Cheese Garlic Dinner Rolls

312.5g (2.5 cups) all-purpose. 1 tsp dry yeast. 1 tbsp sugar. 125ml (1/2 cup) warm milk. 1 large egg, whisked. 3 tbsp butter/margarine. 1 salt salt Knead until smooth 5 – 8 minutes Put in a bowl with a little oil Cover until 2x size (60 – 90 minutes) Divide into 12 pieces Fill each dough with mozzarella cube. (mozzarella+pepper+parsley) Shape into a ball Put in a baking pan smeared with butter. Cover for 30 minutes. Apply garlic mixture (melted butter+garlic+salt+parsley) Grated cheese on top Bake for 20 minutes at 180°C

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  4. They are really amazing, I liked your recipe very much, you made them in the most perfect way as usual. They look lovely and so attractive that I can't keep myself stay calm. I want to make them immediately and enjoy their taste. Thanks for sharing this nice recipe with us. Good night.

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  6. I want that soooo bad right now 🥰. Any bread with cheese is good.
    Hope you're having a GREAT week ⛅
    Your friend in OREGON 🤠 JASON

  7. Hi Ninik: This may be a real silly question but here goes. I do a lot of camping & make a lot of bannock with a variety of secondary ingredients . I was wondering if I could adapt your wonderful recipes to using bannock as the base? Thanks Brian 79

  8. Hi Ninik! thank you for sharing your lovely recipes. I came across them after i got married and they saved me, i didnt know how to bake but i tried every one of them and it was success each time! Thanks. my marriage is going great and my beau and his mum love my cooking. You are an angel. thanks again i owe 3 wonderful years

  9. Hmm, just buy the sweet roll at the store and melt abutter with the dried spices and brush it to the rolls and oven it done!

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