    P.S i am only 14

  5. I'm left wing but the Green Party are just fucking batshit crazy, this video sums them up. They're the left wing equivalent of the American Republican Party.

  6. Hahahaha! What a joke! Anyone who takes the greens seriously with natalie 'batshit crazy' bennet at the helm needs a brainscan! At least Lucas seems mildly functional.

  7. The greens keep making the mistake of throwing ukip into the political elite class, I have to admit, I think ukip and the greens are the only parties against the establishment, just different methods, they both want to stop TTIP. although the greens are staunchly Pro EU which gives me some scepticism..

  8. Green party suck they don't care about tax or immagration or anything important the worst party ever they probably get less seats than the LibDems

  9. It's a shame i found this 3 months after the election…… ah well, probably still wouldnt have voted green….

  10. Greens are communists and communists are just as bad a s fascists if green were in power I would commit suicide!

  11. You might not like UKIP, but don't try and pretend they are anything like either the Tories, Labour or Lib Dems, because they simply aren't.

  12. I'm far more pleased with the Labour party than I was this time last year thanks to Jeremy Corbyn, but I'm still happy to see the Greens gaining influence.

  13. No party can stand by their belifs, standing by your belifs means you wownt get in it means you cant compromise, non of you understand the meaning of democracy or compromise, a minority of people cannot win an election unless you compomose, if you never get power then its a vote for feeling good about yourself rather than a vote to help anyone ! these morons cant help anyone, its school boy politics, its popularist nonscence, its no different from UKIP in excecution, everythings easy we have everything, no problems no subtelties no difficult compromise were right and everythings easier ! FUCKING THIN SKINNED SELF RIGHTIOUS MORONS GROW THE FUCK UP ! politics is hard politics mean you compromise with the opposition politics is grity you need to be prepered to look like the bad guy in politics, you need to do things that go against your principles in politics otherwie you cant help anyone ! you guys are just a waste of space, your all basically standing because its about what a great guy you are rather than helping people through compromise and self sacrifices ! your not strong enough to be polititions, go join the church and be self rightious there !

  14. This will forever be my favourite ppb, with the 2016 green ppb in second place. SNP will always have a very special place in my heart, but in a country that is fast heading out of the U.K., I can't help but wonder what the SNP will become when independence is acquired, which is why I joined the Scottish greens last week.

  15. You want no Military? You want to be stripped of your countries key values? You want the removal of the head of state? want to allow terrorists into the country for fear of being called racist? You want shitty railways, post offices and power companies? You want our country to turn into one big safe space? Then vote green.

  16. ah a gross oversimplification that is at a new peak of left wing splintering confirming that the greens are a wasted vote

  17. I am from Brighton, and have seen for myself the catastrophic damage that the incapable and incompetent Green Party cause whenever they get power. They closed homeless shelters in Brighton and a centre for your people with mental health problems, claiming that they didn't have the money to keep them open. They did, however, somehow find the money to send FOUR Green Party councillors on a 'fact-finding' vision to Palestine…

    Caroline '5 Homes' Lucas and her multi-millionaire husband Richard Savage are so representative of hard-working, over taxed UK citizen. '5 Homes' Lucas became the MP for Brighton Pavilion in 2015; just when is '5 Homes' going to actually move to the city that elected her?

  18. nice sexist overtones.
    Seriously, I honestly think the worst thing that could happen to the country would be a green party in charge… this is a party calling for 'political education' in schools. They would trash the economy and turn the UK into an Orwellian nightmare.

  19. The green party would benefit so much from a Single Transferable vote system, or a Proportional representation system, shame we have a First Past the Post system in which parties like the Greens get just one seat

  20. Did they just sing ‘shut the door on immigration’!? Labour and conservative have turned inner cities into third world ghettos. What these leftist lunatics are proposing is suicide.

  21. climate change is child abuse gretchen doomberg is a commie soros funded agent and your all sheep the only green thing about the green party is the cash they reap for dumb ass retards

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