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Wait, should Christians be celebrating Christmas? . Isn’t it a Pagan holiday? Well that’s what we’re going to talk about
Christians Celebrating Christmas. Hello everyone welcome to Rhoades24eva. I’m Kyle. And I’m sure you guys just got
finished seeing all the
excitement that my wife had for Santa
Claus as he came to town. We’re actually going to go
right into the beginning of
this message about Should Christians
celebrate Christmas. Now one thing that comes up is
that people tend to celebrate the 25th because
they believe it’s Jesus
birthday. However this is not supported in the Bible at all. So there is no biblical basis
for that claim. Another thing is that people
tend to focus on Santa Claus, gifts, and the tree more than they focus on Jesus and giving
back to others and I feel like that focus
needs to shift back to the Lord so that we can get
back to what’s really
important this holiday season. Another thing that we should
think about this holiday
season is service. for God did not come to the earth to
be served but to give his life a ransom for
others and to be of service. So this holiday season. Think about ways that you could
serve others through your time, your talent,
your financial resources or whatever it is that you
have to offer to others. Some examples of ways that you
can be of service to others is maybe going and
volunteering at your local food bank, soup kitchen, or
maybe even thinking of someone who
may be lonely this holiday season that you could spend
some time with and cheer up. All right guys I know this was
a fairly short video but when people asked my wife
and I should Christians celebrate Christmas
this is generally how we approach the topic. from
our family to yours. We want to say happy holidays. Thank you for watching. And before you go we want to
remind you that you are only one prayer away. We’ll see you in the next one
bye guys.

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