CHEATING in SCHOOL EXAMS – Gone WRONG | #SchoolLife #Fun #Sketch #Anaysa #MyMissAnand

So Students.. Those who have chits or bits of papers take them off now. No we don’t have!! OK… Anantya.. Stand up Mam I only have this Clicky Pen, Scissors…. Ok let me check oh Mam this is the answer sheet You’ve come up without chits Want to Fail this time?? No.. Have a look down here Oh shit.. printed reverse!!! what has written??? A bad deed has a bad result you’ll have more fun in this video so hit Like and get this video to 2,00,000 Likes your exams too are approaching, right?? so Best of Luck to you Anyway No one is benefitted of doing cheating so I am going to study and you enjoy the video now.. pls show me your answer-sheet who is making this noise?? how’s this noise?? Whose pen’s cap is this?? Is this yours?? No mam even I haven’t brought the pen today then how you wrote your name here I’ve taken it from the front benchers show me your hand nothing is here Mam I told you show me your hand where’s all that gone?? Mam you know she knows the Black Magic where to hide it…. Ok this is right Anantya show me your paper you think I know something I don’t know anything.. I didn’t prepared anything lets ask to her show your answer sheet dear Cheating… No way… Do you have the chits?? go and take them here who’s there?? all set with the preparations Anantya give your water bottle dear Mam I am thirsty plz give me my bottle back didn’t turned my hair white in sun..I have the experience of Children like you but Madam has coloured hair 🙂 we both will have our roll numbers nearby seats too will nearby we’ll cheat well hmm.. as I’ve learned half and the remaining you learned so cheating is must we’ll do exams by ourselves and then will share our answers anyway lets have a look don’t know its answer but I’ve that chit in Eraser ok lets take out the pencil too awesome Diy.. how much time did you take to make this Oh Poo…. Mam only 30 mins like 15 mins thinking about this idea 5 mins to found out a rubber and the remaining time in making it DI think you might learnt formula in this much of time Yes Mam but it takes mind to make these Diys…not in learning the formula definitely you enjoyed this video a lot so do Subscribe our channel to watch more vides like these

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