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– Hey, guys, I’m Jennifer Banz. Welcome back to “Low Carb With Jennifer.” Today, we’re going to be making
chicken Parmesan meatballs. They are soft and delicious
chicken meatballs stuffed with mozzarella cheese. The full recipe is down
in the description below, so let’s get busy making these meatballs. (upbeat music) So to get started, I’ve got a pound and a quarter of ground chicken, and you can use fat-free, I dunno, whatever you want to
use, just ground chicken. And if you can’t find ground chicken, you can use ground turkey as well. It works just as good. So I’m going to add in some
shredded Parmesan cheese, and this is going to add so much flavor, and instead of breadcrumbs, we’re going to add in almond flour, and I’ve got some dried oregano and some dried parsley, and we’re going to add in three
quarters of a teaspoon of salt. And now we’ve got two eggs to
get this all bound together. And that is all, oh wait, some pepper. Let me wipe my hands. I’m going to add a little bit or pepper, as much pepper as you want. A little bit, a lot of
pepper, whatever you like. Okay, that is it for the meatball mixture, so now we’re going to mix it up. Okay, I mixed the meatball
mixture with my hands, and then I washed them. So now I’m going to use this scoop here, and I’m going to scoop out a
portion of the meatball mixture, and I’ve got these mozzarella pearls here. I’m going to put two,
these are kind of small, so I’m going to use two per meatball, and we’re going to put it in the center and form the meatball
around the mozzarella pearl. If you can find bigger ones of these, then you would just need
to use one per meatball. So let me show you how we do it. I’m going to scoop out a
portion of the mixture, put it into my hand, and I’m going to make a
little divot in the middle, use your finger too if you wanted to, and I’m going to add two mozzarella pearls in the center just like that. So then I’m going to form the meatball around the mozzarella pearls
and roll it in a ball. Beautiful chicken meatball. So I’m going to do that
with all of this mixture and all of these mozzarella pearls. So if you don’t want to
get your hands all messy, you can scoop all of your
meatballs out at once, put them on the plate, and then go ahead and put
the ball in the meatball. So I’m going to scoop all of these out, and now we’re going to make our meatballs. If you have any of these
leftover, throw them in the trash, because they’re going to be
contaminated with chicken. Okay, we’re ready to cook our meatballs. I’ve got a heavy-bottom skillet here. I’ve sprayed it really
well with cooking spray. You could use some oil, but
sometimes meatballs tend to stick so cooking spray
really works well here. I’ve got my meatballs all rolled out. So when this pan gets
hot, we will cook ’em all. We just want to brown
them all on all the sides and then these are going
to go in some marinara and into the oven for a little bit just to get the chicken meatballs cooked all the way through. I’m going to cook these in two batches, because we don’t want to crowd the pan. I fit about eight in here, and then we’ll cook these
after these are done. Okay, these are looking
golden brown and delicious. I flipped them over to the other side to sear and brown the other side. Okay, we got our meatballs all seared, and these are still raw. They still need to go into
the oven for about 15 minutes, so they’re cooked all of the way through. I have some meatballs, the
second batch of meatballs. I pushed those to the outside, and I’m going to pour
in the marinara sauce. And now I can scoop these
meatballs in the sauce. This smells so good. Your house is going to smell like, I dunno, an Italian restaurant. It’s just going to smell so amazing. Okay, these are ready for the oven, 350 degrees, about 15 minutes. You want to make sure
the internal temperature is 165 degrees, use a meat thermometer, but these are ready for the oven. Okay, our chicken Parmesan
meatballs are out of the oven, and they look fabulous. Look at that, they are amazing. They smell amazing. Okay, I’m going to garnish
the top with some Parmesan, and then let’s cut into one and see how gorgeous they are. Oh my gosh, they’re so soft. You can see the cheese in there. You can see the cheese in here, full of that delicious cheese. So the full recipe is down
in the description below, and if you want to print the recipe, there’s the link down
in the description below where you can click, and it
will take you to my website, and you can print it from there. Please try this recipe, you
are not going to believe how delicious these meatballs are, and let me know how much
you love it in the comments. Thank you so much for watching this video, and I will see you guys later, bye.

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