Chen getting married & Jennie reading hate comments

so Chen is having a baby and getting
married but what are we doing with our lives? that’s the real question! so in
today’s video we are gonna be discussing two topics I have much been requested,
actually people never asked me to talk about blackpink because… I get a lot of
hate for it even my last video I got hate, like people were like “wow
you’re such a hater” I- you guys just aren’t used to seeing me not talk shit
about people! all the sentiments were genuine I assure you.
awesome screen awesome camera long-lasting battery life! that being said after the
shit I pulled in my last video I really don’t have the energy to come up with 10
minutes of content for each of these subjects on their own so I decided to
slap them together make a really cool thumbnail and there you have it so yes
as you’ve guessed by the title, today we are gonna be talking about Chen and
his news, his very shocking news as well as Jennie having to read hate comments
live so let’s get into that! actually I’m gonna stop you right there to remind you
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friends you don’t have! okay so we’re gonna start off with Chen from EXO who
released very surprising news and if you haven’t seen my video about idols and
dating, it’s very insightful I assure you! you can go check it out it will probably
be in a card up above, but only check that out after you’re done with this
video because I’m really trying to get my watch time higher. “Maybe if you stop making
your videos 10 minutes on purpose and filling it with bullshit” I don’t
appreciate being called out like that. but essentially we were bamboozled and
this is really interesting because I’ve kind of talked about this in my previous
video about dating that we actually don’t really know our idols and we can
pretend that we know them all we want and we can you know make stuff up in our
heads to like what their character really is like, but at the end of the day if
they want to keep something secret they- they could have 6 kids! I hope to god
they don’t because children are honestly terrifying, but you know the
possibilities are endless and the truth is we know so little about them. now I’ve
heard through the grapevine that some people are a little bit upset that he
kept this secret for so long, I mean- in one sense I feel like the
sentiment of people being angry at the fact that he kept this private kind of
comes from the sense of entitlement that we tend to have over idols, you know I’ve
been guilty of this as well. we kind of feel this connection to them yet we
don’t know them, so in some senses it can feel kind of like a betrayal, like aren’t
you supposed to share everything with me even though you don’t know me? so I kind
of I understand some of these sentiments not that I entirely agree with them all,
but I kind of get where some people are coming from because it does come as a
complete shock, like “oh my god how did this come out of the blue?” I think it’s
healthy sometimes to keep things private because the Internet is not really a
safe place, and they blow things up I mean when the information was released
that Jennie and Kai were dating, the internet blew it up and made it such a
big thing and then when they broke up it was like, I mean that’s got a sting, right?
to have this information released and maybe it’s prematurely released and then
people are like hyping it up to such huge extents and then it’s over and it’s
like “oh shit” so I totally get wanting to keep things private and I kind of don’t
agree that people need to know everything or that they have the
entitlement or that they have the right to know every single thing about you
because these things can hurt, breakups can hurt and then when the whole world
is watching and knowing, you know, kind of what you’re going through without really
your consent it’s like, it stings and then there are some people who want him
to leave EXO and I feel like this sentiment also comes from like this
entitlement like “I spent money on you I spend energy and time on you and you
have the audacity to do this to me on my internet” personally I don’t think he
should leave EXO I think he should go on a hiatus obviously cuz he’s gonna have a
child and I presume possibly he might want to maybe spend time with that child
I don’t know, that sounds very fancy to me, but you know apparently that’s what
dads do, who would have thought? but anyways this is why people keep
their shit private because some of you don’t know how to act, but on that same
note some of you guys are actually so funny when the news broke out, I don’t
want to call anyone out I’m not making fun of anyone please like I love you
guys anyways when the news broke out like a lot of
like the younger fans we’re kind of shocked right, because I feel like and
you know we’re kind of all guilty into feeding into this at one point or
another maybe you’re mature fan like mentally
mature, um I haven’t always been! but we kind of feed into this whole thing that
our idols are super super innocent and all the young fans are kind of like wait
a minute if he has a fiancee and then she’s pregnant then that oh! Chen did the
nasty! it’s just really funny to me like a lot of these reactions and now the
people downstairs also know that Chen did the nasty so that’s great! Exo-Ls are
