Children’s Birthday Party Games : How to Play the Stack of Chairs Party Game

Hello, my name is Nicole Valentine and on
behalf of Expert Village, I’m here to talk to you about how to coordinate birthday games
for a birthday party. Now let’s talk about another group competition game. This game
is known as stack the chair. You can easily get this at one of your local Mal-Mart’s,
K-Mart’s, or Target. These chairs came in a package. Don’t forget to divide the group
of party guest in half. So let’s say you have 20 guests, 10 in one group, 10 in the other
and their goal is to stack the chairs without making them fall. Sounds easy but it’s actually
a challenge. It’s a challenge that may take up to 10 or 15 minutes. It’s a great activity.
Let me show you. Now I’m not the best either but I’m also working by myself. Imagine the
group of 10 people working together. First they’re getting their mind, let’s establish
the base. They may decide they want a base of 3 chairs. Then on top of that they may
decide let’s do 2. Then they’ll decide to put another on top and you don’t want the
chairs to fall because if they do, they have to start over. They’ll continue stacking the
chairs and their goal, oops, is to beat the next group. In the end you’ll have a winner.
Even if it takes a half an hour. You can also do a game similar to this, let’s say with
cards, dominoes, or anything else around the house that you think maybe stackable.

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