Cheer Leadership Tip #50 – No Excessive Celebration Penalty on National Whatever Day

Jan Spence, your Chief Encouragement Officer,
back with Tip 50 No Excessive Celebration Penalty on National Whatever Day. We love because you
can go there and find out what the official days are every day of the month. For example, today is National Pastry Day. I think that’s a fabulous way to celebrate. And, let’s face it. December can be a time that’s very, very stressful
for your staff, both professionally and personally. So, why not break up the monotony, find a
fun day and have everyone bring in their favorite pastry, or crazy sock day or silly hat day. Just something fun to break up the every day momentum
and just have some fun at the office, because we know that builds employee engagement. Remember, it’s your turn, to Cheer on Your

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