Oh [Music] so we all know by now that cotton is an incredible magical romantic weekend getaway for couples but what’s happening right now is that groups are discovering cartegena bachelor parties hen parties work trips families large groups of friends they’re choosing Catalina as a destination to par child and the quintessential experience with a group is renting a boat and exploring the islands by the way guys you already know this but check out kata aina sweets if you’re traveling in the group this is where you want to be spending your time it’s gonna be more comfortable than a hotel you have 12 studios that were charging power apartment not per person but we can also turn to other studios into a two-bedroom apartment with this cheesy little dorm here it’s very chill residential neighborhood so please keep that in mind when you are booking to get around the islands you have a choice of passenger boats or private boats like this [Music] [Applause] [Music] so there’s no hotel in this island because there’s no water and no electricity but there is beer and you can hire one of these little mattresses for about 50,000 pesos a day [Music] [Music] stop it all types of places for lunch or stopping today at sports Peru 20 years ago particularly industry [Music] so we’re showing up to challan and the kayak is like walking into it once it gets you can get a lobster’s you get a pina colada New Year’s Day is and saying yeah it’s it’s a party [Music] [Music] come on the end [Music] all right so that’s quite the sunset to wrap up a incredible day in the islands around Cartagena Katarina is in a dead heat right now with meta-gene in terms of bringing Colombia mainstream on the global tourism marketplace this is the penthouse duplex that I’m staying in in cotton Suites if you want to check that out laughs Farnum home slash rent if you’d like to grab the boat for the day our concierge our property managers can help you out with that just speak to wherever you making the booking with if you want to go direct you can book them through boats for you calm so if you’re a group of people and you’re looking to experience something that’s a little outside the box of the normal travel experience I think Cartagena is a great option what an incredible Sunday I’m gonna spend a bit of time here in Cartagena catching up on some edits we’re gonna fix my motorbike and eventually I’m gonna make my way back to Bogota where I am living at the moment for now I’m gonna leave it at this we’ll see you in the next video my name is Sam Miller I’m part of a group of real estate entrepreneurs that are creating turnkey investments as well as taking the Airbnb experience to the next level it means we turn properties like this into properties like this it’s gonna be a wild ride click the like button on Facebook subscribe on youtube right yeah

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  1. Sam me encantan tus vídeos!! 💘 Nos muestran una parte del país que no hemos visto 👏. Besos y abrazos desde Tame 💋.

  2. Sam, I can tell you really love Colombia over Puerto Rico or any other country, except yours logically.

  3. Hola, muy buenos tus videos. Tengo una pregunta. Has visitado el eje cafetero o lo piensas visitar?

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