Cheating Accusation Turns Into a Marriage Proposal By The Defendant! (Full Episode) | Couples Court

This isCouples Court
with the Cutlers. This is the case
v. Turner.
You all have known
each other for eight years, you’ve been dating
for almost two. Mr. Washington,
why have you brought your girlfriend
to court today? WASHINGTON:
Well, your Honor, this great, good looking guy
standing before you today… (AUDIENCE LAUGHING) To tell you about this so called lover of mine
is cheating on me. Well… I have found text messages
that was very strange to me. She’s been lying to me and… And I don’t know
what’s going on with her. Why she would actually treat
a young man like myself… I cook. I clean. I make sure that she’s
in a bubble bath. She’s all right… Not only that… I massage her
and I give her
great lovin’ that no other man
AND APPLAUDING) Mr. Washington… Is the full package. That’s what he’s sayin’.
The full package. That’s right. -Am I right?
-Yes, yes, your Honor. What do you have
to say about that,
Miss Turner. I’m here to prove
that he could trust me and that I’m here
to fight for my relationship. Mr. Washington,
has she cheated
on you in the past? She has cheated on me
in the past
but I forgave her, and I wanted her
to let’s move on. DANA: All right,
let me ask Miss Turner. How did it go down
from your view point? Uh, he said that I needed
to be honest with him, and I told him
I can’t work with him because at the time
that this happened, I wasn’t putting my eggs
all in one basket for him. But you being
the man that you are… -Great man that he is.
-Magnanimous in nature. KEITH: Yeah,
you took her back. Absolutely, I took her back because she came
to me and said, “You’re my Superman.” And I’m like, “Okay,
I’m here to save the day,
you know, you gotta dress, -“you gotta pull your shirt off”
-KEITH: We got a Superman,
we got a Wonder Woman. Yeah, Superman
got a Wonder Woman. So, I’m like…
We can join powers, you know what I’m sayin’,
conquer the world. Like you guys.
Y’all went to college, you went to Spelman,
you know what I’m saying? -And got your thing…
-He gone and done his research. (ALL LAUGHING) So, yeah, I do my research,
so I was like… You guys,
you know what I’m saying,
have a bond, and you guys went
through trials and tribulations
but you follow through with it. So, you know,
I still love her. You know what I mean?
From the time of what we had. Uh, we went out to parks, went out to the beach
’cause we was in LA. And, Miss Turner,
you got back with him
because you love him. Yes. Honestly,
I never felt like this
with a guy. Him taking my son,
it was… That was the key
to my heart ’cause he doesn’t have
a father. Clearly, you’re
in love with him… -ALBRIANA: Yes, your Honor.
-DANA: Because he has
stepped up to be the man -that your son needs.
-ALBRIANA: Correct. KEITH: All right.
You took her back and you all were
Superman and Wonder Woman. Conquering the world,
I think is what you said,
right? -Absolutely.
-KEITH: All right. What happened? Okay, so we was
in Los Angeles and we moved
to Vegas, right. -DANA: Okay.
-To make that Wonder Woman,
Superman power move. Now, I’m curious you know what I’m saying,
’cause things are changing now. The Lord just spoke to me,
he said, “Hey, look
through her phone.” -So I looked
through her phone, right.
-(ALL LAUGHING) -The Lord speaks to people
in mysterious ways.
-Yeah. Mm-hmm. Mysterious ways.
The Lord talk to you
in different ways, right. So I looked
through her phone. I got text messages. -Oh, you got exhibits?
-Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got some evidence,
your Honor. -Ron, would you
please get those.
-RON: Yes, your Honor. Look, you can actually
see these, your Honor. Text messages. Read them text messages. -So you went
through her phone…
-(AUDIENCE LAUGHING) and you found
these text messages. -ARTHUR: Mm-hmm.
-KEITH: Says… KEITH: “Send me all your
pretty pics.” DANA: “I really don’t have
pictures in this phone.” KEITH: “Just hit me
when you free.” DANA: So that’s one set… -ARTHUR: Mm-hmm.
