Chicago Sunset Dinner Cruise with Buffet

>>JULES: Tonight, we’re celebrating a night in Chicago on a luxury cruise on Lake Michigan alright, we’re just setting sail I have to say goodbye to the Windy City and Navy Pier we’ll be back in just a couple hours, but I’m starving so let’s go see what they have for dinner Oh my gosh they have pasta salad? I’m going to eat well! Thai barbecue sirloin I’m in heaven>>TRAVELER: We started off with a great meal, then we had some pretty neat entertainment We had the waiters turn into singing acts and it was just a real fun time [singing]>>JULES: Alright I gotta go join them! Alright, dinner and dancing was so much fun but I think the party has moved upstairs Wow the view is beautiful the skyline tonight is stunning this is magical this is a really nice cruise we had a really beautiful dinner, the people on this boat like to party and that I love it’s been a wonderful night

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