wild though, don’t even don’t even try to defend what I just said I felt the wrath
of EXO-L’s, and I know there’s probably the word issue in the title or
the thumbnail or I don’t even know given my scandalous nature who knows at this
point yeah I have an issue with this actually some people have their shit
together and it personally offends me money? Wow
fame? Wow the emotional stability to nurture a relationship and the maturity
to raise a child? I don’t know her! he’s really making all of us look bad! in all
seriousness though I mean people are asking me what I think obviously like
I’m happy I mean that’s it like that’s what you do when people have babies, right?
like you you’re happy for them? and I’m terrified of babies and children and
I’ll never have them in my life ever but I’m happy for love! and that’s that is
what is it yeah it is what it is I’m really happy that you know he found
someone that he wants to spend the rest of his life with not gonna lie I UWU’d a
little bit so yeah of course like I’m really happy for him, I’m happy that he’s
found happiness however the issue literally lies within fan reactions fans
wanting him to leave EXO fans thinking that they have ownership over their
idols when they really don’t, like you don’t own people, you don’t have, you know,
you can’t be entitled to someone’s personal life especially given the
dynamics of the internet that an Internet is a shitty place I have a lot
of words blocked in my comments, mostly relating to
food and you know what it keeps me sane which brings us to our next subject the
Queen herself Jennie okay so from what I understand the situation
she was reading a live chat and from what people are saying there was a lot
of mean things being said in this chat and consequently she was looking very
upset I mean it must have been a really bad position to be put it and like i
have very strong thoughts about this because I understand what the Internet’s
like and you know I don’t even have any any level of fame and I know what it’s
like to receive shitty comments every single day so if you scale that up to
however million followers blackpink collectively have it’s kind of like
shooting yourself in the foot what did you expect to happen as an organizer of
this event what did you expect to happen I could have predicted this, so many
people could have sat there and told you look blackpink has a few haters in this
world this is probably not a good idea at least you know pick out some comments
at least have some filters for certain words. I don’t know if this is what
happened, like I have no way of seeing like what she was actually reading right
I’m just basing this off of what people are saying and it’s YG entertainment
and they don’t really address much so like if you’re blackpink level famous I
hope the last thing you ever do is go and read your comment section like it’s
probably just a cesspool of toxicity right because when people hate you they
like to hate follow you and there’s a lot of people who are really really
young and don’t understand that there’s consequences to their actions because
there there are no consequences to their actions, you know take Instagram for an
example if my comments section is flooded with hate comments like what do
I do? I have to block people or go private you know there’s no consequences
for the people who like come in hordes and harass people, you can report some
accounts, but instagram is not going to do anything about that unless, you know,
someone posts something about you that is mean, but these social networking
sites really I feel it’s like it’s like a double-edged sword
right because you don’t want to completely take away people’s ability to
write comments but at the same time people do take advantage of having zero
restrictions, there’s a lot of underage people online who just say the most
disgusting things and some of them are older – and they’re so disgusting but
I’ve noticed a lot of the time they’re so young I mean if you you probably
won’t see a lot of hate comments on my videos anymore I have a lot of filters
these days but like when I do see hate comments like I go to their profiles and
they’re literal children, they’re like 10 years old saying like you fat ***** and it’s
like oh my god, who let you on the internet and why are you posting videos
of yourself? this is ridiculous so anyways I I think if that’s really
what happened it was something that could have been easily preventable right
we all know the amount of hate that blackpink can receive so yeah that’s
basically all I had to say for this video thank you so much for watching
make sure you leave your thoughts in the comments down below, don’t forget to
subscribe to this channel! click that bell to be notified you can follow me on
instagram subscribe to my second channel follow me- well support me on patreon and
the comment shoutout goes to this lovely individual! thank you so much and I will
see you guys next time bye… I cannot get from out of my head by KQ fellaz
or like pre-debut Ateez I’ve been listening to it
two times a day every single day and I cannot stop myself I’m literally about
to change my Roomba’s name from Hoseok to- I didn’t even know because 8 makes 1

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  1. "Children are honestly terrifying" it's true once when I was 4 I got scared of myself after seeing my reflection ._.

