China Celebrates 70th Anniversary of Big, Fat Lie

On this episode of China Uncensored, nothing
screams “peaceful development” like a gigantic military parade. Hi, welcome to China Uncensored, I’m your
host Chris Chappell. Yesterday, China celebrated the 70 year anniversary of its victory in
the Chinese People’s War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression. Oh? What’s that? You
say you’ve never heard of it? Well, you Westerners might know it by its less common
name: “World War II.” You might also be under the mistaken assumption
that Japan surrendered because it realized it was no match for the American army. Not
true. For the truest facts, you need to turn to Chinese state-run media! Yes, the war in China, apparently, was the
“decisive force in defeating the Japanese fascists.” That’s right, it was China that defeated
the Japanese! And now it’s time to celebrate! That’s why people all around China are getting
in on the anti-Japanese fun. From ice creams in the shape of Japanese war criminals, to
super soaker fights with the Japanese devils, to middle aged women dancing in front of a
giant Mao sculpture, or dancing with fake guns. And let’s not forget the almost-million-strong
citizen patrol organized by the Beijing government to patrol “every street, every alley”
for signs of “security hazards” that might jeopardize—are you ready for this?—the
Commemoration of Seventieth Anniversary of Victory of Chinese People’s Resistance against
Japanese Aggression and World Anti-Fascist War Parade! Don’t be fooled by the 12,000 soldiers or
nearly 200 of China’s latest aircraft, or these never before revealed missile launchers
capable of delivering a nuclear missile to the continental US. This parade was about peace. The peace we have China to thank for. These
lovely soldierettes are goose stepping down Changan Ave, that’s eternal peace avenue,
outside Beijing’s Tiananmen Square, a place also known for eternal peace.
I mean peace. I mean peace!
Ah, that’s better! And the amount of preparation for this parade
was staggering. A full rehearsal was held in August, and everything had to be perfect.
Everything had to be in place, from the perfect alignment of hats, to even…
Well they don’t want the parade to be a bust, do they?! And nothing says celebration
over oppression like heavy handed government restrictions. For both the rehearsal and the actual parade,
there were massive shutdowns of roads, railways, shopping districts, and a ban on hotel reservations
and art events. And do you think this beautiful blue sky was
a blessing from the heavens? Nope. Authorities closed more than 10,000 factories, implemented
a city-wide odd-even license plate rule to cut traffic, and implemented pollution controls
across six Chinese provinces. And hey, you know what makes a beautiful parade
super fun? Taking photos and not being able to post them to Instagram. One, Instagram
is banned in China. But two, the wireless internet was shut down. Not that it would
have mattered because orders were given to censors to closely scrutinize all posts relating
to the parade, and all websites had to “promote positive, sunny netizen commentaries.” But who could find anything critical to say
about the Communist Party’s victory over Japanese forces? Historians can. Yes, the entire thing is a fraud. And not
just because these women are models, and not actual soldiers. It turns out that the Chinese Communist Party,
the ones hosting this celebration about how great a job they did fighting the Japanese
in World War II, actually did almost nothing to fight the Japanese during World War II.
Almost all of the actual fighting was done by the Nationalist Party, which was governing
China at the time. When the China front of the war broke out
in 1937, the Nationalists had one-point-seven million armed soldiers. The Chinese Communist
Party–the CCP–had less than one-twentieth the number of troops, and they were poorly
trained at that. That’s why every single major Chinese battle
except one in the entire eight-year war was fought by the Nationalist Army. According to Zhou Enlai, in a secret report
to Joseph Stalin in 1940, over a million Chinese had died in fighting through the summer of
1939. And only 3 percent were from the CCP. So by the time Japan finally surrendered in
1945–aboard the American ship the USS Missouri, by the way–the Nationalists had suffered
heavy losses. Less than a year later, the CCP re-ignited
the Chinese civil war. And because the CCP had been using the past decade to build up
its own troops, it was able to defeat the Nationalists within three years, forcing them
to retreat to the island of Taiwan. So how did the CCP really feel about World
War II? Well, in 1972, Chairman Mao Zedong gave a personal thank you to the Japanese
prime minister, telling him he “didn’t have to say sorry” because the Japanese
invasion actually helped the CCP beat the Nationalists. Yes, Chairman Mao actually thanked Japan for
invading China. Oh, maybe that’s why, according to Xinhua,
the “world community wants Japan to apologize” for World War II! Because if it weren’t for Japan’s invasion,
China would never have been ruled by the Communist Party, and today it might be a democracy like
Taiwan. But then we also wouldn’t have seen 70,000
doves released over Tiananmen Square. Ah, peace. So what do you think of the CCP’s glorious
history during, um, the War of Resistance Against Japanese Aggression? Leave your comments
below, and hey, if you liked this episode, click that like and subscribe button. Once
again I’m Chris Chappell, see you next time.