-And then we have
a second set -from other man
number two.
-ARTHUR: Right. -KEITH: Says, “You back?”
-DANA: “What up?” -ARTHUR: Mm-hmm.
-DANA: And said, “Come see me.” -ARTHUR: At 2:00.
-KEITH: 2:00 in the morning. All right, well,
we kinda know
what that is. KEITH: So, “Come see me.”
“Are you back in Vegas?” DANA: “Yes, but what’s up?” KEITH: “Trying to see you, girl.
Stop playing.” (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMING) Miss Turner,
did you get
these text messages? -Yes, your Honor.
-DANA: Okay,
could you tell me why a man is asking
to see you at 2:00 in the morning
and you got a man? They reached out to me… -How’d they reach
out to you?
-I responded… They don’t get the number,
they don’t reach out to you. I responded and… So was this first guy
someone you’d been
intimate with? Before, in the past. And then, that’s the guy
that you cheated with? -Yes, your Honor.
-DANA: Okay. All right,
so why is this guy that you cheated with
in the past popping up now? Because he’s still around
due to who he is. -Why the hell
is he still around?
-When you say he’s still around,
he’s still in your life? No, he’s not in my life,
he’s just around my life. This second man, he asked you
to come see him
at 2:00 in the morning, why does he think
that you would
even consider that? I don’t think he’s aware
that I have a boyfriend. -Did you tell him
you have a boyfriend?
-But he is aware -that I have a boyfriend.
-How is he not aware? So, Mr. Washington,
you believe all these text messages
are not innocent? ARTHUR:
None of them
are innocent. Let me tell you
about this, okay. She had a graduation
and a funeral to go to back in June,
somewhere in June. -Would you like me
to show you?
-Sure. -ARTHUR: All right, so…
-That’s the plasma. Bet you know right now,
for real. It is the month
of June 2017. Now, she arrives to the graduation,
to the funeral
with her family on the 14th.
She called me, “Hey, babe, I’m here
blah, blah, blah.”
I’m like, “Cool.” On Thursday, I call her twice.
I call her in the morning time. You know how you call
in the morning time, “How you doing, babe?
Get up. Get up
in the morning.” You know
how you wanna do it? I call again at night
to say goodnight. And on the 15th
you got no answer… -No answer.
-To either call. Then I call
on the 16th,
on Friday, you know what,
I call eight times. -Eight times?
-ARTHUR: I done called
her eight times. So I call one
of her family members. So she supposedly
went to a “funeral,” a “graduation,” but her family tells me
they haven’t seen her. -They have no idea
where she’s at.
that he could trust me… So when you talked
to her on the 14th… -ARTHUR: Mm-hmm.
-You though she was
with her family? -Yes.
-DANA: You talked
to the family on the 16th, -and they like,
“We haven’t seen her.”
-ARTHUR: We haven’t seen her. So on the 17th, I’m out of my mind wondering,
I call her again. She doesn’t answer
the phone. On Sunday, she finally
answer the phone. I said, “Babe,
what’s goin’ on? “I haven’t heard
for three days.
I’m worried. “I’m thinking crazy,
what’s goin’ on?” And now she tell me,
“Ain’t nothin’ goin’ on. “I had no phone.”
(GIBBERISH) Gave me all types
of crazy excuses. And then,
as I’m talking to her, I hear a man’s voice
in the background. -(LAUGHS)
-(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So you ask her
about this man’s voice? I knew exactly
whose voice it was. Who was it? He like my brother,
but he’s my best friend. -(LAUGHS)
-(AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) So are you saying
that your girlfriend is sleeping
with you best friend? Look, if you ain’t talk
to me in three days, my best friend
ain’t calling me and telling me
that “She’s over here,” what do you put…
What do you put together? Mr. Turner,
this looks horrible. I’m gonna be honest.
I’m not the type of person that could deal
with morning people. So, I left, I met up with
my best friend, Tempess, and we go
to Lucky’s house. His best friend’s name
is Lucky. We go to Lucky’s house
and we’re chillin’ -and I left my phone
at my sister’s house.
