Charlotte Helps Henry w/ Birthday Makeup Shenanigans 🎂🎈 Henry Danger | Henry Danger

– I brought my boss, Ray.
– Hey, hey, hi. How’s it going? So where’s that cake, huh?
Let’s eat that cake. Cake yeah, brother! Henry, how was the makeup store? Huh, makeup store?
What are you– You went to the makeup store, remember? You sent us that text
about the makeup excuse. Which clearly meant
you were going to the makeup store. Clearly. Yes, yes, I uh… I was at the makeup store. Buying makeup. At the store. So, cool.
Yep, uh-huh. – What’d you buy?
– Hmm? What’d you buy? Uh, that’s a good question, Dad.
What did I buy? I bought… The makeup. Well, where is it? Good question, sis.
Where is the makeup? Mhm, OK so, I don’t have it, obviously. Because I saw an ugly person
on the street, and I gave them all my makeup ’cause they were so ugly. – That’s our boy.
– Oh! And where’d you come from? Were you at the makeup store too? Uh yes, yes he was. He was at
the makeup store, that’s where I saw him. Uh, no I wasn’t. I was at the gym. Yeah, it’s legs, back, arms, chest,
fist, feet and neck day. Hey, that was weird. Uh, why are we using
our mouths to talk, when we could be using those same mouths
to eat the diez leches ice cream cake. – I like where your head’s at.
– Yeah? Let’s do it! Let’s do it!
Let’s do it! Alright. It’s happening, here it comes. Happy birthday to– Emergency call!
We gotta go! Emergency? What do you mean?

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