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  1. Didnt japan have it's stalingrad at the battle of imphal, where indian soldier's gave their blood. Even indians did more for china than the communists.

  2. wow man its better if you think in a positive way.
    in most of your videos i saw you burning in hell😂😂😂😂
    tell the world about US much brave they are😯😯

  3. The CCP are such liars! The US and it's alies liberated China from the Japanese in WW2 with much help from Nationalist army. This war must be remembered.
    Mao and his party have fucked his people .

  4. In fact, during Second World War. 39 percent of Japanese military death occurs in China while rest took place in pacific. Among 39 percent military death, 97 percent is responsible from nationalist army. Now a days ccp government is convincing everyone by a huge lie. That Japan was defeated under United front lead by communist party and communist army is major combatant in ww2 against Japanese.

    Actually in ww2 communist party actually more collaborate with Japanese occupier rather than against it. It put more troop to rob of territory from nationalist than against Japanese.

    It is true that without Japanese invasion of China, ccp and its army would be defeated and disbanded by nationalist. Thus it is grateful of Japan a lot.

  5. Autocracies goals are : control and domination. The first 'victim' is accurate history. The Chinese Communists won't tell the truth about Mao, the Great Leap Forward, The war on the Pests, The Culture Revolution, Tiannamen Square…..why should they tell the truth here?

  6. Whatever you say, the Kuomintang Anti Japanese Communist Party did nothing… The Chinese history textbooks never deny the contribution of the Kuomintang

  7. I'm not a party member but a common Chinese citizen. I don't know where you study the history but I can not agree with your comment about Chinese communist force did Nothing in the WW2. I suggest you read some pages of the Cambridge history of China (English version). Yes, at the early stage,  most of the battles were fought by the Nationalists. But the communist force fought hard in the enemy occupied areas, places that the Nationalists failed to defend and gave it to Japanese especially the Dongbei and Shandong. After 1943, even more of the Nationalists surrounded or did not want to fight, however the communist force hit Japs pretty bad and reclaimed the control of many areas. you may reference reports from the enemy side, about who was their real opponent and what were the losses. By the way, who told you that after WW2, the Nationalists was too weak to win the war against the communist?Let me tell you some facts that you either neglect or ignorant of :1. After the WW2, both of the two sides became stronger: The Nationalists had 4 million regular troops while the communist had 800 thousand2. the Nationalists controlled all the cities and industries while the communist resistance was in the countryside. 3. You claimed the  communist reignited the civil war? Is it logical, for the comparatively weaker side to start war?  4. How did the Nationalists, with far much military mighty and resources, still lost the civil war and had to flee to the island? why?I would say, the Nationalists were some corruptive and the people were tired of them. When the sorry Nationalists pity themselves and blame others for everything, the communists have lifted the Chinese people out of a century of humiliation and, within a few decades,  have built this country into the world 2nd economy. You can still sleep in your prejudice and bias opinions.  If you would come to China and have a look, which is always good and welcome, you will laugh about what you said in your video.

  8. Chris you would drop your jaw when they celebrate 80th anniversary.
    What about Japanese cabinet worship first class war criminal in ww2? I mean peace…? No point going to the shrine to worship without a repented heart, then come out to make peace.
    Every single Chinese fought the war, you fail to understand they are Chinese. You insult all Chinese when you insult one of them regardless whether they are KMT or communist.

  9. Chris… You really are awesome for digging out the truth and laying it out there. The CCP's heroics in the fight against Japan are a figment of well…Propaganda. The 'Long March' has been assiduously milked and mutated to create the impression of a mass murderer as a military genius. But then, which other country celebrates (officially) a mass murderer as it's national icon?

