CHICKEN GIRLS 2 | Annie & Hayden in “Ace’s Party” | Ep. 6

( music playing )( music playing )I called you, like,
30 times last night. “Beep, beep, beep.” What’s the damage, Joan?
I was on with Damian. Ooh-ooh!
Damian, Damian, Damian. – Gag me with a spoon.
– Not even! We were talking
about the new album,
which, by the way, did you guys finish
the latest demo? No, duh.
We were up all night. – Let me hear it.
– It’s totally radical.♪ …and our gang ♪♪ Come back,
come back for you ♪
♪ Like a boomerang ♪♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
♪ We fly so high ♪♪ We fly together
( fly together ) ♪
♪ We are a girl gang ♪♪ Like birds of a feather
( birds of a feather ) ♪
( music playing )What’s a girl supposed to wear
to ’90s roller skating party?Seriously! But they said
the party’s going to be epic.
Well, I hope so.
We only have, like,
a few more months of school. – We better make it count.
– I love the ’90s. – You weren’t even born yet.
And don’t forget,we’re staying the night
at Ellie’s tonight because her parents are letting
us stay out till 9. Mom, I’m staying
at Ellie’s tonight! It’s all happening, Kayla.
You in? I’m stuck babysitting Britney
and her siblings again. But I’m saving
up for a car. You’re too young
to drive. What can I say?
I’m a planner. – Rooney, you ready?
– Don’t rush me. So, are you down
with the plan? Skating and a sleepover?
Of course, I’m down. I just got to figure out
what to wear.( music playing )( music playing )Ahh,hola, chicos!Isn’t this fiesta lit? Anyway,adios,boys.So, Señor Singer’s here. My mom invited him at
the parent-teacher conference. Well, he came. Super weird,
but, eh, who cares? Yo, this party is phat
with a P-H. Whoa. Great party. It’s all that
and a bag of chips. – It’s…
– I’m just being quirky. I don’t actually
know what that means. My mom just told me that’s
something people used to say. Hey, Rhyme.
I know you just got here, but can we talk later? Yeah, sure. Perfect. What?( music playing )Oh, look,
it’s the chicken heads. What happened to Kayla? Did she finally
quit the B team? And what are you guys
called again? Static hair? You wish you had
hair like this. Just to be clear,
our truce at the arcade
had an expiration date. You bet it did.
We’re going to kick your butts
at state this year. I got 99 problems,
but an Attaway dance team
ain’t one. Just, like,
what are you doing? Hey. Hey, Luna? Can I talk to you
for a minute? Yeah, for sure. Just kidding. Come on, girls.
Let’s skate.( music continues )So, uh, digging these
Attaway vibes. You’re friends with Jules.
You from Millwood? Yeah, I don’t mean to brag,
but I manage the dance team. Which means you’re
crossing enemy lines. Rhyme, this
conversation is over. Well, it was nice to meet you. Yeah. Paul. I can’t believe
that Kayla isn’t here.Hola, chicas.First, I would like
to thank my parents, my little sister,
my little brother, my agents, and my whole crew who helped me make
this amazing project. I couldn’t be here
without you all. Britney,
please just go to bed. They won’t go to bed
if you don’t. Let the madness end.
I’m tired! We have an awards show
afterparty to attend to, babe. Grab your fine china,
’cause it’s tea party time.( music playing )Are you going to
get the new game
when it comes out? I don’t know.
It looks pretty cool. Yeah, it seems dope. You got a good aim, bro. You ever thought about
trying out for the team? Who, me?
I’m not much of an athlete. Tryouts are next week. You think he’s got
what it takes? – We’ll see.
– Maybe we’ll see you there. Okay. Whoa. Have you ever
played basketball before? Nope. Never tried. Hi. Hi. Ugh, Holly,
the bane of my existence? She got Matilda fired
from “The Attaway Appeal.” What’s “The Attaway Appeal”? The school newspaper. Oh, yeah. Yeah,
I’ve definitely used that as toilet paper
more than once. – Wait, hold up.
– What do you want? That girl Holly, does she really work with you
at the newspaper? – Yeah.
– Is there any opening? – Hey.
– What’s up, Rhyme? So, how are things? Pretty good. Okay. Well, how have you been? I haven’t seen you
since, like, ski week. I’ve been workin’ on
some new stuff,
actually. Stuff?
How mysterious. Do you think things are
kinda weird between us? More than usual. It’s just weird not
knowing what’s going on in your life and
how do you not know what’s going on
in my life and– Here I am again. – Rambling.
– I miss those Rhyme rambles. I miss last
summer before everything got
so complicated when we were
just friends. – Best friends.
– Best friends. Maybe we could– Go back to being
best friends? Hey, I like the ’90s
look. It’s “All That”. Duh. Speakin’ of best friends,
I should probably go
hang out with Flash. You’re a great
guy, TK. Catch ya later,
Rhyme.( music playing )( music playing )So by act two,
they’re in Paris, and that’s when
the war starts. So we’ll need some
serious special effects
for that part. ( Dru over phone )
That’s so awesome.
Baby bro,
what is he doing? You’ll really
help me? I feel like you’re
a movie genius. If you have an
idea for a script, you need to just
write it. And you can always
hit me up if you
need anything. Dru:I’m watching
“Rear Window” right now,
please don’t tell Ace
I skipped his party.
( exhales )
you’re the best. Every time I try
watching a movie with Birdie, she just
tells me to get lost. Dru, get your own
little brother. So who directs
“Rear Window”?( music playing )– Hey.
– Oh, hi. What do you
got there? Good question. I just won this
at the arcade, and I can’t decide
if it’s cute, or really freaking
me out. I think it’s
kinda cute. Is it? I guess there’s two sides
to every debate. Yeah, huh, totally. Never mind. I thought you
were paying attention. I am, it’s just,
text and stuff– Whatever.
Have a fun night. Yeah, things are
coming along in Attaway. Construction’s probably
about halfway done. Mm-hmm. We land
probably 5:30 and we can grab a bite then.
Perfect. All right. Honey, our pilot is
waiting, we’ve gotta go. Oh, and find something
to do in Attaway because I’m not gonna
to be able to babysit you. Don’t worry, Mom,
I’m already on it.( rooster crowing )( groans)
Way too much whipped cream. I feel like
I’m gonna puke.( phone chimes )Guys, we were supposed
to start practicing – 30 minutes ago.
– Relax. No, she’s right.
We go to state in less than a month,
and we don’t even have our routine down yet. And PowerSurge has
probably been practicing since like, 6:00 AM. Hey, babe, you’re up.
Morning girls, I’m making breakfast, and I can’t wait to hear
all about the party. I want all the deets. ( exhales )
Thanks, Mom.( music playing )The “Chicken Girls.” Is that some
sort of joke? All right,
five, six, seven, eight.( music playing )

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  2. did anyone else realize rhymes hair was different when her and tk where talking when rhyme is talking her hair is in the front but then when tk is talking its in the back

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