Chicken Dinner – si HP kentang saling support di Random Squad

just kill 3 bots … we are at the end of the zone… we take the high ground keep eyes on every directions i carry QBZ + QBU Scope 6x + Holograph keep watch every directions i always use no voice chats…i need listen steps ok, movement on cross side fog coming…i need scope 8x random player remind me stay calm every random player has different characters some play safe, some play GG just follow their style..n keep support 1 hook-shoot hmm..they still on there seems there is other squad or they do rotation ok, end zone in us seems they will do left rotation to come to end zone coz, there’r house – building – and more close trees ok, keep watching area with scope 6x ok, battle is starting change position… ok, other squad on there ok, movement on left as my prediction but…i dont get clear vision keep distance with other..not to close bullets coming up to me one random player need revived…lets support smoke dont play selfish in random squad when other revive…must be enemies coming to rush let’s cover other side keep moving…. ok, one assault from left go for back up..keep carefull let’s cover no.3 random player’s left side ok, face to face keep cool…..wait best moment give surprise knock 1 enemy…. go rush… doubt open area…take some protection soon full reload first before rush more eits….1 enemy try to revive his friend more kill…… our random player team need support in other side go … support teeming fog …. keep stay at high ground let’s revive our friend other random team player watch other area for us yeeaahhhyy….chiken dinner

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