Chicken and spicy noodles / Fantastic Dinner Eating show MUKBANG / 허니 버터 갈릭스 치킨과 비빔면 / 가족 먹방

hi, we are fantastic family the food we will eat today is spicy noodles with sea snails Chicken seasoned with honey and garlic This chicken is the first taste of our family. bon appetite~ thank you today’s food dad, is this sea snails? right, this is it Have not you ever eaten sea snails yet? try this with spicy noodles, the way is very delicious sea snail and spicy noodles. Put it on my plate. i want to try it try with this cucumber little spicy It tastes red pepper. Strangely, we eat noodles before chicken. is it good? really good i want to eat chicken too Chicken smells of cookies. how is this? I like cookies more than chocolate. dad, this is so yummy. isn’t is? good dad , mom Among chocolate, sweets and candy, I like cookies best. i love chocolate delicious chicken is so good how is it? yummy However, this is likely to get tired if we eat a lot. It is the best move that we eat it with spicy noodles so yummy really yummy really? eat with chicken it is more delicious~ is it more? spicy noodles is so good It is the most delicious to eat together honey chicken and spicy noodles. i will eat them together,too that is good way Try the noodles with various vegetables. try with onion try with cucumber it is yummy, isn’t it? dad, water please~ I do not mix the spicy noodles, but I like to eat the ingredients separately. because The taste is different every time i eat. When I eat with sea snails, when I eat with onion, when I eat with cucumber , it tastes different. mom, this is so yummy. here is your favorite wings~ i will help you thanks~ here is clean bones good job wet tissue please pyori already has wings. mom, give it to me Eat a chicken. I eat apples and spciy noodles together, it is really delicious. dad I chewed the chicken bone and broke it. It is fun to chew bones. can you eat bones? sure~ really? look at this clean bones I can eat that way too. Today, the taste of spicy noodles are crazy. Dad is giving you various ingredients i will try with this lettuce and onion i love onion really? can you eat onion? this is raw onion Should I try it? yes i can not eat taw onion yet dad, is this spicy? i like it how is it? not spicy at all not at all raw onion is so easy super girl look at this so clean try this chicken comb chicken drumettes is so delicious try various part~ I ate this one before. Our children eat chicken and spicy noodles both very delicious. i can eat spicy food well, good, you eat vegetables well too is this vegetables? apple is fruits what is cucumber? cucumber is vegetables what kind is chicken? chicken is meat is chicken meat?? yes it is meat what kind is fish?? fish is just fish i love fish i love Mackerel Why are you kissing suddenly? Did you want to kiss suddenly? When you looked up, I suddenly did. noodles slide you eat so well This is a bite to me. here is my apple i ate all apples~ here is your apple eating with sea snails is so delicious here is clean bones agaain so clean~ apples is so good Try it at once. is it good? I will give you a tip to eat. Put chicken on the noodles and eat it at once. It seems to be really delicious. best tasty i will follow yovely like this? wrap meat with noodles let’s put chcien on a noodles yummy~ is it good? I want to eat that way, but I do not have meat. If so, I will lend it to you. i will sister will give it ro you here is for you thanks~ the part sister give you is the most delicious part chicken leg It will be more delicious because it has a skin that’s right, with skin is more delicious you have a lot. i envy you I’ll take your skin it is so fun? is it good? What should I do? If the chicken was hiding under noodles. Let’s pick up the meat and noodles together. how is it? so yummy mother’s way is good Please tear this meat. Dad eats a lot of vegetables. I should eat a lot of vegetables. Your chopsticks improved a lot. dad so i It is so delicious to eat chicken and noodles together. Can I have some more chicken? sure~. wait i will give you sister give you I’ll eat again after a while, you give it back to me here is it again give me again here is it again The chicken is burning. If you want to eat again, tell me, I will give you another. Tell me how many you want to eat. Are there 10 possible? Ten are too many … I’ll give you five first. Say it again when you are done. do you want more? yes, please how many? just two ok, wait i will give you Do not you like this? i like it then, i will give you more i want meat flesh, flesh, flesh oh, yes give me one, here is two for you thanks~ thanks~ this is special for you here is skin You eat a big one and give me a small one … this is only skin, Do not misunderstand me. i can pick up noodles well do you want noodles more? but Only a little left. here your eye is brown color how is mine? You are the same as me. dad is brown eyes, and mom is black eyes no, brown eyes you are also baby baby, let’s drink cool water no, I will wipe her off. don’t touch my baby give me my tissue She loves her daughter tremendously. can she speak? say ” shasha” “sha sha” “shazzi” Can she only say this? she can only say “shasha” chop shaddong mom dung Did you just say dung to your mother? what did you say??? What is this, make your child a good education. let’s say goodbye we had a good meal, today we will come back, next time see you next time “sha sha”

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