  2. Angelina you should try and listen to ANS , there this girl group that debuted last year on September and there new song " say my name " at first I thought they where doing a ATEEZ cover but it was their new song , and their live stages you can really really hear them sing life . Their live singing you can really hear them and it's not just the rap part like SOYEON AND FRIENDS

  3. I seriously love your accent. It just makes me clam and your very pretty too😊❤️

  4. Let me say this to those assholes stop hating jennie she doesn't deserve hate if this shit continue I swear to God their fake id should be leaked and they will be hated for saying shit about jennie
    Jennie is so sweet and pure she has not done anything wrong just leave her alone… Support her everyone… She only deserve love…

  5. I just had to say this…A majority of EXOLs support Chen only a small group wants him to leave. Just wanted to let you know!


  7. Jennie: stay still and didn't move


  8. I really don’t know what to say except the haters really should stop hating. And I swear to god if I see any news about Jennie or any idols crying or literally mentally unstable, please do know that it’s cuz of u, haters.

  9. SMENT: Chen is getting married and his wife is pregnant.
    8-13yros: gasp so ur telling me Chen did THE DEVILS TANGO waaaaaaaaa

  10. I shouldn't be surprised because of yulhee and minhwan lol but I am idk why lmao. wish yulhee could keep her position as an idol and actually be known as an ex idol rather than someone's mother. here's the difference tbfs

  11. *Childrens are terrifying*

    Yeah taking care of them feels like being in a horror movie, you have to do everything carefully one wrong move and bish "we will miss you should've been more careful"

  12. "Chen did the nasty."

    No no, he didn't. He could never have done something like that. He must have ordered a baby storkbaby,com. A stork will bring him and his fiancée a baby in a few months. He could never have had…sex. He surely doesn't even know what sex is, he's so innocent.

  13. You know there are some important things you should do in life:
    Make friends
    Eat healthy
    Be nice to others
    Stop thinking that bias isn't going to have a partner or dating

    But mostly importantly


  14. Thank you for saying the thing with the hiatus. I always am called Jongdae anti when I say "so maybe when he is having a baby he should tone down his activities".

  15. the people who wants Chen to leave EXO is honestly pathetic. Hypothetically speaking if Jungkook has a secret fiancé who is also pregnant. Would you want him to leave the group?

  16. I ran around the house screaming "I'm finna be a granny faster than you ma!" When I found out the news about Chen. I believe that we don't have the right to exactly reject this news, we should support him . I mean, A BABY AND A WEDDING RING. I'm hella happy for him. Waiting for my grandbaby to be called soprano Kim.

    -im 15

  17. I feel like now all of sudden while we’re waiting for Blackpink’s comeback a lot of the fans have just defaulted to thinking Jennie’s lazy and just stop protecting her which is very sad. The only way that we can get “the real Jennie” back is by having YG protect Blackpink from hate comments and be more trustful. She’s not lazy, she just needs happiness!

  18. Jennie deserves so much and JenKai probably didn't even want to breakup they had no choice. It's so disgusting that these ADULTS who already have a mark in the k entertainment have to be restricted to such rules. I'm glad the dating ban is up but JenKai.. and then the hate comments towards Jennie. So pathetic

  19. When I first heard the news I felt bad for him bc for a sec I thought he was forced to get married bc his wife was pregnant but then it looks like he’s really happy and even if they didn’t plan the pregnancy they didn’t care bc they love each other but Idk idk idk I was just shocked, just that 1 theory that make me laugh 😂😂😂