  10. History revisionists are hard at work. Russia is trapped by truth and China is trapped by ignorance ~ FROM AFAR ~ RUSSIA CREATES DEMONS UNNECESSARILY ~ ** RUSSIA CREATES ITS DEMONS JUST TO FEEL SAFE?
    “The means of defence against foreign danger have been always the instruments of tyranny at home. Among the Romans it was a standing maxim to excite a war, whenever a revolt was apprehended. Throughout all Europe, the armies kept up under the pretext of defending, have enslaved the people.”
    ― James Madison, Notes of Debates in the Federal Convention of 1787 Reported by James Madison

  11. Criminal commies China corrupted cancer party is full of shits.
    Commie China talking shit day in day out without shame.
    Everything China made is FAKE and poo 💩 💩 💩 💩 completed Rubbish.
    Ccp's China kills millions upon millions of Chinese more than Mongolia, Russia, Germany, the UK, Portugal and Japan combined since 1930.
    The west, Russia, the US, Japan and India join together to totally DESTROY criminal ccp's China for SAKE of humanity and the Chinese.

  12. Nothing says "peace" like a few hundred nuclear missles capable of destroying entire countries.

  13. You probably should've mentioned how Japan invaded China and enslaved most of the country… commonly raped and murdered their people, made a game of it. Complete ineptitude. I wonder if Chinese people are allowed to know the truth. It seems like this information would've made it down the grape vine some way or another, but perhaps the government censors family chats, too.

  14. Communists are facets they tell lies, cheat, steal, sabotage, wrong you jail you. Christy Chappel what you said are all very correct and true. Excellent Spot On.

  15. Kelly k. You must understand communists n Muslims are the same. Once their kids were born straight away they brain wash them. For Muslims they teach them if anyone is not Muslim they are not pure their God ask them to kill them. For communists they teach them to tell lies,to steal,to rob, to sabotage, to wrong n blame others, to do as much evils on to others. Until today no change.

  16. Can you imagine how ridiculous some of these stories would have gotten. Hillary goddamn Clinton had been elected? Between the Communist desire to rewrite history and do whatever Twisted nonsense they think you're going to believe and a crazy socialist harpy willing to sell anything and everything if the Price Is Right the world could have been in a really interesting place. If it hadn't been for the clintons China would still be a third-world shithole.

  17. One thing you learn real quick about communism! Everything they say is straight up lies and propaganda. Communism socialism any of this shit cannot survive on truth and reality. People have to be conned into this bullshit with Promises of equality & Utopia and have to be kept in with lies about the evil Outsiders are. Now most of us sit back and just laugh about these total stupidity of a communist government because the only way they can get away with saying 90% of the bullshit that they do is that they control everything and they figured that everybody else is stupid. But then I see people who have free unlimited access to the internet use it to defend is communist/ socialist horseshit. The entire history of humanity at their fingertips and they still insist that….. communism / socialism has never failed because it's never been tried it's been some perverted Twisted version of the utopian idealism. Stupid ignorant Rubes it's been done it's been tried it just going to fail why because it's based in lies.

  18. It wasn’t just America who fought Japan. The Abomb, the collapse of the German front and British Commonwealth forces fought in places like Burma (Myanmar) with China all contributed to the defeat.

  19. BOOO TAIWAN!!!!!!! EVIL DEMOCRACY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [seriously though; how many of the 70,000 doves were actually doves and not just diseased pigeons spray painted white? and was it a hard 70,000 or was that figure maybe missing a zero on the end? and were some of the actual doves maybe imported from japan and then harassed by government officials into buying the party line, just to bolster numbers?]

  20. It's the nationalist army of the Republic of China that fought the Japanese during WW II. How dare the CCP claim the credits when all they've done is hiding during WW II. Fuck the CCP.

  21. Those bastards even fought the nationalist DURING WWII. Mao killed more people than Hitler, and they were his own people.

  22. Ha ha ha! China defeating Japan during WWII is a big, fat lie alright!!! Had it not for Japanese royal family, the Japanese Imperial Army weren't ready to surrender. Love it when Chinese are the only ones who think they are all mighty and strong!

  23. Thanks for posting a plain truth: the CCP did NOTHING to drive the Japanese out of China. It's the Nationalists who did all the dirty and bloody job of fighting, while the CCP ran away like a S.O.B to consolidate themselves, got ready to come back stronger, only to steal all the credit from the Nationalists.

  24. Its like the Soviets thanking the Nazis for WW2 as they wouldn't of had all of Eastern Europe under there Iron Curtain if the Nazis didn't start WW2.

