I command you to be The amazing… Monkey Welcome to DohMuchFun Where we’ll show everyone we’re having so much fun. Its DohMuchFun This time on chases corner Yay, we’re in a bath Because we’re doing an orbeez bath No you can’t eat the orbeez, spit it out. Each bag has thirty-eight-thousand We have twenty bags Almost a million orbeez beads Wanna pour them in? ok! Oh! close your eyes Woooooaaah Woah, an orbeez rain cloud! They’re all over our bathroom floor, and when you step on them. Youch! Alright that’s it, you know what it’s time for? Clarence knows Its time for water chase. This feels so wierd right now. No These are already starting to get Bigger, Lets look at a size comparison That’s how big they are, before we put the water And this is how big it is after, and its only been a minute Then go to the gym and work out Wow its really filling up in here Sure is, I hope you know how to swim Are you guys ready Whats going on out there Alrighty, are you guys ready to see the orbees bath. Shawn, you wanna see chase jump? George fell. There’s still more toys What did you find? Shawn look at your foot. You wanna see a toy Look! its hatchamals A pearl? Ill smoosh it What is that? Oh, its not an elephant Oh there’s still one more Woah He’s going for it. Look what you did I know this is so cool Look out for me Excuse me chase, I don’t like the way they taste. Hey camera Are you stuck Shawn? Alright i’m gonna get out So mommy can go all the way under Shawn where’s mommy? You have something growing on your back Oh chase get it off of him These are just smooshing everywhere Shawn ready? Go backwards, and swim I command you, to fart in the orbeez bath What stinks? Hey, whats this I command you to do the worm. To stop and say the outro for the video. That’s all for today on chases corner See you next time, bye. Woah my eyes!

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