Charlie’s First Birthday Party

Hey guys! Welcome back to my channel! Glad to have you guys back, So today I’m gonna be sharing with you guys some
clips and pictures from my son’s first birthday party which was this past
Saturday, so much fun I can’t believe I have a one-year-old that seems crazy to
me but we had a blast at his party. We had about 25 people at our house, which
seems a little crazy but it was totally great and totally fun and I loved it, it was a blast! It was my birthday that day as well, and it was
just probably the best birthday I’ve ever had. It was a really really really
good day. So I’m gonna share some clips and pics for you guys, the first few
clips are gonna be just like the setup and the decorations and I’ll kind
of talk about those a little bit everything that I can find will be
linked down below in the description so if you are throwing a first birthday
party and you need some stuff go ahead and check out those links. Anyways you guys if you’re new here my name is Shawna, I make mommy, lifestyle and weight
loss journey videos here on my channel with my one-year-old son Charlie. If
that’s something that interests you hit that red subscribe button down below
because we would love to have you joined the fam and if you liked this video make
sure you give it a big old thumbs up and stick around for more. anyways guys without further ado let’s jump in to the video. On the bar I had the food set up
we just had some salsa, some queso, chips, and guacamole and then some veggies and
ranch dip for food and that’s it. And then on the TV I had this little one
thing, it was supposed to go on his highchair but it wouldn’t stick, and then
this is the present table with a happy birthday and some balloons. And then this
is probably one of my favorite things, it’s a collage of pictures that we took
at his smash cake photo shoot. I really really liked how that turned out. And then in the dining room we had the cake setup. So I have his little smash cake,
which is sugar free with blueberry whipped cream frosting, normal cupcakes
in the middle, and then cupcakes that are the same as his cake over on the other side. And then this is another part of my favorite things, these are his monthly photos that I took throughout this past year. It’s so amazing to
see how much he’s changed, and then a funny little thing that we
noticed, is from the last five months we did it, he had a bump on his head in
every single one of them. That’s also right about the time he started walking
which is hilarious. (Baby babbles and hollering)
(People talking in background) [MUSIC: “It’s Your Birthday!” by Monk Turner, Fascinoma] [Playful Music]
(People talking in background) [Shawna, behind camera talking to babies]
Look there is another one right here [Shawna] It goes in this one bud [Shawna] That one goes over here,
Can you put it in here? [Shawna] Goes right there [Shawna] You can do it, good job!! Yay! (Playful Music) Alright,
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday, dear Charlie, happy birthday to you! YAY!!
(someone in the background) Elijah! (someone in background) Did Elijah do it? Yea
(Laughing) Can you blow?
We’ve never practice blowing. say YAY!! [MUSIC: “It’s Your Birthday!” by Monk Turner, Fascinoma]

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  1. Awhh I’m glad his first birthday went well!! I can imagine that was the best birthday ever for you! I love all of your decorations! That collage was adorable! Ahhh that monthly memory banner was super cute too!! Charlie looked like he had so much fun!

  2. Happy birthday 🎁🎂🎉 so adorable. Kids birthday parties are the best. I think adults have most of the fun lol

  3. My oldest sons cousin is also that close in age. So fun watching them grow up together! Love the photo collage. Looks like a great time! ❤️

  4. I love the collage, it was a nice touch. Charlie’s cousins are so cute! It looks like he had a great 1st Birthday! ❤️

  5. Happy Birthday to you and Charie!!! This looks like it was a blast! I'm glad he had a great birthday party!

  6. Happy birthday little man and many more new friend to your channel great video and a beautiful little cake

  7. Yayyyyy 💙💙💙💙 It came out SO nice! I love those photo collages! Especially the monthly ones.. so cute. I see those munchkin suction plates I was talking about in my video, THE best!!! LOL what a cute video

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