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Good children’s party themes have an important
purpose: To create a kids party full of fun memories and … to keep them busy! Why do
kids like Halloween skeleton themes? Because NO-body is telling them what to do. If you’re
planning kids birthday parties you will need theme party supplies.  Ask your child which
TV show, cartoons or toys they like and come up with a theme together.  Make sure that
the theme idea also works for your kid’s guests. A ten year old boy probably loves to be a
pirate but may not be enchanted by a Barbie theme. You can sit down together with your
child and look at the profiles of children’s party professionals below to find ideas. Popular
themes include:  Wizards, Barnyard, Princess & Knight, Harry Potter, Jungle Safari Pirate
Party, Lego, Super Heroes Teddy Bear, Treasure Hunt, In the Ocean, Wild West, Carnival, Snow
Play, Bratz, Beach Party, Pirates, Spiderman, Winnie the Pooh and High School Musical.

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