Christian Education Celebration

Hi, I’m Sam and I’m AJ and this past week at Michigan Lutheran High School, we had our Christian Education day Where over 400 grade school students from around the area came to learn about God We even had pastor Boushek from Beautiful Savior in the La Potre Indiana tell us about some of the work that his church is doing Not only was this an exciting year for Christian education, but it was also Mrs. Koehler’s first year being a part of this tradition that ML. We asked her a few questions to see how she felt about it. Let’s also talk to DJ about how it is to be a student ambassador on Christian education day. I feel that the Christian education day here at Michigan Lutheran school is a great opportunity for All the area schools to come around and share the common theme of being at a Lutheran school I thought the opportunity for all of the children was positive whether they were in high school or in grade school and Just a wonderful opportunity for the younger kids to be able to look up to the older high school kids and see that they too are learning the same things that and Share that common knowledge of Jesus their Savior. My job as a student ambassador at Christian Education Day do was to welcome different students as they came through the door and Direct them to their different classrooms to get help and to get settled in for a nice day of fun. We are thankful this year for everyone who helped out at Christian education day I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for us But for now stay tuned to the events happening at Michigan Lutheran High School where Christ centered learning leads to Christ centered living.

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