-You know my number by heart? So the funeral was
on the 17th, so of course,
I didn’t answer
nothing that day. And on the 18th,
is when I called him. How you call me?
I called you. Your testimony is
you went to see
your best friend who happened to live
with his best friend. Correct, your Honor. You finally talked to him
after he hasn’t heard
from you for four days. -ALBRIANA:
And I told him…
-Was your best friend there? My best friend was there
the first day, but the second day
she was not there. Like… We were supposed
to meet back up, we had an appointment
that morning,
the next morning. We were supposed
to meet back up,
she didn’t answer her phone. And nothin’. So you there
with his best friend in his home
by yourself? ALBRIANA:
Yes, your Honor. And you have not talked
to your boyfriend
in four days? -ALBRIANA: No.
-Do you see
how bad this looks? -ALBRIANA: Yeah, I do.
-Bad. -Yeah, I do.
-Bad. Before she went
to Long Beach
for that graduation, I was receiving
other text messages
saying, from him, “Oh, I missed you. “I miss talking to you.” Like who are
these text messages from? -ARTHUR: From Lucky.
-To who? To her on her phone. -KEITH: And Lucky’s
your best friend.
-Right. And so you see
these text messages and you believe
that she and Lucky
are sleeping together. -They doin’ somethin’.
are you testifying today that you have never slept
with his best friend Lucky? Yes. There’s his side,
her side, -and the best friend’s side.
-ALBRIANA: Right. We have him joining us
from his hometown. Mm-hmm. DANA: Hello,
Mr. Huntsman.Hey, how you doin’?KEITH: Now, Mr. Huntsman, Your best friend,
Mr. Washington, is accusing his girlfriend
of sleeping with you.-What?(LAUGHS)
-(ALL LAUGHING) Have you ever had
intimate relations -of any kind
with Miss Turner?
So what about
the text messages, bruh?-What about
the text messages?

-“I miss you.” -“I wanna talk to you.”
-He said
he missed me.I missed her.You missed…
Um, exactly,
what do you miss, bruh? -(STAMMERS)
-You got other girls
to talk to, why do you wanna talk
to my girl?You got whatever
you’ve got goin’ on
with your girl
and you just tryin’
to take it out on me.
Because she some to me
and talk about what you do,
you come to me talking
about what she do,
and then y’all have a problem
with me being with each other.
It ain’t just what her
with him…
-’cause she have
some type…

-I ain’t been with you. LUCKY:With me being
with him.
You know what I’m sayin’?
But I got tired of it.
Just the only time
we get to talk…
You know, that’s what’s
makin’ me mad upset
right now is because
the only time we get to talk
is because
you talkin’ about
some dang gone female.
You know how I feel
about that.
You want me
to find you another one?
-You talkin’ about…
-DANA: (EXCLAIMING) Ooh!You got it so
better than me.
somethin’ with your girl…

-I had yours. KEITH: All right,
just stop right now. -(BANGING GAVEL)
-Mr. Huntsman. You sent text messages
to Miss Turner saying that you miss her
you wanna talk to her.Okay, but it wasn’t just…
Because they share
the same phone.
But I know
I send her a message,
I know he gonna see
it, too.
But, your Honor,
this is the relationship
that we have. On how it was built.
This relationship
was built like that. All we do is shoot jokes
on each other. Like look at him. (LAUGHS) Oh, so that’s a joke.
The joke’s on me.
Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. (OVERLAPPING CHATTER) You talkin’
about shootin’ jokes.
Now you in court, because your boyfriend
thinks you’re cheati”
with his best friend. Hold on.
Hold on, Mr. Huntsman. And that’s
where the trust come in
because he should know that. Since we built
this relationship, me and his relationship
is friendly. So you’re sayin’
and Mr. Huntsman
your testimony is you all are nothin’
but friends. -Yes, your Honor.
