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hey guys welcome back to my channel and
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home holiday events wedding and DIY to the core today I’m gonna show you how to
make a Charlotte’s Web theme party centerpiece and setup here we go today’s project is a special request
Charlotte’s Web which I got very very excited to make because I thought it was
an excellent excellent excellent request for all X / babies just like myself
although I’m not a baby anymore obviously but yeah I thought it was both
sweet with all of you farm animals but at the same time a little bit of spooky
with the spire so without further ado let’s get started with the video ok guys
so I’m going to start my project by making my barn doors and I’m going to be
using two white foam boards from Dollar Tree and I’m going to put this one to
the side because I’m going to make one door at a time and since this project is
intended for a girl I decided that I’m going to make my barn doors pink and
this is baby pink by Americana if you are going to make it for a boy you can
do the traditional red or blue whatever color you like really all right so what
I’m going to do next is I am going to use some painters tape to make the
design of the door and it should look something like this now I’m going to go
ahead and start painting now I’m gonna let them dry for a couple
of hours and then I’m going to take them together with packing tape and last but
not least I am going to glue Charlotte to the barn door and I am going to be
taking this one off and I’m going to be replacing it with this one this one
looks like Charlotte a little bit more so yeah so I’m just going to blow it on next I’m going to be making over the pig
out of balloons because you guys know I love balloons and it’s going to be very
easy to make and he’s going to be sitting in the middle of my arrangement
and I’m going to start with the body and this is a 24 inch giant balloon in pink
obviously so I’m just going to go ahead and blow it up and here is the body I’m
going to be using this back end now see tail so this is going to be the back of
the peg now I’m going to move on to the head for the head I’m going to be using
a 12 inch pink balloon now I’m going to cut this in and then
I’m going to go ahead start blowing and make sure that you use a low temperature
gun now voice you start working on the pigs legs and for that I’m going to use
5-inch pink balloons I’m also going to be cutting the X’s woman here as you can
see here the neck is a little bit too skinny I want it to be a little bit more
like this so what I’m going to do is a little bit more glue all around and that
looks so much better look at that so better yet once you’re going to attach
the body to the head make sure that the circle of glue that you’re going to
apply on this balloon is wider okay the little your circle the skinnier the next
so the wider the circle of glue the fatter the next and nobody wants a
skinny pig so make sure that your circle is wide now let’s move on to the face
and I’m going to start with the ears for the ears I’m going to use five-inch
balloons as well and it should look something like this I’m going to go
ahead and do the same cut this off and glue them on the top now I’m going to
apply the eyes this eye Wiggly or googly eyes that I got from Michaels and they
are what size are these 1.5 seven inches okay so I’m just going to place them
right here look how cute that looks oh he’s getting heavier up front okay
alright so there he is so cute now I’m going to move on to the nose to make my
biggest nose I’m going to use a 5 inch balloon and a twisting shaped balloon
alright so I’m going to blow it up to be proportion to his face so right about
there okay and then you are going to push this back and you are going to grab
it on the other side once you get to the other side you just going to grab it and
you’re going to twist it a bit okay and then you are going to grab your twisting
shape and you’re going to tie it back here okay so the nose made it a little
bit front-heavy so if you run into this problem you can
blow up a balloon with water and tie it to the back of the leg okay guys this is
if this is my charlotte web party centerpiece in a little bit of this
setup and no my gosh this is absolutely adorable I love the way my balloon
centerpiece or Wilbur the pig turned out and I also love the barn doors very easy
to make love it I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make
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