Chinese Culture – Do Chinese People Celebrate Christmas in China?

Christmas is not a traditional holiday in
China, but many Chinese people like the idea of celebrating Christmas. For them, this is
not a religious holiday but a day to hang out with friends. Through watching movies
and reading articles on the Internet, Chinese people learn how the West celebrates Christmas
and they took some of the Christmas elements and make Christmas as a part of Chinese culture. In this video, I’ll show you what Chinese people do on Christmas. While in the West most people celebrate Christmas at home with family, in China friends and
family would not stay home but go to a big mall for a crowded Christmas. Why? Because
Chinese people like to shop and therefore businesses decorate Christmas in a big mall
to make their consumers happy. Chinese people only decorate their homes for Chinese New
Year, even though decorations for Chinese New Year are everywhere throughout indoor
and outdoor shopping malls as well. In the mall, Christmas is busy and noisy as
you can imagine people of all ages would crowed into the mall for two purposes. First shopping
for the best Christmas sales and second, taking pictures with friends and family in front
of Santa Claus and Christmas decorations. So Christmas in a mall is like a Disneyland
for everybody. To me, I like to listen to Christmas music
in the mall. Well…it’s noisy but as a Chinese person, I like the noisy environment. And
to us this is not noise, we describe it as full of life 热闹 [Rè nào] . To learn more
Christmas vocabulary, click here to go to our website .Frequently asked questions Do Chinese people celebrate Christmas in general?
The answer is yes and no. For sure there would be more Chinese people celebrating Christmas
if there was a public holiday in China. But it’s not, so people have to work on Christmas.
Those who have time to celebrate for Christmas are students and young adults since they like
to have fun and they know more about the Christmas traditions compared to the older generations. For this reason, Chinese people are more likely to celebrate with friends than family. Do Chinese people host Christmas dinner at home? No. First, Chinese people don’t have ovens
at home so there are no homemade pies or stuffing to be served. Interestingly, for the younger
generations, their Christmas dinner is to be with friends and go to American big chain
fast food restaurants such as McDonalds, KFC and Pizza Hut. Well…unlike some chains in
America, these branded fast food restaurants are group friendly, new and clean. So they
charge Chinese people quite a lot for group meals. As you can see from the commercial,
it looks nice at Pizza Hut, right? And for young couples who have jobs and income, they will go to a nice hotel for a Christmas dinner buffet. Finally, do Chinese people have outdoor Christmas lights? Not really. You may find some Christmas lights
in a big city like Shanghai. If you can visit Hong Kong during Christmas, do it. Hong Kong
has amazing Christmas lights every year and even Chinese people from mainland Chinese will come to Hong Kong
for Christmas light shows. That’s all for today. Christmas is a fun holiday
for Chinese people and even Pandas love it. Click on our Christmas playlist for more video
lessons. LearnHowToChinese wishes all of you a Merry [ shèng dàn kuài lè ].
Christmas! Bye.

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  1. More and more Chinese are Christians. They may celebrate Christmas even by dancing outside the church for the public. See hilarious  


  3. If Chinese New Year doesn’t fall on the first of January as it does in Europe then does that mean you would celebrate Christmas on a day other than December 25?

  4. That’s a good video, even the words are simplified when most other videos have traditional words which is only used in 广州and some other places

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