Cheap Party Supplies! How to Ombre-Color Napkins and Table Runners

dip napkins give them a
beautiful hombre look for just pennies plus it easy and fun here’s how you do
it you’ll need fabric dye in liquid or
powder form warm water salt a large glass or
stainless steel bowl for mixing the dye a measuring cup three deep balls for
dying and said 100 percent cotton napkins
first prepare to dye by mixing warm water salt and dye the directions on the
package will tell you how much of each you need we use four
cups of warm water I half a cup of salt and a quarter cup of
liquid dye now add two cups of warm water to each
other three bowls add a quarter cup dye to the first bowl
half a cup to the second bowl and a couple dye to the third bowl then
mix them up fold the napkins in half then roll them up dip the hemmed edge in the napkin into
the first bowl which is the weakest dye solution submerge it about two-thirds of the way and hold for 30 seconds squeeze out the
excess dye do the same thing with the second bowl
submerging the napkin only half as far as you did the last time
hold for 30 seconds to squeeze out the excess dye finally dip a napkin into the third bowl the
strongest dye solution again submerge it only half as far as you did last time hold
for 30 seconds then squeeze out the excess dye for the
last time unrolled the napkin check for even dying
then rinse wash and dry the napkins according to
the instructions on the dye package the same technique works to dip dye a
cotton table runner that makes the three different I bath in
pitchers instead a bowl roll the runner loosely into each and the three dye back folding
for thirty seconds each time and squeezing out the excess dye repeat
the process on the other end the runner again rinse washed and dry the runner
according to the instructions on the dye package the result is a set a table linens with
a beautiful hombre plus the fun in satisfaction of having
made than yourself

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