  25. I thought this channel was going to be informative, objective and unbiased. Clearly, I was wrong.
    -You speak in sarcasm so often I can't even tell if it's meant or not.
    -You present very little sources for your numbers and statistics.
    -There's only negative aspects in your "journalism" which efficiently labels this channel "Propaganda" rather than "informative truth" which uncencoring means. China is a beautiful country and has many, many enjoyable and great aspects of it.
    – You name "Communism" and their actions often, but I have never heard you speak of the Wests "capitalist" ideology which has affected the east heavily by sanctions and a profiteering climate rather than sustainable.

    I think you should spend as much time on your own backyard than you have on asian nations, as there lies far more issues in the west than east.
    If you don't believe that yourself, do the research and make up your own mind about it, don't take someone elses word for it.
    Don't be a sheep, don't be an idiot. Don't be a repeater for the system!

  26. Looks like you are a paid cyber trooper to distort facts and ridicule China. Dumb Americans and Europeans will believe your gospels

  27. Why you must be so like that? I thought you were good friend white boy USA but now me see you lie like dog and yankee imperialist.

  28. The Chinese Communist during WW2 were adhering to the saying of one of China's philosopher that let the 2 fight each other then when the dust clears it is your turn to fight the weaken force. Unfortunately I think if the reports were true some of the Warlords that fought with Chang Kai Shek against the Japanese turn traitor by siding with the Communist. Perhaps even gave the Reds heavy artillery, mortars and others. Fully equip they are more than a match for a weak forcebby then.

  29. Personally, I am glad we are now friends with Viet Nam, who we actually owe an apology, and now we can make them a great nation. Businesses move from China to Viet Nam, and the USA benefits. Viet Nam also handed the chinese their asses (and ours) so more power to them. Ban Mi are the spoils of war in my opinion.

  30. the 70th anniversary of the People's Republic of China is actually 2019 since the Chinese Communist won the 1945-1949 Civil War at 1949 – 11:09 am hours Pacific Standard Time on Monday, 25 March 2019

  31. : D Million of Million of China commenter 50 cent army nowadays…. lol back by China CCP.. to Say Fake new on U.S.A

  32. Chris, i was just thinking to myself that i wouldn't mind getting with a Chinese soldier chick, even though she'd kill me and my western running dog XD, then the bust happened…

  33. China is so Stupid.. It only means they think being arrogant makes the agressively confident they can intimidate the West or other military power in the world

  34. i lugh t thrir twisting of historical facts. communist love bending history in their favor. some of us have greater knowledge of the history of ww2

  35. Mooooooooorrrrrrrrrrrroooooooooonnnnnnnnnssssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! China uncensored fans👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎😠😠😠😠😠😠😊😠😊😊😊😊😊😊😊 still have cold war mentality towards China.

  36. Your video is bias as fuck to be honest, just because u put up some violence clips what does it mean? Fine, China didn’t actually win the war by itself, but they did sacrificed millions of people to held the Japaneseback! Does it means nothing at all?

  37. We like this stupid propaganda. "Uncensored" or paid by USA and CIA? How much money do you get for saying these lies and feel well-fed? Oh, little americans, nobody believe you. You do it for your internal propaganda, for the idiots and brainless people your country has. But… why you don't simply attack China? You declare that you are the Kings of the world. Ok, prove it. Attack. And start measuring the coffins. Because the world don't give a shit anymore for USA. You are falling. And when a dog dies shouts louder. China, Russia, Iran – even Turkey – give a shit about you. China will remain communist and will be the new super power, like it or not. Period. Start getting used to it. Or simply continue with your Goebbels propaganda, but soon you will starve…

  38. Nationalists collaborated with the Japanese. The communists suffered losses too when the nationalists tried the slaughtered them in the long March.

  39. So the CCP won by betraying the Republic of China during a crisis? It makes sense why the CCP wouldn't hesitate to commit atrocities against the Chinese people even today; they only care about power. Kinda reminds me of a song I sang for a University choir event, specifically these lyrics:

    Their empires feed upon the souls of men
    And their lust for power becomes their sacrament
    They rail the people with their cries of peace
    But there is no peace.

  40. Taiwan needs to be internationally recognized as an independent country. Better yet, recognized as the Legitimate China, and the Mainland Communists as traitors who stabbed their fellow Chinese in the back.

  41. China; Defeated The Japanese Imperial Military in WW2
    USA; Press x to doubt
    Soviet Union; Press x to doubt
    Taiwan; Press x to doubt

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