  20. I honesty think that everyone needs to stop hating on Jennie bc there’s been so many idols to hurt themselves bc of what hater says so what if she actual leaves BLACKPINK and then they stop making music bc the barely have comebacks now or if she starts to hurt herself or get depressed then what will the haters say

  21. I don't even know why these "fans" are mad at Chen for getting engaged & having a child?? like he's almost 30 for God's sake & that's what probably happens to a lot (but not all) of people his age

    also, just cuz you dumb fans are lonely asf doesn't mean your faves can't date and don't even try to think you're in an actual relationship with your faves when you probably have 0 chance to meet them & don't know them personally, you just know what they put out for you to see

    so stop being 5 year olds and get over the fact that Jongdae is living his life while you don't even have one to begin with

  22. the day that she read the hate comments, tomorrow was literally her birthday, she was just forcing herself not to cry at the moment, jennie promoting Samsung the most just to get treated the worst, from them not allowing fans to celebrate her bday, to her being left out and MC literally avoiding her and getting 2 seconds in Samsung cf just thanks to jisoo for involving jen when the MC never did also Samsung not bothering to post her solo picture when they did posted of chulichaeng

  23. my heart still shivers to say this but the thing that happened w sulli might happen w jennie too so not as a idol but at least respect hr as a human and let her live peacefully

  24. Chen is a freakin adult. He can do whatever he wants with his life. Fans should know how to respect their faves life's choices especially if it has nothing to do with them. It's not lie they had a chance with him to begin with. But I guess live that fantasy.

  25. I actually think that it's blonks who left those comment cuz no other fandoms will go out of their way just to send hate to one member. They are also destroying blackpink like that. And we don't want another idol to commit suicide just because of those haters

  26. Jennie: Moves her eyes 0,1 mm up
    Haters: is she rolling her eyes?!? Omgggg she’s soooo entitled! She GetS evErYthIng Why doEs sHe aCt LiKe tHAt?!?

  27. I’m so happy for chen he literally deserves all the happiness in the world!
    also I’m not a blink but the hate Jennie gets is unbelievable please stay strong blinks and protect Jennie :’( 💖
    exo-l’s & stays are with you ❤️😊

  28. angelina, i sometimes get angry or get butthurt whenever i watch your videos, but i think it's because it is the truth and they say truth hurts so yeah. I STAN. KEEP ON EDUCATING. LOVE YOU!

  29. This is my opinion on all of this
    I feel like most of these negative statements are said majority of k-fans because ik other people in countries are like happy for him and his life but these people are feeling entitled because they think they are in control of his life that got me so mad and they stay being toxic and that is not cute so they need to try again, start over, restart, reboot and think about it

  30. what infuriates me is how these delusional kexols, especially exol “ace” members, are taking it to the extremes. it’s saddening how so many fansites have shut down and the petitions basically demanding chen to leave the group. exo has expressed numerous times how they want to be happy, and as fans it’s only logical to respect their decisions as long as they are content. these delusional stans should just learn to snap out of it and accept the fact that their faves have full control of their own lives. i just hope the members’ mental health don’t get affected by any of this.

  31. I still don't get why k exols are so mad at chen to the point that they want to kick him out of the group, like they can't live their whole life making us happy and not actually making themselves happy

  32. chens gonna be a great father and husband im so happy and proud. he alrdy made his mark in the industry and worked very hard to be were he is at today. he deserves to be happy and be loved and love. haters can hate all they want but it wont change the fact that this is happening and WILL INEVIDELTY to all yall favs cuz thats how the real world works. Chen gonna be singin to his wife at his wedding livin his best life while the haters will be sittin in a corner amin they basement foaming at the mouth miserable. i cant wait til BTS get married and have babies🙏❤

  33. all i can say is i feel bad for chen's kid because heshe are gonna be the kid of a racist man that does blackface and he didnt get any backlash and no one called him out for it. I hope the mother does all the raising so shehe dont end up being disrespectful like hisher father

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