-DANA: And, Mr. Washington, you clearly are not buyin’
any of this. Buy it?
I ain’t gonna buy it. I ain’t gonna buy it at all. I don’t care the
cost of pain it is,
now it ain’t be sold to me. Well, to get
to the truth, this court would like
to call private investigator and polygraph examiner, Kendall Shull,
of Kendall Investigations. Ron, would you please
escort Mr. Shull in. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING) (DRUM ROLL) Mr. Shull, good day.
How are you? Good day.
Thank you, your Honor. Mr. Shull,
you asked Miss Turner, “Did you have sexual,
physical contact
with Mr. Huntsman “when you stayed with him
this past June?” What was her response? She said, “No,”
your Honor. What did
the lie detector determine? KENDALL: The lied detector
determined that she was
being truthful. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
AND APPLAUDING) What are you feeling
right now, Miss Turner? I’m feeling hurt
but happy because I had
to come to court
for you to believe me. I ain’t finished. This is one test.
That’s one off. Okay, uh, that’s
the main one honestly. I don’t want
you cheatin’ anyway. -Period.
-ALBRIANA: Okay, okay. Mr. Shull,
you asked Miss Turner, “Other than the one man
you’ve admitted
to Mr. Washington, “have you had
sexual intercourse
with any other man “since your relationship
with Mr. Washington began?” What was her response
to that question? She said, “No.” KEITH: What did
the lie detector determine? KENDALL: The lie detector
determined that she was being… The lie detector
determined that she was being… Truthful, your Honor. (AUDIENCE APPLAUDING
AND CHEERING) ARTHUR: It still don’t explain the text messages. It still don’t explain, uh, you not answerin’
the phone when you suppose
to answer the phone. DANA: Well, actually, everythin’ she said
has been true. (AUDIENCE EXCLAIMS) And maybe,
Mr. Washington,
the issue is you, and not her. Do you want
this relationship
to work or not? Yeah, I want
my Wonder Woman. Well, don’t let
your insecurities
be your kryptonite. -ALBRIANA: Oh, hit it.
Hit it, your Honor.
-Oh, look at that! -Gimme some!
AND APPLAUDING) Look at him!
Did you see that? What y’all talkin’
about now? (ALL LAUGHING) -All right,
Mr. Cutler.
-Now, Miss Turner. ALBRIANA:
Yes, your Honor. Do you have anything
you wanna say
to Mr. Washington? I do love this man. He is my Superman. He been there
for me and my son which is the biggest
gift and blessing that I could
ever think about. And my thing is… Is that I need you
to trust me. I need you
to be my Superman. -Arthur Jermaine Washington…
-Wow. Wow. This is, uh… This there is deep. -(ALL LAUGHING)
-(STAMMERS) You don’t find
too many women askin’ a man
to marry you. And I ain’t… I ain’t expect this. I’ll marry you
a thousand times. (APPLAUDING) (AUDIENCE HOOTING) DANA: Well, Mr. Cutler,
I would say -our work
is done here.
-Our work is done. (ALL LAUGHING) Congratulations.
This is a first. -This is a first.
-ALBRIANA: Yeah. Uh, Miss Turner,
that’s how you get
this job done. -(ALL LAUGHING)
-That’s how you do it. (AUDIENCE HOOTING) I feel like a woman now,
like, “Look, look,
I gotta ring!” (ALL LAUGHING) I gotta apologize
to you, bruh. My bad. (ALL LAUGHING)Does that mean
I’m the best man now?
He wants to be
the best man. I got you.
I got you. Now the bachelor party
be off the hook, bruh. (ALL LAUGHING) Lucky, don’t do nothin’
to have him back
in my courtroom, man. (ALL LAUGING) KEITH: Congratulations
to you all. -Thank you.
-ARTHUR: Thank you, sir. Court is adjourned. (AUDIENCE CHEERING
bring the ring up here. -(AUDIENCE HOOTING)
-(GIGGLING) Oh, that’s beautiful. Look at you. -Congratulations.

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